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BC Oil and Gas Commission warns Coastal GasLink over pipeline construction

first_imgVANCOUVER _ The B.C. Oil and Gas Commission says Coastal GasLink must submit a notice of construction at least 48 hours before it starts work under its permit to build a pipeline that is opposed by some members of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation.The commission has warned the Calgary-based company after it received complaints from the Office of the Wet’suwet’en who alleged that Coastal GasLink engaged in construction without an archaeological impact assessment and also destroyed traplines and tents.A letter from the commission dated Thursday says Coastal GasLink didn’t submit the required notification on Jan. 22. Coastal GasLink is building a natural gas pipeline from northeastern British Columbia to a liquefied natural gas export facility at Kitimat.On Thursday, the provincial government said it is undertaking a process with the Office of the Wet’suwet’en focused on the First Nation’s title, rights, laws and traditional governance throughout their territory.Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs oppose Coastal GasLink’s $40-billion project, which led to the arrests of 14 people at a blockade last month.last_img read more

Paris-Agadir RAM Flight Declares Emergency in Spain’s Airspace

Rabat- A Boeing 737-8B6 belonging to Royal Air Maroc (RAM), linking Paris to Agadir declared an emergency over the Spanish city Malaga on Thursday night.While above the Spanish city of Malga, the flight AT665 from Paris to Agadir, which was supposed to arrive in Agadir at 00.25 am, lost about 7,000 feet of altitude.The flight disappeared from the radar for several minutes. But luckily for the passengers and their families, the aircraft reappeared on the screens and was diverted to Casablanca Mohammed V airport. The problem was by depressurization, which forced the pilot to lower elevation to a level that is no longer detected by a radar.Last month A Royal Air Maroc Dreamliner from New York suffered quite similar problems after it began to lose altitude.RAM flight number AT 201 on Thursday March 2015 was en route to Mohammed V International Airport From JFK International Airport and had just taken off about 15 minutes earlier when all of a sudden it started a free fall of about 200 meters while it was trying to gain altitude.But the pilot eventually managed to stabilize the airplane. read more

Security Council calls for panel to monitor breaches of Somali arms embargo

In a resolution that was adopted unanimously, the 15-member Council called for the monitoring group to investigate breaches of the embargo – especially transfers of ammunition, single use weapons and small arms – by land, air and sea. The group would be comprised of up to four experts with a six-month mandate.The Council wants the Nairobi-based monitoring panel, after carrying out work in Somalia and neighbouring States, to make specific recommendations about how to strengthen the embargo.The experts will also compile a draft list of “those who continue to violate the arms embargo inside and outside Somalia, and their active supporters, for possible future measures by the Council,” according to the resolution.Today’s action comes just over a month after the Council sent a mission to Somalia to explore ways of giving full effect to the embargo, which was put in place in 1992 in a bid to restore peace to the volatile country.A previous panel of experts, also set up at the request of the Council, found last year that the repeated embargo breaches are undermining attempts to restore peace and stability to the country, which has lacked a central government since 1991.Somalia has been beset by anarchy, civil strife and famine since then, but a national reconciliation process since 2000 has led to the formation of a transitional government. read more

UN agencys Palestinian students excel in recent exams

Students at the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Amman Training Centre (ATC) achieved a pass rate of 99.44 per cent against a national pass rate of 66.90 per cent. The pass rate at the agency’s Wadi Seer Training Centre (WSTC) was 100 per cent against a national pass rate of 72.2 per cent.Some 179 students from the ATC sat for the exam in the specializations of dental hygiene, medical records, assistant pharmacists, business administration, secretarial and office management and banking and finance management, with 178 passing, 27 of them among the top five places countrywide in their specialization.From WSTC, 133 students sat for the exam in the specializations of land surveying, civil engineering, architectural engineering and industrial electronics, and all passed, 18 of whom were among the top five places countrywide in their specializations. read more

Serena Williams Announces Engagement to Reddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian

Throughout the tennis pro’s year, Ohanian has been her biggest supporter, frequently posting messages of support online. When Williams tied Steffi Graff’s Grand Slam record at Wimbledon this past summer, Ohanian shared how proud he was on Instagram. Ohanian, 33, also commented on the Reddit post, which was accompanied by a graphic showing the proposal. He wrote, “And you made me the happiest man on the planet.” Additionally, he confirmed the news on his Facebook page by sharing his fiancée’s post and commenting, “She said yes.”The newly engaged couple, who began dating in Oct. 2015, are notoriously private, but Williams has occasionally mentioned Ohanian on social media. Most recently, the Olympian shared an image of the couple in costume on Nov. 28. Serena Wiliams and Alexis Ohanian (@serenawilliams Instagram/@alexisohanian Twitter)Tennis star Serena Williams is engaged to her boyfriend of a year, Alexis Ohanian. The 22-time Grand Slam champion announced the news on her official Reddit page, marking a very public showing for the very private couple.Williams, 35, detailed the story on Thursday, Dec. 29, explaining that she and the Reddit co-founder took a trip to Rome, where they first met. read more

