Classified information network is promising for single city than multi City

after a few years of slumber, classified information network finally broke out in this year, with the first half of several major classification systems strong launch, classified information network has become the new darling of the webmaster, I also homeopathy has launched the Huangshi classified information network has been planned for a long time: But at the same time with the webmaster communication, found that many webmasters are inclined to do the national classification information network, this in my opinion, is definitely a waste of energy, we can discuss together.

first, let’s take a look at what the station owners tend to be:

has only one reason: a wide range of users, traffic easy to do, even if a blind cat touches a mouse, rats, the probability of encounter is also large. Well, I’ll tell you why I don’t value personal Adsense as a national classified information network.

1, personal webmaster limited energy. Each city in the classified information network can be regarded as an independent website, and it is not easy for individual to take care of it. Some people say, often in A5 saw dozens of hundreds of some Adsense station. That’s different. Those are garbage stations, websites that don’t need to be maintained regularly. Category information is very interactive, need more staff of the site type, especially after commercialization, customer service and business personnel is essential, personal Adsense cope with it?

2, regional restrictions on the development of. Classification information is originally a regional nature of the site, offline promotion is the most effective way, personal Adsense how to do cross city promotion your web site, when the webmaster and thought of regional agents. This is a good idea, but under the net area agent how many people play? And he is to press PV to pay, you can afford? Even if you can afford to pay, other owners have not any of you fooled, the city after the fee is a bottomless pit, and is playing for others, how many owners are willing to go to


3, not more than IP, will make more money. Different classification information nets and other types of Web sites, advertising is obviously not the ideal way of profit, local businesses should start is the direction of dispersion of IP have no value, 10 IP or 1000 IP you may not be a single city city, because you do not have to, even to IP will the loss, because you have no way to keep every city users, even people, reputation cannot control every city (in fact only local city fire),


4, unless you want to go. Everyone wants to make money, the problem is how much you want to make money! Just today and talk to students, he said a portal to their city’s annual income to millions (the city), although I think it’s bullshit, but it can give reference to the webmaster, do you want to earn much classified information station money? To concentrate on a city, not millions, millions of years into enough for you to eat? If you say: "no, I must take the country to do it," well, you work hard, Baidu Baike waiting to write your name.


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