How to design website titles and user experience of search engine

              many make friends love directly with the most popular keywords as the name of your site, regardless of their contents are associated with this keyword; in order to seize the so-called long tail traffic, and in every specific content in the title page such a keyword, in order to get more IP from search engines. In order to explain the convenience, flymorn will take a specific case to explain.

you know, since we got a TV set, all kinds of TV shows have become regulars on tv. TV shows attract many people’s interest. The audiences of wonderful TV programs are age, sex and men and women, old and young. Remember before, whenever you see good TV drama, every night on time to watch, if one day down a few episodes, the heart of the itch is not the taste…… But that was a long time ago, and now I rarely watch TV because I don’t have much time to spend.

obviously, TV plays, whether in reality or in the Internet, are a hot topic. We can see the "TV drama" the search index is 24112 from the Baidu index, every 24112 people in the Baidu search the vocabulary; plus other long tail word on TV drama, estimates of the number of search related words at least every day more than 500 thousand people.

has a lot of websites for TV shows. Large such as, Youku, sixth video, Ku6, video even-even, 56 video sites, some other small basic program source from these large sites, is affiliated website. At present, due to national policy reasons, think about TV programs, video sites are not allowed.

a lot of people will find the drama is also a hot story, so a large bee like to start the story site. What plot XX network flying all over the sky, due to the nature of plot of the site determines the content of such web sites may not be much original, but the search engine and love have the original content of the site, which led directly to many plot site is Baidu search engine for determining the garbage station, or drop right or K stand a few. Therefore, the plot site is not good to do, Baidu’s new site of the strict review of the larger, so difficult to do such sites.

many clever webmaster analysis found that many users in the search for "XXX TV finale", "finale" this keyword fire is very strong, in order to attract the attention of this part of the user, so many webmaster directly to their website called "finale plot", "TV series finale synopsis" and "TV finale" etc.. It looks good and powerful, but it doesn’t really work.

, look at the example. I once chatted privately with the webmaster of this website: He specializes in making websites. He was named after the finale, and it did bring him a paragraph

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