What A Badass Olympic Skier Can Teach Us About WorkLife Balance

3Slovakia34.0– 22Turkey16.0– 28Switzerland14.0– 25Germany14.0– 19Luxembourg16.0– 12Denmark18.0– Randall’s Finnish peer Aino-Kaisa Saarinen had a child around the same time that Randall did, and she told me that her country has a mandatory four-month paid leave for mothers, which she started a month before her due date. After the baby was born, she and her partner received further benefits, including leave that they could split as they chose between the parents. “In our case, the dad took all that,” Saarinen said. (Not to mention the paid leave that fathers are entitled to.)Randall has competed in the predominantly Europe-based World Cup without that kind of paid leave but with Breck in tow for the past two seasons. It hasn’t always been easy. Although she emerged from childbirth without any serious complications (not all women do, as tennis star Serena Williams’s story demonstrates), the snap in her muscles didn’t return right away. And during her time off, the U.S. team “had gotten so strong,” Randall said. She sat out the second World Cup weekend after her return because she wasn’t skiing as well as her teammates.There have been many men who’ve continued competing after adding a child to their family, said Chris Grover, head coach of the U.S. cross-country ski team, but very few women. “Many of these guys are not primary caregivers and tend to come to the races Thursday and head back home on Sunday night or Monday,” Grover said. And while fathers may experience sleepless nights just like mothers do, they don’t need to physically recover after childbirth.Randall and her husband have built their work and family life around her job. Ellis secured a job as a media coordinator for the ski federation, which allowed him to travel the World Cup circuit with her. “He got the job so that we could see each other in the winter,” Randall said.Randall breast-fed her son until about a month into the racing season. Realizing that there would be at least four mothers coming to the World Cup with babies, the ski federation worked with the athlete commission, national ski federations and organizing committees to make formal recommendations encouraging race venues to provide a “baby room” with appropriate provisions so that moms can breast-feed and care for their infants as needed. Randall thinks she used these rooms much more than others in her cohort of new mothers. She said that may be because the others live in Europe, where most of the races take place, and can travel back and forth between home and races on a weekly basis.In Finland, Saarinen benefits from laws that guarantee child care facilities will be available. “The government also pays for most of it,” she said. That’s not all. “We also get child money from the government, which is about 200€ per month, a baby box with 48 items, and free and mandatory monthly health checks for baby and for the mom.”Things are different in the U.S. According to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, 62 percent of parents of infant or preschool-age children report difficulty finding affordable, high-quality child care in their community, regardless of their income.Because Randall and Ellis are both working while on the race circuit, their parents and some friends have stepped in to provide child care, but paying travel and accomodations for these helpers isn’t cheap. In part because of the cost, Breck won’t be accompanying his parents to Pyeongchang. After calculating that it would run something like $15,000 to $20,000 for them to bring him and a caretaker along, they decided to send him to his grandparents’ house in Canada instead.As well as things are working out for her now, Randall acknowledges that her current situation is not sustainable. And it probably wouldn’t be scalable to the whole workplace either. Grover acknowledged that it’s difficult to imagine a ski team traveling around Europe with all the coaching staff’s kids, in addition to the team athletes.Randall plans to retire from racing after this season but will remain in the sport. She is president of the U.S. branch of Fast and Female, a group that encourages girls to participate in sports, and she’s running for election as an athlete representative on the International Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission. After two decades of competition, it feels right, she said. Success in a career like sports requires giving it your all, and that means family life can’t always come first. For a parent who wants to substantially take part in parenting, eventually something must give. 5Ireland26.0– 24Slovenia15.0– 23Belgium15.0– 6Hungary24.0– 16Austria16.0– 10Australia18.0– CountryLength of paid maternity leave, in weeks 20Netherlands16.0– 27Japan14.0– 7Italy21.7– 11Chile18.0– 29Iceland13.0– 2United Kingdom39.0– Source: OECD Family Database 15Canada17.0– 21Spain16.0– 35United States0.0 34Portugal6.0– 4Czech Republic28.0– 8Estonia20.0– 32Sweden12.9– 17France16.0– 13New Zealand18.0– 18Latvia16.0– 30Norway13.0– 1Greece43.0– 31South Korea12.9– Paid maternal leave policies around the worldAmong countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2016 33Mexico12.0– 14Finland17.5– 26Israel14.0– 9Poland20.0– Team USA has sent 20 fathers to Pyeongchang, but only one mother: Kikkan Randall. A three-time winner of cross-country skiing’s World Cup sprint title, Randall was part of a baby boom that happened after the 2014 Sochi Olympics, when four of the sport’s top athletes took time off from racing to give birth.1The others were Marit Bjoergen of Norway (whose silver medal in Saturday’s skiathlon earned her the title of most-decorated woman at the Olympic Winter Games), five-time Olympic medalist Aino-Kaisa Saarinen of Finland and Katja Visnar of Slovenia.These women didn’t just return to work — they came back to the highest level of a demanding sport, and all four are expected to compete in Pyeongchang. But Randall is doing so without the same safety net that her European colleagues have. And that’s left her facing the same challenge that many other American women experience: how to balance a grueling career with the demands of new motherhood. A job as arduous as being a professional athlete (or, say, director of policy planning at the State Department) has little room for compromise or scaling back, and that means that much of the parenting must fall to a spouse or outside help.The 2018 Games will be the fifth Olympic appearance for Randall, a 35-year-old cross-country skier from Alaska.2When I was an elite skier in the 2000s, Randall was an up-and-coming star. I never skied fast enough to make the Olympic team, and the U.S. women’s teams in 2002 and 2006 were unlikely contenders for medals. But since then, thanks in large part to Randall’s performance and leadership, the American women have become a force to reckon with — earning both World Cup and world championship titles. Minnesota native Jessie Diggins won the final World Cup race before Pyeongchang. In 2008, Randall, nicknamed Kikkanimal, made history by becoming the first American woman to win a World Cup in cross-country skiing. And in Pyeongchang, she has a legitimate shot at a medal.Mothers-to-be in most professions take time off after childbirth, but Randall’s situation was different: “I was on my maternity leave while I was pregnant,” she said. Because she remained on the U.S. ski team roster, she retained access to her health insurance, and most of her sponsors continued their support, in exchange for appearances, social media plugs and other publicity. She resumed training about three weeks after her son, Breck, was born in April 2016, with the support of her husband, Jeff Ellis, who parented while she trained. Having a husband who is willing to take on parental duties and, most importantly, to do so “unbegrudgingly” has been “a huge piece of the puzzle,” Randall said.There’s no such thing as a part-time return to work in elite sports, which usually require multiple training sessions each day, along with naps, massages, full nights of sleep and other recovery rituals. Of course, sleepless nights are almost a given for the first years of a child’s life. And Randall said that knowing Ellis will “take care of those night-time wakings before a race really helps.”She noted that her peers in Scandinavian countries have the benefit of paid time off for fathers as well as mothers. (Of the 35 countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the U.S. is the only one without paid maternal leave.) read more

