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Faust tells Philadelphia high school girls: ‘You can do anything’

first_imgPHILADELPHIA — Harvard President Drew Faust joined students at Philadelphia High School for Girls last week to discuss the importance of higher education and to urge the young women to pursue their dreams. “You can do anything,” Faust told students.Faust’s visit to Girls’ High was the latest in a series of school conversations she has had. In addition to overseas meetings with students in South Africa, Japan, and South Korea, Faust has visited schools in Dallas, Miami, and Cincinnati in recent years. At each stop, she helps students imagine themselves in higher education and beyond. “Your ideas matter,” Faust told students in Philadelphia. “Your work is important, and you have something unique to give to the world.”Girls’ High junior Amanda Smith told the Philadelphia Inquirer that she thought inner-city schools often went unrecognized by leading universities, but that Faust’s trip had changed her perspective. “It feels good to know that somebody of her stature wants to come to speak to us,” Smith told the Inquirer.last_img read more

Watershed Addiction Program Improves Patient Care with Dell Private Cloud Solutions

first_imgAddiction is an issue that unfortunately touches many in our society. Treatment centers that provide care to recovering addicts have had to grow in recent years to provide hope to more patients. This growth has in turn resulted in technology challenges, as centers find themselves managing multiple properties from a central location while dealing with stringent health data protection requirements.Dell client virtualization solutions have allowed the Watershed Addiction Program’s nine inpatient facilities in South Florida and Houston to keep its focus on treating patients and saving lives while diminishing the need to service traditional PCs and constantly-monitor legacy IT hardware. Indeed, in healthcare environments, Wyse endpoints and Dell EMC solutions act as a “force multiplier,” allowing medical professionals and caregivers to accelerate clerical tasks and technology deployments without adding significant IT staff.&nbsp;</p><p>As Watershed has expanded its original footprint of just 16 beds to more than 500 patients in its live-in care facilities, its IT footprint has expanded to 350 computers used by 600 employees. Historically, the task of maintaining these endpoints might have been a challenge requiring a large IT staff and a major allocation of resources. However, the Watershed Program is able to service its endpoints and its central data center solution with fewer than five IT administrators.With a private cloud architecture powered by Citrix desktop virtualization software and Microsoft Hyper-V, running on Dell EMC Storage, Networking, and Servers, the center can manage data flows and ensure that each facility is up and running and in HIPAA compliance, safeguarding sensitive patient information.   And, clinicians have more flexibility to access patient data, quickly, from any system in the facility, allowing them to focus on patients, not technology.Dell cloud client-computing solutions streamline management and servicing requirements since all endpoint updates, downloads, and patches are easily executed within the data center. And because Wyse endpoints do not have onboard hard drives they lack local storage that can eventually fail or be corrupted. As a result, there is less need to constantly send IT staff out to service individual machines. Updates can be made quickly to a single image that is then distributed to just a few or even thousands of endpoints. Having a single data center that houses all of the program’s backend IT hardware means that patches can be added once to update all machines and data backups can be made quickly and easily, facilitating disaster recovery programs. This also means a consistent quality of service can be maintained across all program facilities.On the data center side, the program leverages a Dell Hybrid Flash Array with the SC220. Combining a mix of SSD drives and traditional spinning media allows IT departments to achieve nearly 100% uptime for both its VDI and storage environments. Live volume migration and the ability to efficiently move data from SLC to newer MLC solid state drives allows the program’s IT department to improve datacenter performance over time and extend the longevity of its investment. The choice of high-performance Dell Networking N3048 switches keeps the individual facilities connected to their data and enhances the throughput to the Wyse endpoints, minimizing latency, while PowerEdge R920 servers give Watershed’s IT team greater management of each server in the cluster.Without the right technology, it might be impossible to care for patients and share information that facilitates their treatment. With Dell EMC and Wyse endpoints, the now 18-year-old Watershed Addiction Program is able to focus financial and staffing resources on quality of care and patient outcomes rather than on making sure its staffers PCs are up and running. By helping Watershed grow its footprint so efficiently, Dell has helped the program bring health and hope to more families by providing patients with care and compassion.To find out more about Wyse endpoints and Dell Cloud Client-Computing solutions, please click here.last_img read more

