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Journalist thrashed urinated upon by GRP men in UP

first_imgShamli (Uttar Pradesh): Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel thrashed a journalist who was covering a train derailment near Dhimanpura in the early hours of Wednesday. GRP personnel who were present on the spot, abused, kicked and beat up Amit Sharma of News 24. They snatched his camera. The journalist said that the cops refused to listen to him and continued to thrash him. “I was locked up, stripped and they urinated upon right into my mouth,” Sharma said. Also Read – IAF receives its first Rafale fighter jet from France Several scribes rushed to the police station on learning about the incident and put the video footage of cops beating up Amit Sharma on the social media. The journalists also contacted senior officials at the police headquarters. Station House Officer Rakesh Kumar and GRP constable Sunil Kumar have been suspended and a probe has been ordered into the incident. The journalist was later released. Shamli’s Senior Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar Pandey said that the senior officials had been apprised of the incident which was “unfortunate” and strict action would be taken against the accused.last_img read more

Legal action against persons spreading false claims

The communiqué issued by the Director General of the department Nalaka Kaluwewa says legal action will be taken against those who communicate or spread any rumour or false statement which is likely to cause public alarm or public disorder, and against persons who propagate war or advocate national, racial or religious hatred that constitute incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence, as well as those who cause acts of violence or religious, racial or communal disharmony or hostility between different communities or racial or religious groups. Such persons will be charged under Emergency (Miscellaneous Provisions and Powers) Regulation No 01 of 2019, Section 3 (1) of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Act No 56 of 2017 and Section 02(1) (h) of Prevention of Terrorism Act (Temporary Provisions) Act No 48 of 1979 as mentioned in the communiqué issued by the Department. Legal action will be sought against persons who disperse rumours or false statements that may cause panic and incite violence among the public, the Department of Government Information said today.The department stated this issuing a communiqué on the rules and the general public must pay attention to in view of the prevailing situation in the country. read more

Fire chief abandoned Grenfell stay put advice ten minutes after hearing pleas

Joanne Smith was the on-call manager on the night of the Grenfell fire  A fire control room manager on the night of the Grenfell Tower blaze ordered “stay put” advice to be abandoned after just ten minutes of hearing frantic phone calls from residents, an inquiry heard.Joanne Smith said that soon after reporting for duty she became “increasingly uncomfortable” that residents were being told over the phone to stay in their homes. The  senior operations manager for the London Fire Brigade (LFB) said that her years of experience and the nature and length of the calls from residents were behind the “quick-time” decision to tell everyone to get out. But by the time she arrived at 2.15am the controversial advice, which some families have blamed for the death of their loved ones, had already “substantially failed”. Experts have said that the guidance failed by 1.26am when flames reached the top of the building and the stairwells filled with smoke. In a written statement to the public inquiry into the blaze, Ms Smith said: “I had arrived at Stratford at approximately 2.15am – within 10 to 15 minutes the decision was made to change policy and that decision was mine.” By the time Joanne Smith arrived for duty the ‘stay-put’ advice had already failed Credit:AFP On normal Fire Survival Guidance calls the firefighters have made contact with those trapped within ten minutes, she told the hearing, but some of the residents had been on the line for 45 minutes. Ms Smith was asked who, in practice, would normally be responsible for making the decision to alter advice to caller and said that, to her knowledge, the night of Grenfell was the first time such a decision had been made.It was a decision taken by her, in the control room, and agreed with those in charge on the ground, she said.She added: “The decision was made owing to a variety of factors – the duration of calls, the content of the calls and the resources available.”These factors and my years of experience formed the basis of my rationale and coincided with the recommendations following the Lakanal fire in 2009 in which certain questions were asked by the CROs (control room operators) regarding smoke and fire levels. “The information that was fed back by the CROs from residents and the conditions they were in led me to believe that they had no way of waiting to be rescued.”Once the decision was made, the new advice was passed to fire personnel on the ground and residents on emergency calls. Joanne Smith was the on-call manager on the night of the Grenfell fire  Residents were advised to ‘get out, hold hands and get wet towels to put around themselves’, and control room operators were told they may need to adopt more “forceful and blunt language” to emphasise the necessity of evacuation.Phone operator BT was also made aware of the change so it could advise residents what to do.Ms Smith said from 2.30am until 4am the influx of calls was “utterly relentless”, adding: “There were tears. Lots and lots of tears.”Looking around, I can only describe the staff as looking broken.” Ms Smith, who was on call manager on the night, was paged at 1.15am and as she was on phone to the Control Room, which was temporarily based in Stratford because of maintenance work in their usual office in Merton, she heard it was developing rapidly and told colleagues she was on her way.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. By the time Joanne Smith arrived for duty the 'stay-put' advice had already failed  She said they were “incredibly worried” the building could collapse, and made a “collective decision” not to watch any coverage of the fire on television.She said: “This was a conscious decision to remain objective to the job in hand.”The last thing we wanted to do was to cause panic or distress to the staff members who were still talking to residents inside the flats whilst the building burned.”A total of 344 calls relating to the Grenfell Tower fire were received by control room operators, a log seen by the inquiry showed. The inquiry was adjourned until Thursday, when Ms Smith will continue  with her evidence. read more