Childline must receive more funding to cope with demand from suicidal children

The open letterCredit:NSPCC The open letter Childline must be given more funding from government, 130 MPs have said in an open letter as the helpline sees demand from suicidal children almost treble. The NSPCC said its helpline is struggling to cope with a growing number of complex cases, a rising number of which come in overnight as children are more likely to have access to tablets and mobile phones. It now offers counselling via email, online chat and via a mobile app but struggles to recruit volunteers to work the unsociable hours when children are increasingly likely to call. Figures from the charity show that the number of sessions for children who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings has risen from 8,835 in 2010-11 to 22,456 in 2016-17, and they now make up almost 10 per cent of the charity’s counselling. Two thirds of counselling sessions about mental and emotional health, self-harm and suicide are now delivered between 5pm and 9am, and one in three counselling sessions about mental health take place over the weekend. In one in every four cases, calls or contacts go unanswered, the charity said, as not enough counsellors are available.The growing number of cases which involve suicidal thoughts also mean that volunteers need extra training to help them deal with the more complex issues they throw up. The letter addressed to health and social care secretary Jeremy Hunt is signed by Childline founder Dame Esther Rantzen as well as MPs including Luciana Berger, Andrew Selous, and Yvette Cooper, as well as Conservative peers Lord Suri of Ealing and Lord Balfe. It calls for money from a £300 million pledge set out in the recently-published Government green paper on children’s mental health to be used to fund the service.”Government must think more widely about where and when children need support in order to address the real mental health crisis our young people face,” the letter says. “The NSPCC urgently needs to increase both the number of available volunteers and to improve and expand the training that they receive. “This will ensure that Childline is equipped to support the more complex mental health needs children are coming to the service with. It surely deserves Government support and investment.” The charity’s annual report for 2016/17 showed that the Department of Education pledged £8m in funding over four years. A Government spokesperson said: “Our plans will transform mental health services for children and young people, including the first ever waiting time standards for those with the most serious problems.“This will be supported by a new workforce – larger than the entire current workforce – and backed by £300m of additional funding that will also provide significant additional support for all schools.”   Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Prince Charles reveals his gardening inspiration a hidden Buckingham Palace veg plot