Jenkins co-sponsors Vatican dialogue on climate change

first_imgUniversity President Fr. John Jenkins and Cardinal Peter Turkson, the prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, cosponsored a Vatican-sponsored dialogue on energy transition from June 12-14, the University announced in a press release. The dialogue was titled “The Energy Transition and Care for Our Common Home.”On Friday, Pope Francis addressed the summit and responded to questions. His remarks were made public.Jenkins expressed gratitude for the work of the summit and its participants’ dedication.“Collectively, these leaders will influence the planet’s future, perhaps more than any in the world,” Jenkins said. “I am deeply grateful for their commitment to the transition to a low-carbon future while providing the energy needed to support the integral human development of every member of the human family.”Former Notre Dame faculty helped Jenkins lead the effort at the summit, the release said.“Carolyn Woo, former dean of the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame, and Leo Burke, professor emeritus of management, spearheaded efforts on behalf of the Vatican and Notre Dame to encourage the energy industry and its investors on a path toward energy transition,” the press release said about the events.The sponsors of the dialogue highlighted the importance of morality in solving the problem of climate change.“Addressing this social-ecological crisis requires radical change at all levels, both personal and collective,” Turkson and Jenkins said in a joint statement. “This transition needs the support of markets, significant adoption of renewables as a source of energy, increased efficiency in the use of existing resources, new technologies, farsighted policies, educated civil society, and new forms of global leadership and cooperation. As neither the energy transition nor climate change can be reduced to economic, technological, and regulatory issues alone, there is the need for a moral voice.”The summit put forth specific proposals to address the problem of climate change — a problem that Pope Francis highlighted in his Encyclical Letter, Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home. It recognized that oil and gas companies along with the global investment community and others are also involved and agreed with the need for a change toward a lower emissions economy.“The participants discussed the paths forward with a specific focus on the integral role of a just transition that addresses the needs of disadvantaged populations, importance of carbon pricing toward the reduction of emissions and necessity for disclosures to provide clear information on strategies and actions, governance process and performance,“ Jenkins and Turkson said in the release. “From these discussions, two joint statements relating to carbon pricing and proper disclosures are formulated.”Jenkins and Turkson said they were inspired by the Pope’s encyclical and hope that their work helps to answer the questions posed throughout the document.Notre Dame developed a plan for sustainability in 2016, which included green roofs and limiting energy waste and water pollution.Most of the participants of the dialogue signed statements of support for carbon pricing and disclosures on climate change risk.Tags: Climate change, Pope Francis, University President Fr. John Jenkins, Vaticanlast_img read more

NFL Star DeAngelo Williams Will Headbang on Stage at Rock of Ages

first_img View Comments All right, Carolina Panthers fans, are you ready for some…Broadway? Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams will make his Broadway debut January 31, joining his previously announced NFL buddies, who are making cameos in Broadway’s Rock of Ages during Super Bowl week. This Broadway blitz is just one of various Super Bowl ventures for Rock of Ages. The cast performed on the Roman Numerals Stage of Super Bowl Boulevard on January 30, and during the final hour before kickoff, will rock the official NFL Tailgate Party at the grandstand outside of MetLife Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. Can’t imagine Williams rocking out on Broadway? Check him out below singing “I Believe I Can Fly.” Go team!last_img read more