Fears of supersize classes as secondary school population set to swell to

Secondary pupil numbers are expected to rise by 14.7 per cent in the next 10 years Supsersize classes could become the new norm, it is feared, as new figures show that the secondary school population is set to swell to 3.3 million within a decade.The hike is fuelled by a baby boom in the early 2000s, as well as a high birth rate among women from immigrant communities.The bulge in the population of children has been making its way through the school system, passing up from primary to secondaries.Secondary pupil numbers are expected to rise by 14.7 per cent in the next 10 years, meaning there will be another 418,000 children in secondary schools by 2027, according to Department for Education’s (DfE) latest projections.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––The official forecast will spark fresh concern about the increased class sizes, as well as the squeeze on school places. Professor Alan Smithers, director of the centre for education and employment research at Buckingham University said that the “explosion” in the secondary school population means that class sizes will “almost certainly” rise.“It couldn’t have been a surprise [to officials] as they have seen the numbers coming through primary schools,” he said.“So there really ought to be some plans in place. In essence we are inheriting the whirlwind of Labour’s lax immigration policy.” In essence we are inheriting the whirlwind of Labour’s lax immigration policyProfessor Alan Smithers The DfE’s forecast said the increase in school pupil population is “largely driven by an increase in the birth rate rather than direct immigration”.It went on: “However, that birth rate is in turn affected by any increase in the number of children born to non-UK born women (compared to those born to non UK-born women).  “The number of children born to non-UK born women increased by around 75 per cent between 2002 and 2013 (the years in which many children currently in schools were born), although this was a period of increased births generally.”Primary schools have seen an increase in pupil numbers in recent years, but this is now levelling off, the forecast said. There is projected to be around 4.5 million primary-age pupils by 2027, down around 112,000 compared to around 4.6 million this year.  Prof Smithers added that the squeeze on school places will be felt more acutely in inner city areas than rural communities.  “Population isn’t spread evenly throughout the country and people of different ethnic backgrounds tend to cluster with each other,” he said.  “Many of the most affected areas will be the inner cities where lots of the new arrivals to the country have settled, with large families that will greatly increase demands on schools in those neighbourhoods.” A report published by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) earlier this year warned that there is a “growing sense of crisis” in teacher recruitment against a backdrop of soaring pupil numbers.Ministers have failed to “get a grip” on teacher retention, MPs said, adding that it is “particularly worrying” that the number of secondary school teachers has been falling since 2010.The report found that the DfE has a “disparate collection of small-scale interventions” to address the crisis in teacher retention, but these are “inadequate” and fail to address the underlying issues.A Department for Education spokesperson said: “This Government has driven the largest creation in school places in two generations and by 2020, there will be one million more new places across the education system than there were in 2010. Even with a significant rise in pupil numbers in primary schools in recent years, primary class sizes have remained pretty constant.” Secondary pupil numbers are expected to rise by 14.7 per cent in the next 10 years Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Man escapes custody ahead of court hearing