The young Prince of Wales in the garden he created at HighgroveCredit:Getty Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. In an interview broadcast on Wednesday night, he said he was particularly concerned about pests being brought into the country by gardeners returning from their holidays, packing plants in their suitcases without thinking through the repercussions.Asked how he came to love the landscape, he said: “I suspect it was probably partly to do with my grandmother’s wonderful garden at Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park where I spent a lot of my childhood. I remember being absolutely riveted as a child wandering about looking at all the plants.“It was a wonderful woodland garden with masses of azaleas and rhododendrons. The smell and everything had a profound effect on me. “Then you want to do things when you get older. And really it’s only when you have something of your own that you become particularly keen.“We had as children, my sister and I, a little plot at the back of Buckingham Palace garden where we grew vegetables and things.”In 2009, it was reported that the Queen was introducing a vegetable patch to the palace grounds for the first time since the Second World War, with the young Prince and Princess gardening quite unnoticed by the public through their childhood.On the threats pests and diseases bring to British countryside, the Prince said he remembered the “totally devastating” effects of Dutch Elm disease years ago. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall admire vegetable produce at Alexandra Palace Prince Charles encourages Prince Harry in the Highgrove garden “Now of course we’re faced by a multitude of threats of every kind of disease,” he said. “The biggest fear is we end up with a wasteland here.“Having seen more and more of these pests, particularly from the Far East, coming here. There’s all these caterpillars and strange things, all with extraordinary names… One thing after another.“People love the ancient oaks in his country. There are magical remnants of some of these forests. “We are a nation of gardeners as well. But somehow people don’t quite realise yet.“The difficulty I think is nurseries really are the ones that need to act quicker in terms of quarantining. I only get my trees now from a nursery which does proper quarantine, but it’s one of a minority. The young Prince of Wales in the garden he created at Highgrove A teenage Prince Charles with his family at Windsor “Which is madness if you think about it because we should be taking a very urgent emergency approach to this. We haven’t got any time to waste.”Saying he had been impressed by a visit to meet the “marvellous” border force at Heathrow Airport earlier this year, finding them “overwhelmed by endless stuff that’s brought in by people in their baggage”.“I don’t think people realise how dangerous it is,” he said.Taking threats seriously now, the Prince said, “will make a big difference hopefully to our future and our grandchildren, who we hope will be able to share the magic of the British landscape”.   Prince Charles encourages Prince Harry in the Highgrove gardenCredit:Tim Graham A young Prince Charles with his family at WindsorCredit:PA The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall admire vegetable produce at Alexandra PalaceCredit:Getty The Prince of Wales has disclosed how the Queen helped inspire his lifelong mission to save the planet, giving him a small, hidden Buckingham Palace plot to grow vegetables as a little boy.The Prince said he and his sister, Princess Anne, had been tasked with cultivating their own plants in the Buckingham Palace garden, leaving him “particularly keen”.Saying he had also been “absolutely riveted” by his grandmother’s garden at Royal Lodge in Windsor, the Prince told Gardeners’ World viewers that his formative years had inspired him to fight the “multiple threats” now facing the British countryside.In an interview about pests and diseases affecting the country “magical” landscape, the Prince said he was so concerned about the rising number of threats that his “biggest fear is [that] we end up with a wasteland”.The Prince was interviewed by BBC presenter Adam Frost at Highgrove, his Gloucestershire residence. read more

New Zealands chief treasurer appointed as governor of Irish Central Bank

first_img By Conor McCrave New Zealand’s chief treasurer appointed as governor of Irish Central Bank Gabriel Makhlouf was chosen to succeed the outgoing governor Philip Lane. 21 Comments Wednesday 1 May 2019, 2:09 PM Image: Sam Boal Short URL May 1st 2019, 2:09 PM 13,248 Views THE CHIEF OF New Zealand’s national treasury has been appointed as the new governor of the Central Bank of Ireland.Gabriel Makhlouf was chosen to succeed the outgoing governor, Philip Lane, following his appointment to the executive board of the European Central Bank from 1 June .As well as chief of New Zealand’s treasury department, Makhlouf also held the post of the government’s chief economic and financial advisor.Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure, Pascal Donohoe said his “international calibre” and “wealth of experience” would be a benefit for Makhlouf in the role.“Gabriel has demonstrated his broad and detailed knowledge of economics, financial markets, monetary policy, and fiscal policy, and has the experience of leading a large and complex public service organisation of 10,000 people,” he said.“Previously he was Chair of the world’s main tax rule-making body – the Committee on Fiscal Affairs – at the OECD in Paris and was also responsible for the UK’s Government Banking Service.“As Treasury Secretary and Chief Executive of the New Zealand Treasury, he is currently responsible for overseeing reforms of New Zealand’s three macroeconomic pillars.“He is a leader of the diversity and inclusion agenda in New Zealand’s public and private sectors. He will bring with him this wealth of experience to the role of Governor.”He is set to take up his role as governor of the Irish Central Bank in September 2019, before which a temporary interim governor will take up the position once Lane steps down next month. A government statement said there was a high level of interest in the role and selected the successor following a shortlisting process. Share13 Tweet Email Image: Sam Boal Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Quora un réseau en question

