n times of nternet are you sticking with it or giving it up

recent internet turmoil, and a wave of flat waves, the entire Internet shrouded in a haze, the webmaster’s heart has also increased a lot of helplessness and confusion. Many websites have not re opened, do not know the current situation of the network will be worse, there’s a personal website, or continue to adhere to the decision to give up, a lot of people hesitated.


in December, the webmaster circles every day there are explosive news, people could not think will face new problems, the news of the day than a bad mood, the webmaster also day by day anxious and excited. As vulnerable groups, no background, no power, no sufficient funds, the problems encountered can not take the initiative to do stand on the road thorns everywhere, is to continue to struggle, or adjust the direction, to find a more suitable goal for the


continued until victory.


of each industry are not Yifanshunfeng, so is the internet. At this stage of the Internet is in a transitional period, the relevant departments of the "behavior of a serious blow to the webmaster do normal station, many regular sites implicated, the website cannot open the loss of a large number of users, if the problem is not solved in time, if things go on like this, are doomed to failure. But this is a special period. As long as we go through the transition, we will certainly improve. As philosophy puts it, "the future is bright and the road is tortuous." this is the law of things.

every disaster is a baptism, every test is a growth experience. If you want to go this way, stick to it no matter what difficulties you meet. Through the darkness before the dawn will usher in the dawn of victory; experienced very stormy period, the Internet will usher in a better environment, individual owners will also have more opportunities. Bite the stick, and do all the preparation and response measures, keep in mind the latest information in a timely manner, and jointly witness the growth of the internet.

decisively abandoned the adjustment direction.

the Internet now unstable too much, and the strength of the poor, grassroots webmaster is a group of the most vulnerable, there is no guarantee of no team with no background, no matter what mistakes, losses or webmaster. China’s webmaster million, but the only real strong minority, most of them still in the "small workshop" type of personal development, limited income, limited strength, influence is limited, the development of difficult. Although the Internet is the future trend, network communication increasingly perfect, but want to share a piece of soup is not easy.

station on the Internet fought for many years, make achievements are few, lost time lost energy lost the mood, it is difficult to work out a farm of their own. It is not so difficult to reap, and if not given up, adjust the center of gravity and choose other opportunities. Everyone has their own opportunities and achievements, if the Internet can not be delayed, and everywhere rebuffed, and physically and mentally exhausted, can not break through, it is better to give up decisively, re start

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