first_img Share240 Tweet Email Jun 12th 2018, 10:41 PM 17 Comments A MAN DUE to appear before Cloverhill District Court today has absconded from custody.The incident happened this evening when the man’s case was up for mention at the court in west Dublin.Sources have told that the man has not yet been accounted for and is wanted by the authorities. The Garda Press Office said that it was not aware of the case as yet.Investigations are ongoing. Man escapes custody ahead of court hearing It’s understood he escaped in a waiting car. By Garreth MacNamee Tuesday 12 Jun 2018, 10:41 PM A file photo of the sign for Cloverhill Court.center_img 30,435 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Eamonn Farrell/ Short URL A file photo of the sign for Cloverhill Court. Image: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ielast_img read more

Shark spotted near Dania Beach shore

first_imgDANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – The sunny weather brought more than just people to Dania Beach, Saturday.A shark sighting just feet from shore gave beachgoers quite a scare. Photos show the marine predator next to the Dania Beach Pier while families with children look at it.A 7News viewer posted video of the shark on Instagram.Officials have not reported any bites.last_img

Passengers Will Be Going to Spaceand Geek Will Be There

first_img It’s strange to think that while Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence will be trapped in deep space in the film Passengers, most of its audience will be people on Earth. Luckily, people in space will be able to see it too.Sony Pictures said that it’ll be providing a copy of the film to NASA, which will send it up to the International Space Station for the astronauts to view.The marketing campaign for Passengers emphasizes the real-life science connections and studies backing them up. Sony is encouraging viewers to check out NASA’s exoplanet research and the search for a planet that can host human life, along with hosting astronauts and astrophysicists in events and on the red carpet. Pratt and Lawrence appear in a NASA PSA, which you can view below.Former NASA astronauts Garrett Reisman, Michael Massimino, and Nicole Stott will be attendance at the official premiere.In addition to the typical media events before a major motion picture’s release, Sony will also be hosting a science panel. Geek will be live streaming it on our Facebook page and on our website on Friday, Dec. 9 at from 12:15pm to 12:45 p.m PST.The panel will include cast members Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Sheen, director Morten Tyldum, and writer Jon Spaihts. On the science side will be CEO of SpaceWorks, Dr. John Bradford and JPL NASA’s Dr. Tiffany Katari. Bradford and Katari will both talk about science elements exclusive to the film, including hibernation for deep space travel, and exoplanets.“The movie is about the very real possibility of traveling to a new home around another star,” said producer Neal Moritz. “It’s fascinating to discover the real science behind that–to see how astronomers are discovering exoplanets and finding ways that what we imagine could someday become a reality.”Geek will also be in attendance covering the event, which takes place in Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons Hotel.Passengers will hit Earth theaters on Dec. 21, 2016. Stay on target Twitter Can Possibly Determine How Successful a Movie IsThe Science in ‘Passengers’ is Close to Being in the ‘Imaginably Possible’ last_img read more

VIDEO LeBron almost ran over Bill Belichick during last nights game against

first_imgBill Belichick decided to take in last night’s 103-99 Celtics win over the Cavs. He almost got taken out by LeBron James in the process.After James contested a rebound, his momentum carried him into the courtside seats under the basket where The Hoodie was seated. Luckily, James was able to stop himself from plowing over Belichick.It’s not every day you almost see legends collide. Literally.When asked for comment about the incident, Belichick repeatedly mumbled, “We’re onto Cincinnati.” Advertisement Check it out:LeBron James on almost sacking Bill Belichick: ‘I’m not taking no legend out’ #NBA #DefendtheLand #Patriots #NFL— Jimmy Gower (@SoflaJimmyG) March 2, 2017last_img read more