first_imgQuora : un réseau en questionOn ne parle que de lui. Quora suscite de nombreuses questions. Ce réseau social, créé par des anciens de Facebook, progresse à pas de géants.Après avoir fait le vide autour d’eux, Facebook et Twitter vont devoir se confronter à un nouvel adversaire de taille. Mardi, le très sérieux quotidien britannique The Telegraph affirmait que “Quora [allait] devenir plus grand que Twitter”. Le site, très facile d’utilisation et doté d’un design simple, a été créé par des anciens de Facebook. Il se définit comme une “une collection de questions et réponses”, et agit comme une plateforme permettant aux internautes de “partager leurs connaissances avec les autres”.À lire aussiAbeille, Mark Zuckerberg et cancer, les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 13 avrilEn quoi cela consiste-t-il ? Les personnes inscrites sur le site posent des questions sur n’importe quel domaine de leur vie et voient les autres membres leur répondre. Concrètement, après votre inscription qui nécessitera une adresse Facebook ou Twitter, donnant ainsi accès aux informations laissées sur ces sites, vous pouvez poser n’importe quelle question. Ces questions, vous aurez la possibilité de les classer et de les suivre (“quelqu’un a ajouté une question en rapport avec la mienne”) ainsi que de voir qui d’autre suit cette question (“quelqu’un suit ma question”). Idem pour les réponses que vous fourniront les internautes, qui vous seront indiqués par la formule “X a répondu à votre question”. Par ailleurs, à l’instar de Twitter, et au-delà des questions posées sur le site, il y aussi un système de “followers”. Tous les membres ont une mini-fiche et un avatar qui apparaît à chacune de leurs interventions. Une manière de rendre le réseau encore plus interactif. Une première question que l’on pourrait poser sur Quora en tant que novice : Quid de la qualité des réponses fournies ? “Les informations données ont énormément de crédibilité”, répond Selma Bekkaoui, journaliste pour le site spécialisé TechCrunch, citée par le Nouvel Obs. Elle l’a qualifié comme l’un des sites les plus prometteurs de 2011. On peut ainsi trouver des chefs d’entreprise répondant à des questions sur leur activité. “Quora se distingue ainsi de son concurrent Aadvark par la richesse et la qualité de son contenu, plus que par la forme”, continue Selma Bekkaoui qui dit également être convaincue que le site dépassera bientôt Twitter. Un avis partagé par l’influent bloggeur Christophe Ramel qui nuance toutefois avec un exemple similaire : “En 2009, un site comme FriendFeed explosait comme Quora aujourd’hui, mais lorsqu’il a été racheté (par Facebook, ndlr) on n’a plus entendu parler de lui…”. Aujourd’hui, les internautes semblent surtout attirés par ce réseau social “pour voir” : l’inscription, pour le moment, se fait uniquement par invitation. Il n’y a aucun formulaire à remplir sur la page d’accueil du site. A vous de faire appel à votre réseau, déjà tissé sur la Toile depuis l’apparition de Facebook et Twitter, et d’en faire la demande auprès d’un contact, qui lui, aurait déjà accès au site grâce à une autre personne. Un système de parrainage qui suscite la curiosité et qui donc ramène chaque jour des inscriptions. Le 6 janvier 2011 à 17:55 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Robinson Astwood remain at the helm of PDM after weekend convention

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 08 Jun 2015 – Sharlene Robinson will remain as leader of the PDM and her deputy, Sean Astwood will also continue to serve in that capacity following the weekend convention. The pair won by ‘majority vote’ and despite reports that there would be a move to challenge the current leaders that did not happen. Returning to frontline politics is Doug Parnell, a former leader of the People’s Democratic Movement and now the new Chairman of the PDM. Doug Parnell, Chairman – PDM: “We know that the pursuit and the fight for equality and justice began here, and we know that the same struggles that we fought for then, exists in some form today and we continue to fight today as a movement. We fought then and I will remind people that we fought when the Right Excellent Hon James Alexander George Smith McCartney was without pay, he fought for love of country, he fought for love of people, he fought for one Turks and Caicos Islands.”The PDM convention weekend had a solemn launch on Thursday night with a candle light vigil at the Memorial site of the Right Excellent JAGS, where his widow, Rt Hon Dorothy McCartney also made an appearance. There was an awards banquet at Yellow Man & Sons on Friday night with Saturday day devoted to business meetings and the night given to a street party outside the Junkanoo Club on Goode Street. Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI Country Leaders condemn vicious memes Related Items:convention, doug pharnell, good street, Hon Sharlene Robinson, JAGS McCartney, junkkanoo club, Pdm, sean astwood TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Only Doug and Ralph and Ruth can fit, that’s whylast_img read more

Fiat Chrysler withdraws Renault merger proposal

first_imgSOPA Images Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has withdrawn its proposal for a merger with France’s Groupe Renault, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. In May, Fiat Chrysler was seeking “a potential 50/50 merger transaction” between the two companies.”The Board of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, meeting this evening under the chairmanship of John Elkann, has resolved to withdraw with immediate effect its merger proposal made to Groupe Renault,” FCA said in a statement. “FCA expresses its sincere thanks to Groupe Renault, in particular to its chairman and its chief executive officer, and also to the alliance partners at Nissan Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, for their constructive engagement on all aspects of FCA’s proposal.”The Wall Street Journal reports Nissan — Renault’s alliance partner — refused to support the merger deal. According to people familiar with the matter, Nissan representatives were doubtful about the Japanese automaker’s commitment to the alliance should the merger take place.The French government, which maintains a 15% stake in Renault, said it would not approve a merger unless Nissan would still commit to the alliance. Fiat Chrysler ultimately withdrew the merger proposal following the French government’s request to further delay a vote on the merger — the second one this week.”It has become clear that the political conditions in France do not currently exist for such a combination to proceed successfully,” FCA said in its statement.”Groupe Renault expresses its disappointment not to have the opportunity to continue to pursue the proposal of FCA,” the French automaker said in a statement Thursday. “We view the opportunity as timely, having compelling industrial logic and great financial merit, and which would result in a European-based global auto powerhouse.”Originally published June 5.Update, June 5: Adds statement from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles; June 6: Adds statement from Groupe Renault. More From Roadshow Fiat Chrysler 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: Holy hell Share your voice 2019 Maserati Levante GTS: Heart of gold Renault Nissancenter_img Tags Car Industry 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: First hybrid minivan wins on fuel economy Post a comment 0last_img read more

