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Benevento Russo Duo Returns! A Look Into The Group’s Exciting Story

first_imgJam band fans everywhere were beyond elated upon seeing the words Benevento/Russo Duo near the top of today’s Jam Cruise lineup announcement. The project was very active throughout most of the 2000’s, becoming something of a scene staple after collaborations with musicians like Mike Gordon, Dave Dreiwitz, Trey Anastasio and more propelled them into the spotlight. While Russo’s involvement with Furthur forced the band to sideline their activities, it seems that the future is bright for this beloved jazz fusion project.The story all began in middle school, as Marco Benevento and Joe Russo were classmates at the Franklin Avenue Middle School. The two gained notoriety in the New York scene, and officially started in 2001, when Russo invited Benevento to join him for a residency at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. By 2003, the band released two albums, Debut Album and Darts. They continued to grow, picking up new fans at every turn. After performing at moe.down in 2004, the two released their third album, Best Reason to Buy the Sun.The group continued to pick up both critical acclaim and love from fans, and they wound up taking home the Best New Groove award at the 2005 Jammys. That same year, they also appeared at the Bonnaroo festival, with Phish bassist Mike Gordon joining for the entirety of the set. Gordo would become a regular guest for the band’s live shows, during a time when Phish was on an extended hiatus.Things only got bigger and brighter for the boys from Franklin Avenue Middle School. The band returned to Bonnaroo in 2006, this time joined by both Mike Gordon and Trey Anastasio at the festival’s infamous “super jam,” which also featured the Dead’s Phil Lesh and more.With Gordon, Benevento, Anastasio and Russo came GRAB, which would tour the country with Phil & Friends for part of 2006, and continue without them for additional tour dates. The four-some came together during a songwriting studio session, and some of that material made it onto Anastasio’s Bar 17 solo album. Benevento Russo Duo also released their album Play Pause Stop in 2006, which would ultimately be their final official release.The band toured steadily throughout 2008, hitting a number of incredibly noteworthy festivals. Lollapalooza, Langerado, 10,000 Lakes, Wakarusa, SXSW the afore-mentioned Bonnaroo, and many more were targets for this exciting and unique arrangement. They also welcomed a number of guests throughout their performances, including the Phish members, Skerik, Dave Dreiwitz, Brad Barr), Eric Krasno, Scott Metzger, Mike Dillon and more.The Benevento Russo eventually got put on the backburner, with Benevento focusing on his solo career and Russo joining up with Furthur. There was never a formal announcement or anything of the sort, just the inevitable demand of two incredibly talented musicians in a scene full of music lovers on both sides of the stage. Of course, the two recently found themselves performing together more regularly, as their planned-one-off tribute to the Grateful Dead became something of a national sensation. You know, that whole Joe Russo’s Almost Dead thing.With the dissolution of Furthur in 2014, Russo has found himself heavily involved with the Brooklyn music scene, even making his national television debut with the Craig Finn Band in 2015. Now a family man, Russo recently spoke about wanting to cut back the number of Almost Dead shows going forward, but also discussed wanting to play some Benevento Russo Duo shows again. The two even briefly reunited at last year’s Mountain Jam, when Russo joined Benevento for what was supposed to be a solo piano exploratory workshop.With Benevento Russo Duo slated for a performance on Jam Cruise 2017, the future looks bright. Will this be a one off show or will there be more BRD in our future? We’ll just have to wait and see!Check out the full Jam Cruise lineup here.last_img read more

Members of Lettuce and Dumpstaphunk Deliver The Late-Night Funk At Cervantes Post-Phish

first_imgWith Phish delivering what was yet another memorable Dick’s performance last night, Lettuce’s Adam Deitch and Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff, along with Dumpstaphunk’s Ivan Neville and Nick Daniels put on a late-night funk clinic at Cervantes’s The Other Side to keep the party going until well past 3am.The Lettuce New York brand of funk combined with Dumpstaphunk‘s classic New Orleans style was the perfect elixir to keep the crowd zoned in from start to finish. The group went all in on covers such as Sly and the Family Stone‘s “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin),” and The Meters‘ “Hey Pocky Way,” and “Africa” (set to “New Orleans” lyrics).Neville is a master at delivering the organ grooves, while Daniels is always locked in on bass; both provided powerful vocals throughout the night. Shmeeans took things to the next level on lead guitar with some filthy guitar licks. The “Boy Wonder,” Adam Deitch, proves time and time again why he is one of the best drummers in the game today. Straight beats all day with this one.The quartet will take another swing at it tonight for a proper finish to the now annual 3-day Colorado Labor Day weekend festivities. Check out some video from the performance below:last_img read more