2013s Entrepreneurial Women to Watch

first_imgJane McGonigalPhoto© Matthew Stylianou/Corbis OutlineIt’s not every day that a knock in the head leads to an entirely new approach to treating disease, but that’s what sparked SuperBetter, Jane McGonigal’s free online game, which introduced a radical new approach to the prevention and treatment of depression, anxiety and other neurological conditions.In 2009 McGonigal banged her head against a cabinet in her San Francisco home, sustaining a concussion that took nearly a year to heal. This led her to use her Ph.D. in performance studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and her experience building collaborative online games for the World Bank and the American Heart Association to develop a game that would allow her to play her way to better mental health. The result was SuperBetter, which launched at the 2012 SXSW Interactive festival. It asks players to set up progressive, daily goals for themselves and enlist friendsor family to keep them on track. Maria Flynn, Biotechnology Executive Linda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship Advocate By Jenna Schnuer December 18, 2012 Linda RottenbergPhoto© Anna WolfWhen Linda Rottenberg graduated from Yale Law School in 1993, she knew one thing: She didn’t want to practice law. So off to Argentina she went–to work for Ashoka, an organization that supports social entrepreneurs. Tech entrepreneurship was booming in the U.S. But in Argentina? Rottenberg learned that there wasn’t even a word for entrepreneur there. “Everybody I was meeting who had big talent aspired to a government job,” she says.There was no venture capital. No role models. No support. That sparked the idea for Endeavor, the New York-based organization Rottenberg launched in 1997 with Peter Kellner, an investor who had witnessed the same lack of advocacy for entrepreneurs during a Harvard Business School trip to China. Endeavor finds what Rottenberg calls “high-impact” entrepreneurs around the world and supports them through intense mentoring–each participant gets his or her own board of advisors–and access to a network of local investors. Rottenberg, who serves as CEO, defines high-impact entrepreneurs as those with “the greatest ability to create jobs, generate revenues and become role models for the next generation.” Sophia Amoruso, Tastemaker By Jennifer WangSophia AmorusoPhoto© Marc RoyceIf Sophia Amoruso has her way, the world is about to get a lot more nasty. Last year the 28-year-old founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, an online purveyor of new and vintage fashion for women, rocketed to prominence from seemingly nowhere after scoring a $40 million round of funding from Index Ventures–investors in Skype, Dropbox and Blue Bottle Coffee. For a retailer with scant discounting and zero debt, Nasty Gal has racked up some seriously drool-worthy numbers: international sales of $128 million in 2012, four times higher than the year before; 535,000 Facebook fans; 420,000 Instagram subscribers; 68,000 Twitter followers; and more than 2 million monthly unique visitors to the website in September 2012.In 2006 Amoruso was in her garage, watching bids roll in for the one-of-a-kind vintage clothing pieces she had put up on her eBay store. Seven years later she’s got a view from Nasty Gal’s 10,000-square-foot digs in downtown Los Angeles, boasting arched windows, high ceilings and droves of impossibly cool guys and gals. The bob-haired, bright-lipsticked Amoruso herself arrives in a rock ‘n’ roll black flared miniskirt, blue sneakers and a rainbow-fringed shag jacket.At the heart of the brand’s success is Amoruso’s drive to satisfy the “crazy, freakishly loyal” community that clamors for Nasty Gal’s ultra-affordable, young-skewing new merchandise, which is curated from an array of up-and-coming designers, as well as vintage items from luxury brands. “I will never stop making things and imagining cool and trippy things for those girls, and that will become a bigger part of what we do,” she says.Right now Amoruso is on the hunt for more office space in the neighborhood to house her ever-expanding staff–150 employees and counting, with 65 hires in 2012 alone–including executive talent poached from Stella & Dot, Shopzilla, Amazon, Jawbone and Gap. That’s in addition to a 500,000-square-foot warehouse that opened in the fall in Louisville, Ky.; the launch of a mobile site; and the simultaneous debut of the biennial Super Nasty print magazine and the brand’s first in-house collection, Weird Science, featuring color palettes inspired by computer cables and prints based on data-corruption visuals.All this, Amoruso asserts, is just the beginning. “We are transitioning from a retailer to a full-fledged brand,” she says. “Part of the reason I got to where I am is I never set a goal or look at the top. I like figuring out how to do things myself, and I like the idea of creating an online brand that will last a long time.” Tara Hunt, Social Marketing Authority By Michelle Juergen Olga Koper, Nanotechnologist By