Alaskas Medicaid and public assistance backlog is 20000 people deep

first_imgRep. Les Gara, D-Anchorage, address the Capitol press in March 2017. Gara supported $2.2 million in funding for 41 public assistance workers to reduce a backlog in processing Medicaid and other applications. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)More than 20,000 Alaskans are waiting for their applications for assistance through health and social services to be processed by the state government.Listen nowThe House Finance Committee voted Monday in favor of hiring 41 people to people to reduce the backlog. The extra hires would cost $2.2 million, matched by an equal amount of federal money.Anchorage Democratic Rep. Les Gara supported an amendment to add the money. He said Division of Public Assistance workers are overworked.“The morale in that department is not good,” Gara said. “These are people hired because they want to help people. And they’re instead being burnt out.”But Wasilla Republican Rep. Cathy Tilton opposed the amendment. She noted the department already has unfilled positions.“If we keep throwing money at it without a plan in place of how we were actually going to reduce that backlog, I think it’s kind of like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” Tilton said.The backlog fell from a high of more than 27,000 people in June to a low of nearly 15,000 in December. But it’s risen sharply in the last two months.Most of the applicants are seeking Medicaid. But the backlog also includes people seeking food stamps and other income-based assistance.The positions would be funded for three years. Gov. Bill Walker’s administration had proposed making the positions permanent, but House members say the work could be done in three years.The committee voted 6 to 5 to pass the amendment.The five Democrats on the committee and Ketchikan independent Dan Ortiz voted for the amendment.The committee’s four Republicans and Anchorage independent Jason Grenn voted against the measure.The funding proposal still faces votes on the House floor and the Senate.last_img read more

Awareness meet on TB held in Khammam

first_imgKhammam: Tuberculosis is a preventive disease, but if neglected, it can become harmful, said District Collector RV Karnan. Speaking at an awareness programme conducted by the TB department in Mudigonda village in the district, the Collector said everyone should be aware of the disease and its prevention.Stating that personal hygiene, good habits and clean surroundings were must for preventing the disease, the Collector added that a special ward was arranged in all major government hospitals for the treatment of patients suffering from tuberculosis. Also Read – Call to sensitize SC, ST laws in Hanamkonda Advertise With Us “Asha workers should play a key role in creating awareness about the disease in villages and towns,” he said, informing that government was laying special focus on prevention of the disease and providing diagnostic facilities at all primary health centres and government-recognised hospitals. He said if anyone has symptoms like cough and fever for two weeks or more, weight loss, chest pain and presence of blood, they should get diagnosed immediately. Zilla Parishad Chief Executive Officer Priyanka, Tahsildar Saritha, health officers Dharmendra, health staff and Asha workers attended the programme.last_img read more

Idols made of seeds taking roots in city

first_imgHyderabad: In a first, a city-based organization, Green Waves Environmental Solutions, has come with a unique concept of making eco-friendly Ganesh by using 21 varieties of seeds. “The 21 leaves that are used to worship the Lord during Vinayaka Chaturthi those seeds are used for making these idols. These idols are not immersed in any water bodies but water is poured over the idol. Once the Ganesh idol dissolves, the seeds sprout and plants start to grow,” said P.Anil Chowdary, Managing Director, Green Waves Environmental Solutions. Also Read – JIH organises Eid Milap for sanitary workers Advertise With Us To create awareness on the use of eco-friendly idols, the organization is also conducting clay Ganesh-making workshops in IT sectors, colleges and housing society, where people are being taught to make their own clay idols. Also, all the raw materials are provided free of cost by our organization at the workshop. “Till now we have made 120 idols and the size of each idol is 2 inches, 5 inches and 8 inches tall and more than 10 members of the organization who made these idols,” said Anil. The seeds of vegetable climbers such as Bottle Gourd, Round Gourd, Beans, vegetable plants including Ladies finger, Green chillies, tomato, brinjal, Drumstick, Red bead, Rosewood, medicinal plants such as Tulasi, Basil and Devakanchan, Marigold, Sunflower, Water lily are used.last_img read more

Breaking Gutsy Bangladesh fight back to restrict India to 314 Indian innings

first_imgTwitterAfter looking all set to concede a total in excess of 350, Bangladesh bowled brilliantly in the last 20 overs of their innings to restrict India to 314/9, a much less daunting score than what was expected. The stars of Bangladesh’s fightback were Mustafizur Rahman and Shakib Al-Hasan. The former proved his credentials as one of the best death bowlers in the World by delivering 4 parsimonioius overs in the last 10 overs of the innings and ended up with his third five-for against India. He managed to keep Indian batsmen like Dinesh Karthik and MS Dhoni quiet and also got them out. Shakib, on the other hand, bowled another brilliant spell of 10 overs where he tied up MS Dhoni and didn’t allow the other batsmen to score easily off him. His figures read 10-0-41-1. Because of these two bowlers primarily, the Men in Blue ended up well short of the 325-mark they would have had in their mind as the least they can get to. When Virat Kohli was dismissed in the 39th over, his team was at 237/3. With batsmen like Pandya and Dhoni to come and Rishabh Pant at the crease, 350 looked possible. But then in the same over that Mustafizur got Kohli out, he also dismissed Pandya for a duck. Shakib then came into action and got the wicket of a well set and dangerous looking Pant. Dhoni was once again playing in a rather conservative manner and, though, getting some boundaries at regular intervals, seemed unable to get the ball away for runs easily. The slowness of the wicket that was utilised by English pacers in their last game by bowling only cutters in the last 10 overs came to the aid of Mustafizur as well. Being the best exponent of cutters, he made life very difficult for the Indian batters.  Things could have been even better for Bangladesh had Tamim Iqbal taken the catch of Rohit Sharma very early on in his innings when he tried to pull a short ball from The Fizz but ended up hittng it straight towards the hand of Tamim. The veteran Bangladesh opener though, dropped an easy catch and Sharma went on to score his fourth hundred of the tournament. It was clear at the begining of the innings that both KL Rahul and Sharma wanted to make amends for the last match where India scored only 27 runs in their first 10 overs. Both openers took more initiative this time and kept the scoring rate high. Even though Rahul again didn’t look at his best, he managed to score a decent half-century that set the platform for a big score. The innings played by Mahendra Singh Dhoni would again raise questions about his intent as the veteran keeper was again looking uncomfortable against spin and failed to dominate pacers as well. Though he still managed to score 35 off 32, there were far too many dot balls in his innings. India are still the favourites with Mahmudullah not playing in this match and Bhuvneshwar Kumar back into the side. But dropping Kuldeep Yadav could prove to be a mistake as he has been India’s best spinner. Then again, Bhuvneshwar may make up for that loss by using his tricks like the knuckle ball that would be very useful on this wicket. Advantage India but Bangladesh would feel they are in the game, big time.last_img read more