Easy Gardeners’ Gifts

first_imgWhat man could get away with giving his wife a truckload of topsoil for her Christmasgift? I did and survived! That’s when you know you’re married to a real gardener.What do you give a gardener? Just about anything having to do with plants and soil. Andyou don’t have to search the malls to find them.Garden tools are always a favorite. However, quality is a must. Be sure handles arewell-attached and metal parts can stand up to rocky or hard clay soil.There are special tools for children, left-handed gardeners and people with arthritisor other disabilities. There are long-handled tools for people who can’t kneel. And allgardeners appreciate kneeling pads and garden scooters.A good garden cart makes a super gift. This large box on wheels, a hybrid of thewheelbarrow, may be less maneuverable in tight spaces but doesn’t require a balancing actto handle.Larger models with pneumatic tires make moving massive loads over rough terrain abreeze. Angled front edges or removable front panels allow easy unloading.A bag of special fertilizer could make someone happy. A friend gives five-gallonbuckets of homemade compost to fellow gardeners. And there’s always that truckload oftopsoil or pine bark.Can’t decide among the pretty plastic pool, a power pruner or a pink pachydermpourspout? A gift certificate from a garden center or nursery is always welcomed. Maybethe gardener has wanted a Japanese maple, prize-winning day lily or special rhododendron.Let the gardener decide. You just provide the wherewithal.If you give a plant, pick something unusual. Don’t just add to the houseplantcollection. You may jump-start a lifelong interest in orchids or heirloom roses.Most serious gardeners are annoyed by unnecessary accessories. They don’t want a $4ceramic marker for a $2 rosemary plant. They’d rather have two plants.I was given one of the ZooDoo (made from zoo fertilizer) pets. I just put it in thegarden and it melted away, adding fertilizer — not a bad gift idea if you’re a specialfriend.Pots for inside and outside are always welcome. And don’t forget vases — mostgardeners want to bring cut flowers inside.One useful idea is to give a beautifully painted mailbox for the garden, for storingtools and gloves.For those with bigger gardens and budgets, choose from a zoo full of animal statuary.How about a playful giraffe to greet visitors at the garden’s entrance? Or a host of jollyhippos spritzing water into the pool?For smaller yards, a nice beehive or a half-barrel water garden makes the ordinaryextraordinary.What about garden lights to enhance the evening? Or stepping stones to keep feet dry orguide little footsteps?Perhaps the gardener would like a garden bench. Gardens are for relaxing, and thereshould always be a resting place for meditation.If you’re handy with carpentry, build a potting workbench, a bench with storage fortools, shoes and gloves. Or build a trellis for a climbing rose or an arbor for a wisteriaor grape vine.Clothing and shoes are always welcome and can include aprons, “wellies”(rubber boots) and the ever-useful clogs. No gardener has too many gloves — a dozen plainjersey gloves are comfortable and washable.There are many bird and now butterfly houses, too, as well as feeders, waterers andspecial plants.And when the gardener isn’t playing in the dirt, he or she is reading about it. Delightyour favorite gardener with garden books. You can now find any type, includingcombinations with cooking, canning, drying, flower arranging and traveling.Gardeners are easy to buy for. As long as it’s for the garden, you can’t go wrong withthe gift.last_img read more

Northern Power of Barre gets $620,000 energy grant

first_imgThe US Department of Energy awarded $620,000 to Northern Power Systems of Barre, Vt., to help boost the speed and scale of midsize wind turbine technology, Vermont’s congressional delegation announced today.Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) said the grant will accelerate the development of wind turbines manufactured in the United States.The delegation had urged U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu to support the proposal that they said is projected to create additional jobs at Northern Power and its suppliers and ‘has the potential to meet a critical need in America’s growing green economy.’‘Northern Power Systems greatly appreciates the support of our congressional delegation,’ said Jim Stover, vice president of product management and engineering for the Barre-based company. ‘Selection by DOE validates our world-class technology position in permanent magnet direct drive turbine development.’A planned 450-kilowatt turbine is expected to reduce the cost of energy generated for schools, farms, factories, and other facilities. The turbines are small enough to install on site, reducing the need for new transmission wires.The grant to the Vermont company was announced as part of $5 million awarded nationwide to support wind energy development.‘Wind power holds enormous potential to help reach our nation’s clean energy goals,” said Secretary Chu said. ‘Today’s awards will help better integrate wind energy into the electrical grid and will support the development of midsize wind turbines that can be used to provide renewable electricity in communities across the country.’Each of the grant recipients will be eligible to apply for a second phase with up to $4 million in additional funding available. Source: Vermont delegation. September 13, 2010last_img read more

Wine in a can: Does your brand cut it with millennials?