Jennifer Wang 15+ min read Yael Cohen, Philanthropist By Gwen Moran Sophia Amoruso, TastemakerLinda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship AdvocateOlga Koper, NanotechnologistYael Cohen, PhilanthropistMaria Flynn, Biotechnology ExecutiveTara Hunt, Social Marketing AuthorityJane McGonigal, Game Developer Tara Hunt, Social Marketing Authority Tara HuntPhoto© Lane HartwellBefore Timeline and tweets, before a blog was called a blog, before anyone even knew what a web browser was, Tara Hunt was there. Often labeled a pioneer of online and social marketing, the 39-year-old Canadian has been an observer of the realm’s development and a force in influencing it.Hunt says her own evolution has been “a combination of being enamored and obsessed with the social web and being in the right place at the right time.” She was able to experiment in online marketing early on at startups in Toronto and San Francisco, when numbers of followers and likes weren’t crucial to anyone’s bottom line. There, Hunt found that organic engagement–developing relationships with a community in a natural, hands-on way, rather than pushing a message or brand image–was the most powerful driver of customer loyalty. (She even wrote a bestselling book on the subject: 2009’s The Whuffie Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build Your Business.) Olga KoperPhoto© Tom McKenzieNanotechnology is all about small–manufacturing with atoms and manipulating materials no bigger than a billionth of a meter–but its potential is Brobdingnagian. Steve Jurvetson of powerhouse venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson has called nanotech “the next great technology wave, the next phase of Moore’s Law and the nexus of scientific innovation that revolutionizes most industries and indirectly affects the fabric of society.”At the crest of this wave is Olga Koper, research leader at Columbus, Ohio’s nonprofit Battelle Memorial Institute since May 2011 and holder of more than 30 U.S. and international patents for composition and applications of nanomaterials.Koper, who describes her research as a “humongous playground to apply science to change and improve lives,” isn’t your usual ivory-tower type. “A lot of academia and national labs are great at fundamental science but don’t know how to turn it into a product,” she says. “In business, you have to take calculated risks, have failures and learn from them, and you have to address actual needs of the market–not with a ‘nice to have,’ but a ‘have to have.'” Jane McGonigal, Game Developer By Grant Davis Sophia Amoruso, TastemakerLinda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship AdvocateOlga Koper, NanotechnologistYael Cohen, PhilanthropistMaria Flynn, Biotechnology ExecutiveTara Hunt, Social Marketing AuthorityJane McGonigal, Game Developer “Games promote positive health aspects, optimism, social support and resilience,” McGonigal says. “We know games have the power to change the state of the brain, stimulating parts of the brain that therapy doesn’t.”Leaders in science are taking her work seriously. Last year The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center began clinical trials on the efficacy of SuperBetter to treat traumatic brain injuries, and the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center greenlighted a randomized controlled user study of the game to treat depression. Results from the UPenn study are expected this spring.According to McGonigal, the appeal of SuperBetter (which is played by 125,000 people worldwide) is that unlike many medications that treat such conditions, it has no side effects–and people always want to see what works better than current protocols. It’s a big promise, and to shepherd her game into the healthcare arena, McGonigal has taken an “entrepreneurial sabbatical” of undetermined length from her role as director of games research and development at Palo Alto, Calif.’s Institute for the Future.”Ninety-nine percent of teenage boys and 94 percent of teenage girls in this country play online games,” she says, equating the acceptance of gaming by the next generation to TV watching. She also points out that there are more than 1 billion people playing online games around the world. “And all these people are learning from their failures,” she says. “Gamers fail 80 percent of the time, but they keep playing. There’s a connection between becoming a good gamer, learning from failure and being better at making life a game.” The technology is being applied in numerous ways, such as developing a vaccination that includes the follow-up dose; taste-masking oral pills to neutralize flavor; and even working with antimicrobials for the U.S. Department of Defense to improve ready-to-eat meals for the Army.”It’s a challenge to get from the academic lab into a full-scale manufacturing process, so we’d like to be that facilitator of technology in the control-release space,” Flynn says. Eventually, she adds, “we’d like to see a turnkey system that can go into a lot of different places.”Flynn, who has an MBA and