Axis Bank follows SBI Bank of Baroda reduces interest rate on savings

first_imgA man leaves an Axis Bank automated teller machine (ATM) in New Delhi, India, October 20, 2016Reuters filePrivate sector lender Axis Bank on Tuesday followed State Bank of India (SBI) and Bank of Baroda to reduce the interest rate on savings bank deposits. In a regulatory filing to the stock exchanges, the lender said interest rate on savings account deposits with a balance of up to Rs 50 lakh will now earn 3.50 percent as against 4 percent while the rate on balance above the limit remains unchanged.”The new interest rates will be effective from August 8, 2017,” Axis Bank informed the BSE.Also read: State Bank of India shares spurt after lender cuts interest rate on savings depositsThe share price of the bank closed 1.32 percent lower at Rs 499 on the BSE while the 30-scrip Sensex ended at 32,014, down 259 points.The lowering of interest rates on savings deposits is a trend that is all set to encompass most of the banks, given that they are flush with the money deposited in the wake of demonetisation. The surge in deposits has been accompanied with a record low in credit offtake, forcing banks to slash deposit rates to maintain their margins.  A few days ago, brokerage Nomura had said that a reduction in interest rates on savings account deposits would boost margins of banks, especially those of state-owned.”From an earnings perspective, the positive impact is highest for PSU banks (12-20 percent of PBT) due to their weak overall profitability. Impact on private banks profitability will be 3-6 percent if they cut their SA rate,” analysts Adarsh Parasrampuria and Amit Nanavati said in their note.Bank of Baroda followed SBI to cut the interest rate on savings account deposits to 3.5 percent from 4 percent on balances below Rs 50 lakh while those above the threshold will continue to fetch 4 percent interest, according to a regulatory filing to the BSE by the state-owned lender.July retail inflation estimatesIn a note on Tuesday, brokerage Nirmal Bang Institutional Equities (NBIE) said that retail inflation for July is likely to spike from that recorded in the previous month.”July 2017 Consumer Price Index or CPI inflation is likely to come in at 2.45 percent YoY, up from 1.54 percent in the previous month. A large part of the increase in inflation will come from the spike in vegetable prices, particularly tomatoes in late June and early July 2017,” economist Teresa John said in her note.”Tomato prices rose by about 100%-200% over the past one month. With a weight of about 0.57 percent in CPI, we believe the increase in tomato prices alone can contribute between 60bps-100bps to headline CPI inflation,” she added.last_img read more

2 men shot dead in Rangamati

first_imgTwo men were shot dead at Raikhali Karigarpara in Kaptai upazila of Rangamati on Monday, reports UNB.The deceased are Mongshenu Marma, an activist of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samity (PCJSS) and his friend, Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) activist Zahid.A group of armed men swooped on them and opened fire, killing both on the spot, said Ashraf Uddin, officer-in-charge of Chandraghona police station.A police and BGB team has gone to the spot.Police say they suspect the killings might be linked to establishing supremacy in the area.last_img read more

Improved Qantas A330 jets off to Singapore

first_imgQantas’ newly improved international A330 jet has today set off to Singapore, with the airline hoping it will introduce a new standard of luxury to the route.Passengers on flight QF35 from Melbourne to Singapore are the very first Qantas customers to fly on the reconfigured international aircraft.The new A330 experience offers lie-flat Business Suites, a next-generation model of the award-winning Recaro seats in Economy, and customers in all cabins will enjoy the latest inflight entertainment technology.Qantas Group chief executive officer Alan Joyce, said the airline was excited to welcome the first refurbished A330 to its international fleet.“When you combine our investment in lounges with what we’re offering on board our upgraded A330s, it puts Qantas in a very strong position to retain and win customers on key routes to Asia,” Mr Joyce said.“Our first domestic aircraft has been operating for a little more than two weeks and we have received rave reviews from crew and our passengers. Some have said it’s the best domestic Business experience in the world.”More than half of Qantas’ 28 A330 aircraft are expected to be refurbished by the end of December 2015, with the project to be completed by the end of 2016.Customers in Economy will enjoy Qantas’ new inflight dining experience, launched on Singapore flights earlier this week, offering more choice, larger meals and improved service. Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