first_imgA terrific recent article in Adweek highlights the importance of killer marketing and brand messages when it comes to wooing the Millennial Generation.The article specifically references Millennials and the wine industry. But they’re not just drinking their parent’s wine from the 80s and 90s. Generationally-savvy wine marketers have keyed-in on this and have introduced millennial-specific wine brands such as ManCan (targeting Millennial soccer dads) and Underwood (that promotes online videos specifically poking fun at the traditional “wine snob”). With taglines like ManCan’s “Shut up and drink,” these brands are establishing a brave toehold in an emerging niche market.One quote from the article in particular stands out and directly relates to marketing and branding to Millennials for credit union professionals: “We’re trying to completely eliminate barriers of entry to drinking wine, “said Graham Veysey, founder of ManCan. “Quality, price and story – those three things will help you appeal to this age group.”Let’s rework that first sentence of the quote for the credit union world. “We’re trying to completely eliminate barriers of entry to customize financial products and services for young consumers.” Is this something your credit union is doing when it comes to gaining market share with the Millennial Generation? If not, why not?The second sentence of the quote also directly applies to credit unions and Millennials. Obviously, savvy young consumers will expect quality out of their investment in your credit union. Do your products and services reflect this level of trust? Are you offering Millennials what they expect in return for their investment in your credit union, particularly when it comes to mobile and digital product offerings? And, most importantly, are you offering simple products and services to Millennials (products and services they can use on their time, not yours, with as little hassle as possible)?Is your pricing structure millennial-friendly? Increasingly, consumers (including Millennials) expect more bang for their buck when it comes to relationships with financial institutions. Do you still have unnecessary, redundant or brand-damaging fees at your credit union? The cooperative nature of credit unions appeals to the generational DNA of Millennials — but only if you meet their needs. Price matters.Lastly, are you capturing the stories your Millennial members share? Word-of-mouth and testimonials from their generational peers matter highly to Millennials and figure prominently in their decisions on whether or not to choose your credit union as their financial institution. A great thing about the millennial generation is their willingness to share their opinions, openly and honestly. In the past, credit union marketers had to dig deeply for such information or sometimes even pay for it in the form of focus groups or surveys. Today, Millennials are more than happy to share what they think about your credit union on a vast array of online platforms. Capture the positives (while addressing the negatives) and share those stories in your credit union marketing and branding.Other important brand features credit unions must offer in order to connect with Millennials include transparency, community involvement/activism and a commitment to financial education. What is your credit union doing to earn high scores from Millennials in these areas?Let’s face it – credit unions may never be as cool as wine in a can. But to Millennials, credit unions can achieve cool-status by building a brand that resonates with quality, value and stories. So, to paraphrase the ManCan mantra, shut up and brand. 42SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mark Arnold Mark Arnold is an acclaimed speaker, brand expert and strategic planner helping businesses such as credit unions and banks achieve their goals with strategic marketing insights and energized training. Mark … Web: Detailslast_img read more

1 dead following suspected early-morning robbery in Elmira

first_imgPolice say they believe the death is the result of a home invasion robbery. At the time of the suspected robbery, a vehicle was stolen from the residence and recovered by officers. Police responded to a residence on Taylor Street around 2:30 a.m. for a report of a gunshot victim. Elmira Police say EMS attempted life-saving measures, but the man died at the scene. ELMIRA, N.Y. (WBNG) — The Elmira Police Department says one man is dead after suffering a gunshot wound early Monday morning. The Elmira Police Department says this is a homicide investigation. They also say a 20-year-old female Elmira resident and her infant daughter were there at the time of the shooting, but were not injured. Police say the victim is a 29-year-old Elmira resident, but are not releasing his identity at this time. Authorities say they found an individual inside the residence, suffering from at least one gunshot wound. Anyone with information is asked to call (607) 737-5626 or the anonymous tip line at 607-271-HALT.last_img read more

DER Touristik Hotels brings the first hotel of the lti brand in Makarska

first_imgBy signing a management agreement between the DER Touristik Hotels group, the first hotel of the lti brand in Croatia (DTH) and the company Romana doo, it was agreed to start the construction of the hotel lti Romana Makarska with four plus stars, the first hotel of the lti brand in Croatia. The DER Touristik Hotels (DTH) Group will take over the management of the newly built hotel, while the total value of the investment of the company Romana doo is EUR 50 million.The facility with 267 rooms is located about 60 kilometers south of Split, ie in Makarska, and the opening of a four-plus-star hotel is planned for June 2018. Hotel lti Romana Makarska can be booked through tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen and Dertour. About 70 percent of all rooms in the lti Romana Makarska hotel have a sea view, which includes all family rooms and apartments as well as 120 out of a total of 208 double rooms. “The complex will be a signpost in our strategic development and will be a demonstration project in terms of quality and operational standards beyond Croatian borders. By signing the management contract, we already have a greater influence in the design phase and later in the construction phase, and we can enter our expertise in a timely manner.“, Points out Christian Grage, CEO & Director of DTH Group.The Management Board of Romana doo pointed out that they have been working for a long time on a facility that would raise Makarska’s tourist offer to a higher level and that they are satisfied that they have found a reliable partner in the DER Touristik Group to realize these plans. “This valuable investment will enable the employment of 200 workers, and additional capacities enable the extension of the season, primarily through health and sports tourism.”. conclude from the Management Board of Romana doolast_img read more