CES awards travel grants for 2010-11

first_imgThe Center for European Studies (CES) recently announced its 2010-11 student grant winners, continuing its long tradition of promoting and funding student research on political, historical, economic, social, cultural, and intellectual trends in modern or contemporary Europe. Thirty-four undergraduates will pursue thesis research and internships in Europe this summer, while 18 graduate students have been awarded support for their dissertations over the coming year.CES undergraduate senior thesis travel grants fund summer research in Europe for juniors in the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences preparing senior theses. Graduate summer travel grants and graduate dissertation research fellowships fund students who plan to spend either a summer or up to a year in Europe conducting dissertation research, while graduate dissertation writing fellowships are intended to support doctoral candidates as they complete their dissertations. These grants and fellowships are funded by the Krupp Foundation and by the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies.last_img read more

Fourteen countries, one goal: the eradication of narco-trafficking.

first_img “Don’t be so innocent, the economic power is very lofty. You can’t fight it and as the saying goes, if you can’t fight them, join them”. By joining them we allow them to export it to the U.S. and get a little extra for the favor. I’m glad you provide a wide coverage to this news. In El Salvador you don’t see these news on newspapers. The drug scourge today is killing millions of kids and, therefore, the homes. The social tissue is rotten and the youth is an easy prey for this plague. Please keep fighting it… In these reports on valuable and successful operations, sometimes, again, sometimes, clear ties are confirmed to exist between “authorities” and drug traffickers. Such as a kilo “put” in California costs on average $25,000. Imagine the bundle of dollars per ton ($25,000,000) in $20 or $50 dollar bills? We can’t judge all those who “fight” drug trafficking, either you take or someone else will… Large amounts of cocaine and marijuana from Paraguay to Argentina along Route 14 Let’s keep in touch. AS LONG AS THERE IS POVERTY IT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO ERADICATE DRUG TRAFFICKNG Very good. I congratulate you for the activity you carry out and your concern in publishing these events. There is strength in numbers. I find it interesting, I wonder what is done with the money obtained by these people. Who does it benefit? I think the sanctions should be harsher, for those who commit the crime as well as for the states that allow it or don’t do enough to contain it. The damage a drug trafficker does to society is as damaging or more than an incurable plague. At least with AIDS, or Ebola, we know that the damage can become serious, but it will go on until a cure is discovered. In other words, there is hope. With the cancer that is drugs, it is not the same, it would seem that it is almost impossible to stop production and drug running. What can be done against the greed of some men, who don’t care about destroying our societies? All that they are interested in is making money…costing the lives and misery of millions of human beings. Drug trafficking is the worst plague that could have fallen on our humanity, and it is much more deadly that any of the plagues that afflict the world today. Drug running, is like a cancer that can only be eliminated by removing the infected part. I don’t think it’s good to spend so much on building more prisons now. I that the lawenforcement officers are progressing on their duties I also think so. Recruiting children is a cowardly act and the deception ends up being expensive because sooner or later they pay for it and as long as drugs cost so much abroad it is difficult to fight them but I think all this has a special name, INJUSTICE, that’s where everything came from and today well-known corruption continues to fuel social inequality marked by poverty and the social strata that promote anger because the poor are labeled, calling them indigent.. The government needs to work to put an end to these plagues (corruption, poverty, drug trafficking), which are the cause of so much pain for the Colombian people. There cannot be any peace while some suffer hunger while everyone else has too much. This website was in need! We’re eager for news that you can trust. The joint fight of several countries