Cardinals Average Power Ranking 169 down from 1

first_imgCardinals Average Power Ranking: 16.9(down from 11.6 last week)High Ranking: #12 (ESPN, NFL Network)Low Ranking: #25 (USA Today) Arizona Cardinals’ Carson Palmer (3) braces for a sack as Carolina Panthers’ Kawann Short (99) teams up with Mario Addison (97) during the second half of an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016. The Panthers won 30-20. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone) Welp, so much for flipping a switch and making a run toward the NFC West. The Cardinals’ offense struggled when it mattered — again — although this time the issue wasn’t Carson Palmer … OK, Palmer did his part in spotting Carolina seven ( if that was indeed a fumble). The lack of any semblance of a run game did Bruce Arians’ attack in on Sunday.. Arizona ran all of 10 times in the loss. If you want to stop and smell the roses: J.J. Nelson made several big plays, catching eight balls and scoring two touchdowns. Or, you can smell the dog turds: The Cards are 3-4-1.NFL Week 9 Power Rankings: Just how many good teams are there this year?Cardinals rank: #23 (▼ 8)The way the Cardinals play in East Coast games, you’d think they had been dropped on the moon. It’s still the same game, guys. You’re still in America. Whatever the issue, Bruce Arians better figure it out in a hurry—the Cardinals still travel to Atlanta and Miami this season, with a Central Time Zone road trip to Minnesota to boot.NFL Power Rankings: Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs in top 10 make AFC West the bestCardinals rank: #16 (▼ 4)What has happened to this team? They aren’t playing terrible football, but they head to the bye at 3-4-1. One step forward, two steps back.Yes, that’s really close to a lyric from Paula Abdul’s awful 1989 number-one hit “Opposites Attract,” but it’s also the pattern the Arizona Cardinals have been following in this season’s NFL Power Rankings.After an ugly 30-20 loss on the road to the Carolina Panthers, the Cardinals took two steps back to find themselves in the bottom half of the league in most national rankings. Do-everything safety Tyrann Mathieu is out a reported 3-6 weeks with a shoulder injury. Left tackle Jared Veldheer went on injured reserve with a triceps injury. Combine that with how bad they looked Sunday against the Panthers, and it looks like a talented team is having a lost season.USA Today Power Rankings – Week 9Cardinals rank: #25 (▼ 11)Fortuitous timing for bye week. They must figure out how to fix O-line that allowed eight sacks Sunday and lost LT Jared Veldheer.NFL Week 9 power rankingsCardinals rank: #14 (▼ 3)The Cardinals are losing their best players left and right, which doesn’t make their 3-4-1 record any more promising. Left tackle Jared Veldheer is out for the year, and Tyrann Mathieu will be sidelined three to six weeks. If they don’t turn it around quickly, they’ll be out of the playoff race.PFT’s Week Nine Power RankingsCardinals rank: #21 (▼ 4)The window by all appearances has slammed shut. NFL power rankings: The Cowboys surge while the Vikings dropCardinals rank: #13 (▼ 2)It was a weird week for the NFC South, with the bottom-dwelling Carolina Panthers taking out the Arizona Cardinals, and the New Orleans Saints pulling off a win against the Seattle Seahawks. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons managed to hold on for a close win at home against the Green Bay Packers, so all three teams move up a bit in our rankings this week.Chris Simms’ NFL Power Rankings Ahead of Week 9Cardinals rank: #20 (▼ 7)Palmer needs to dig himself a trench a few yards behind center.He’s under direct fire after every Cardinals snap. Carolina’s eight-sack game only further exposed what Seattle did during Week 7’s overtime tie: Arizona’s interior blocking group is one of the worst in football.Palmer isn’t the only one paying the price for blown blocking assignments. The Cardinals fell in an early 24-0 hole—just deep enough to eliminate David Johnson from the battle strategy.In no universe will these Cardinals run Johnson 10 times, gain 24 yards and win a football game. It’s as simple as that.NFL Power Rankings: Dallas Cowboys could win an unpredictable NFCCardinals rank: #14 (▼ 3) Top Stories Arizona Sports Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Cardinals sink, Cowboys riseCardinals rank: #16 (▼ 7)Veldheer is out; Mathieu is out. The Cardinals will be out soon.Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys ascend to No. 2Cardinals rank: #12 (▼ 5)The Cardinals made big changes on the offensive line this offseason, and those changes are coming back to haunt them in the standings and the rankings. Arizona is 0-4-1 this season when allowing multiple sacks and 3-0 when allowing one or zero.NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Pats, Cowboys rule at midseasonCardinals rank: #12 (▼ 4)center_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Not only did the Cardinals lose, to drop their record to 3-4-1 heading into their bye week, but they also suffered several key injuries. Offensive tackle Jared Veldheer is out for the rest of the season with a torn triceps. Defensive back Tyrann Mathieu will miss three-to-six weeks with a shoulder injury and tight end Ifeanyi Momah was put on I.R. with a broken wrist.Here’s a rundown of what some prominent national outlets (and are saying about the Cardinals: Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more