against the scourge of drug trafficking is wonderful news, although I realize that not everything is “a rose garden” because there will always be people infiltrated in the very forces fighting them. poor people no work We have to get rid of the drug traffickers. It is encouraging to read this news where the fight governments are engaged in can be seen. Good work. Congratulations Good work! It’s good that in other countries they’re concerned; here in Argentina it’s a disaster OK, there are a lot of drugs in the country Very good It is necessary and essential to fight drug trafficking, which results in a few getting rich while the rest live in misery. In the next years the armed forces will have done excellent work IT’S GOOD TO FIGHT DRUG TRAFFICKING I agree with the fight against drugs. Very good. Congratulations Good work, eradicating coca is fundamental. Cocaine damages human health. Alcoholism does much more damage to human health As long as there are users, there will be drugs because it is an issue of comprehensive education and the politicians are the ones responsible for society’s deterioration. Both drugs harm human health and society in general. Because with drug use, be it cocaine or another type of drug, people commit unexplainable crimes. Those who profit from the sale of drugs also commit crimes directly or indirectly by distributing and selling them for use by drug addicts, which, in one way or another, affects their families and society in general. Alcohol is a socially acceptable drug but is equally harmful. Hi. I speak to you from Rio Cuarto Cordoba in the most highly valued axis, the federal police in partnership with Banco Nación. In the most renowned case, those responsible for unloading the largest amount of liquid cocaine in recorded history were left unpunished. 32 million in 2, 5, 10 paper soaked with the drug, which was kept by the base. From Higueras to the city, by more than one hundred agents and about 20 mobile units. I wish you much success in developing combat operations against resource trafficking which causes damage to humanity illegally. Remember that your work is in fact seen by our God who values this workRegards to all,MARCO Hello I’m searching for a friend named Avila Cauã Moreira Marine First Lieutenant, how can I find him. South America has a common enemy, the objective that the police and military forces continue their daily training efficiently in order to beat this cancer on society. My undying hug to the heroes who fight this scourge on humanity. GREETINGS FROM ECUADOR, sincerely, Police Colonel (S.P.) Attorney Marcelo Benavides Montalvo professor of Police and Citizen Security Studies in the Law School at the Universidad Central of Ecuador. Please post your comments below or in the articles featured in this section. By Dialogo August 21, 2014 Welcome to NARCO NEWS, your one-stop site for stories, photos and videos of law enforcement agencies’ seizures, arrests and all-around efforts to rid narcotics from our communities. From Europe to North America and from Central America to South America, nations have partnered in the fight against narcotics.last_img read more

Are branches dying?

first_img 66SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr In the past, the majority of consumers would make visiting your bank or credit union’s nearest location a part of their daily or weekly errands schedule. Some locations even became a kind of gathering spot for consumers, where they could sit, have a cup of coffee and catch up with each other on the news and events of the times. They deposited and withdrew money, visited with tellers and signed various required documents.This is a great memory. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. But the fact is – it is just a memory. A geological shift in the way consumers interact with their financial institutions has changed this way of thinking forever. More and more, consumers never come to an actual brick-and-mortar facility. They choose to interact with your bank or credit union in its digital format. This means your website, social media channels, email, etc.And increasingly, financial institutions are spending less on actual physical locations and more on beefing up their digital mobile presence.Some in the industry argue that this means branches are caught in a gradual extinction process. Others believe that there is still a place for physical branches, but that they must adapt and find a new way to serve consumers. continue reading »last_img read more

Vision Long Island Spins Off Long Island Business Council

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The Long Island Business Council, a local advocacy group dedicated to finding solutions to regional economic challenges, has struck out on its own after a decade as part of Vision Long Island. LIBC, which regularly hosts forums with local leaders on business-related topics, officials relaunched Tuesday during a forum in East Farmingdale with presiding officers of the Nassau and Suffolk county legislatures. It is led by Nassau Co-chair Richard Bivone, Suffolk Co-chair Robert Fonti, and Executive Director Michael Allen Harrison.“We wish Bob, Rich, and our friend Michael Harrison well as they transition the group into a truly independent entity that will have an agenda outside downtown and infrastructure issues,” said Eric Alexander, executive director of Vision Long Island.Alexander said Vision LI, a nonprofit group that advocates for smart growth development in Nassau and Suffolk, managed the operations of LIBC, which he described as a project within Vision LI, between 2008 and last year. Bivone and Fonti are members of Vision LI’s board of directors. Besides hosting forums, over the years LIBC joined advocates in lobbying state lawmakers in Albany on legislation impacting small businesses, such as pushing for the Internet Sales Tax.Vision’s energies now shift to the LI Main Street Alliance, which is a coalition of independent local chambers, Nassau and Suffolk Chambers, African American Chamber, Hispanic Chamber and other business groups. It also includes allied organizations like AARP, environmental groups, health organizations and labor and folks who care about Main Streets and infrastructure investment.last_img read more

Bill Gates conspiracy theories echo through Africa

first_imgAs the novel coronavirus wreaks global havoc, Bill Gates is the new bete noire for conspiracy theorists worldwide including in Africa where a Kenyan politician’s false online post has added major fuel to the spread of misinformation.While Gates’s vaccine programs on the continent have long provided ample fodder for speculation, the bogus claims have gained new traction amid the pandemic.On March 15, Nairobi governor Mike Sonko published an old video of Gates warning about the consequences of a future pandemic, with the caption “Bill Gates told us about the corona virus 2015 (sic)”. While the clip shows the philanthropist telling an audience that the world was unprepared for global outbreaks in his TED talk five years ago, he made no mention of the coronavirus.Sonko’s post generated so many interactions among his two-million plus Facebook followers that it remains the most prolific global post about Gates in the COVID-19 era, according to social media analysis tool CrowdTangle.So far, it has been shared more than one million times and has garnered 38 million views on social media.The post highlights the role played by local public figures in spreading false or misleading claims in different parts of the world, according to the Washington-based Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), which studies disinformation globally. “They typically travel beyond… niche communities when an influencer, such as a prominent celebrity, or even mainstream media source, amplifies them,” DFRLab’s Zarine Kharazian told AFP.”Once they’ve achieved this level of spread, they migrate across languages.” Past controversies fuel suspicion A history of Western medical abuses in Africa explains some of the backlash, said Sara Cooper, senior scientist at the South African Medical Research Council’s Cochrane Centre.”Over the last few decades, there have been various incidents of medical research conducted in Africa which have involved gross human rights abuses,” she told AFP. They range from forced sterilization experiments carried out in Namibia when it was part of Germany’s colonies in the late 1800s, to controversial drug trials conducted by Western pharmaceutical giants in various African nations in the 1990s.The distrust of Western vaccines was evidenced by a recent viral post, which claimed that French maverick scientist Didier Raoult had warned Africans against using “the Bill Gates vaccine” because it contained “poison”.AFP Fact Check debunked the claim — Raoult never made the comments and a vaccine does not yet exist.But it struck a chord: the French version of the post was shared more than 47,000 times before it was taken down.Politicians in Nigeria have also pushed similar narratives including Femi Fani-Kayode, a former aviation minister notorious for sharing misinformation along political and religious lines.Fani-Kayode, who has a strong following among Christians from southern Nigeria, has shared multiple posts claiming Gates was part of a secretive power elite, which wanted to achieve world domination using the coronavirus and 5G technology among other things. WHO fights back As the virus numbers and rumors spiraled, agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO) raced to stem the spread of misinformation by running online campaigns and helping governments to set up dedicated web portals. The WHO also held a workshop with more than 50 journalists in Nigeria in February. “Journalists and media are critical to getting the right messages to the community,” emergency officer Dhamari Naidoo said.”We want you to transmit the right information to the people, and to contribute in stopping the spread of rumors.” Topics : ‘All-powerful elites’Rumours about links between Gates and the current pandemic have enjoyed particularly broad appeal among different conspiracy communities worldwide since the virus erupted in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019.Since January, more than 683,000 posts globally from public Facebook pages and groups mentioned Gates, producing nearly 53 million likes, shares and views.”One commonality of conspiracy theories that seems to span borders, languages, and cultures is a mistrust in ‘all-powerful elites’ and institutions,” Kharazian said.”Gates’ prominent profile, outspokenness and active engagement in international public health work has made him a prime target for this particular strain of conspiracy.”Among the most popular claims in Africa is the idea that Gates wants to control mankind with the use of microchip implants or digital tattoos.Conspiracy theorists have also alleged that Gates stands to profit handsomely from an eventual vaccine and that his foundation patented a treatment years ago before unleashing the novel coronavirus.Others again believe he created the virus for population control —  a sensitive point in Africa where much of the visible push-back online has focused on the issue of a COVID-19 vaccine and experimental trials on local test subjects.last_img read more

Delices water supply comissioned yesterday.

first_img Tweet Share Share Share 11 Views   no discussionscenter_img LocalNews Delices water supply comissioned yesterday. by: – April 9, 2011 Sharing is caring! DOWASCO’S General Manager, Bernard EttinoffeThe commissioning of the Delices water supply system was held yesterday and a special ceremony was held in Petite Savanne to mark this historical event. In the past, residents of Delices experienced a number of disruptions in their water supply system, sometimes lasting up to several days.The Government of Dominica and the Dominica Sewerage and Water Company Limited (DOWASCO) sought to rectify this matter by implementing a new water supply system.The new water system costing in excess of three million dollars was funded entirely by the Government of Dominica.last_img read more

Bacolod-Iloilo fast craft ops resume today

first_imgThis is part of the precautionary measures to avert transmission of coronavirus disease 2019, Benjamin added.The city government here will no longer be requiring all individuals originating from Western Visayas swab tests or the required 14-day quarantine.However, locally stranded individuals coming from other areas of the country are still required for swabbing and evaluation from officials from the City Health Office and local barangays where they reside. This will determine if they would be allowed for home quarantine.Negros Occidental governor Eugenio Jose Lacson, meanwhile, announced they will still enforce swab testing for non-Bacolod residents coming from Panay to make sure the threat of the COVID-19 is controlled.Bacolod residents, who will be arriving at the Bredco port, are also welcome to undergo swab testing according to the governor, adding it is free of charge. (With a report from PNA/PN) BY DOMINIQUE GABRIEL BAÑAGABACOLOD City – Fast craft ferries from this capital city bound for Iloilo and vice versa are expected to resume operation today after receiving approval from the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). He assured that the operators are compliant with MARINA’s advisory regarding the protocols to operate under the new normal.For his part, Weesam Express operator Frank Carbon said they will only accept 50 percent of their vessel’s total passenger capacity, citing an agreement made between city officials from Bacolod and Iloilo, MARINA, and ferry operators. They have also agreed not to impose any fare hikes for at least another two weeks.Philippine Coast Guard Negros Occidental chief Lieutenant Commander Jansen Benjamin said passengers will be required to present proper identification cards before they would be allowed enter the terminal. Weesam Express Fast Craft and SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation will each operate two round trips daily under the “new normal,” MARINA Region 6 director Jose Venancio Vero announced yesterday.center_img “All of them committed to have two round trips each, so, it’s four round trips as of now,” Vero said. The Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc., meanwhile, eyes to also resume its operations anytime next week.last_img read more

Spider Blamed For Car Crashing Into Aurora Home

first_imgAn Aurora driver says a spider is to blame for running off the road and crashing into the front porch of a home Wednesday.Shayna Lacey was traveling east on U.S. 50 in Aurora when she apparently lost control of her vehicle around 5 p.m.The car crashed into the front porch of an unoccupied home across from a BP gas station near Green Blvd.Lacey said became startled when a spider landed on her steering wheel causing her to lose control, police said.Lacey and a passenger in the vehicle suffered minor injuries and were taken by ambulance to Dearborn County Hospital.The crash remains under investigation by the Aurora Police Department. Officers were assisted at the scene by the Aurora Fire Department.last_img read more