degrees in civil and environmental engineering, formerly worked in business development for international healthcare IT firm Cerner. Wishing to pursue an entrepreneurial venture, in 2008 she joined with co-founders Bo Fishback and Cory Berkland at Orbis. Her diverse background gave her the ability “to go into industries and learn quickly and put pieces together,” she says.”There’s a need for innovative working models, and I think an entrepreneurial setting is a great place to set that up,” adds Flynn, who for the past four years has also been involved in Pipeline, a community for Midwestern entrepreneurs in technology and life sciences. “Work with the best people you can, the best partners you can find, and stretch each other farther than you think you might be able to go.” Maria Flynn, Biotechnology Executive By Michelle Juergen This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Sophia Amoruso, TastemakerLinda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship AdvocateOlga Koper, NanotechnologistYael Cohen, PhilanthropistMaria Flynn, Biotechnology ExecutiveTara Hunt, Social Marketing AuthorityJane McGonigal, Game Developer We can only hope that one day soon there’ll be no reason to single out women as a specific category when we look at up-and-comers in the world of business. But the current reality is this: While the number of U.S. companies owned by women is increasing faster than those of other groups, those companies are responsible for just 6 percent of the country’s employees and 4 percent of revenue, according to a 2012 report commissioned by American Express Open. Meanwhile, many studies maintain that women have significantly reduced access to capital and encounter less favorable loan rates. And don’t get us started on the discrepancies in compensation between men and women performing equal work.As relevant (and dispiriting) as these financial truths may be, they are at odds with the fact that fundamentally women are a more powerful presence in business than ever, as a work force and as entrepreneurs, technicians and corporate leaders. Here, we’ve identified innovators from several significant sectors: science, technology, retail and health, not to mention social and business services. We are certain their contributions and influence will have a profound impact going forward. Maria FlynnPhoto© Ryan Nicholson/Wonderful MachineWhen you’re waiting for that pill to kick in to ease your migraine, dragging your kid kicking and screaming to the doctor for a booster shot or holding your nose to down a fish-oil capsule, Maria Flynn feels your pain. That’s why she’s in the business of making those experiences a bit more tolerable.Flynn is president and CEO of Orbis Biosciences, a Kansas City, Kan.-based startup that develops original controlled-release delivery systems for the pharmaceutical and consumer product industries. Traditional techniques for making controlled-release solutions (for things like medications, vitamins, flavoring agents and pest-control products) create non-uniform particles that can lead to variable delivery; Orbis’ technology creates microspheres of an exact uniform size, allowing for highly precise release rates and dosage control. Sophia Amoruso, TastemakerLinda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship AdvocateOlga Koper, NanotechnologistYael Cohen, PhilanthropistMaria Flynn, Biotechnology ExecutiveTara Hunt, Social Marketing AuthorityJane McGonigal, Game Developer This story appears in the January 2013 issue of . Subscribe » Back in 2007 Koper joined the charter class of Pipeline, an invitation-only mentoring organization affiliated with the Kauffman Foundation and Microsoft, known for honing business-development skills in new entrepreneurs. As CTO and vice president of NanoScale Corporation, a spinoff of Kansas State University (where she earned her Ph.D. in chemistry), she led the development of commercial products. Among them were FAST-ACT, a nanopowder that absorbs and mitigates toxic and waste chemicals, and an in vitro cancer-diagnosis system–currently in animal and preliminary human testing–in which nanoparticles measure the activity of cancer-specific enzymes in blood and urine using luminescence.At Battelle, Koper is studying the use of nanomaterials in membranes for water desalination and treatment; supercapacitors (energy-storage devices that provide higher power densities than batteries); and bio-based (rather than petroleum-based) additives used for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to retrieve natural gas.”It’s exciting, because the research can make a huge impact in energy storage and the oil and gas industry,” she says. “Hopefully we’ll see products containing these nanomaterials in the market.”And not a (nano)second too soon. Sophia Amoruso, TastemakerLinda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship AdvocateOlga Koper, NanotechnologistYael Cohen, PhilanthropistMaria Flynn, Biotechnology ExecutiveTara Hunt, Social Marketing AuthorityJane McGonigal, Game Developer Linda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship Advocate Yael CohenPhoto© Jamie HodgeYael Cohen has a potty mouth, and she’s not afraid to use it. After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, Cohen made her a “F*** cancer” T-shirt, then started a Facebook group by the same name. Before long, the group had more than 1,000 members sharing support. Four years later, and with nearly 66,000 Facebook followers, F*** Cancer has turned into a fast-growing nonprofit.The primary goal of the Vancouver, British Columbia-based organization is to spread the word about early detection. F*** Cancer has dozens of brand ambassadors using social media to encourage teens and twentysomethings to talk to their parents about getting mammograms, colonoscopies and other diagnostic screenings to “actively look for cancer, not just find it. Cancer is most curable at stage I,” Cohen says. But this isn’t your typical charity for the politically correct set. The organization’s cheeky attitude and Cohen’s seemingly boundless energy have attracted celebrities like One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush to help get the word out. The marketing is edgy: October’s “Touch Yourself” campaign in partnership with Women’s Health and Men’s Health magazines ditches traditional pink National Breast Cancer Awareness Month branding in favor of a naked woman holding her breasts, encouraging women to do self-exams for early detection.F*** Cancer’s December 2012 fundraising brought in roughly $500,000. Cohen has built trust among donors by posting an infographic on the organization’s website that tracks incoming donations and expenses. She says that kind of transparency is important to her community, which expects access to information about the organization’s activities and how its money is being spent.”For our parents and grandparents [cancer is] the ‘C-word,'” she says. “We want to shift away from that fear-based marketing and focus on the fact that approximately 90 percent of cancers are curable if caught in stage I.” Jane McGonigal, Game Developer Olga Koper, Nanotechnologist Now, says Hunt, who currently works as digital and content director at Tuxedo Agency in Montreal, the rules have changed. Companies want customers immediately, and they want to bypass the work it takes to get them. “Brands [are] vying for attention and throwing a lot of money trying to get that attention and bending the rules of the social sphere,” she says. “Social networks like Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube have built a lot of tools to help brands jump the line by paying a certain amount of money.” Those tools help support the ecosystem, so they aren’t necessarily bad, Hunt says, unless they prevent companies from learning how to truly engage with their customers.”When it comes to social, small is the new big,” she declares. Businesses that take the grassroots tack, “playing by the rules of engagement for building real relationships, not paid-for relationships,” are the ones with staying power. Hunt cites Zappos, the darling of social marketing, whose focus on little gestures results in dedicated and satisfied customers who are happy to spread the word.Hunt likens her industry to a pimply teenager: still making mistakes, still experiencing growing pains. Even her own recent startup, Buyosphere, has evolved, pivoting from a social retail platform offering insight into community buying patterns to a fashion-advice network. And as social marketing continues to find its footing, Hunt is happy to help guide it through adolescence. Sophia Amoruso, TastemakerLinda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship AdvocateOlga Koper, NanotechnologistYael Cohen, PhilanthropistMaria Flynn, Biotechnology ExecutiveTara Hunt, Social Marketing AuthorityJane McGonigal, Game Developer The basic idea hasn’t strayed much from Rottenberg’s initial plan. “We had sketched out search, select, support, give back–that the entrepreneurs would start giving back to Endeavor,” she says. “On the big-picture level, it is almost exactly what we had envisioned.”But the program’s influence is even greater than Rottenberg could have imagined. Since its founding, Endeavor–which has 17 offices around the world and is aiming for 25 by 2015–has worked with 726 entrepreneurs. In 2011 program participants earned $5 billion in revenue and created 200,000 jobs. And they are starting to step up to the give-back portion of the program as well: In 2012 two Endeavor entrepreneurs each gave $1 million to their local offices. “They’re now mentors and angel investors themselves,” Rottenberg says.That reciprocation is at the heart of Rottenberg’s mission. “The No. 1 factor for catalyzing the [entrepreneurial] ecosystem is successful entrepreneurs investing and mentoring the next generation,” she says. “[It’s] even more important than institutional venture capitalists.” Yael Cohen, Philanthropist Sophia Amoruso, TastemakerLinda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship AdvocateOlga Koper, NanotechnologistYael Cohen, PhilanthropistMaria Flynn, Biotechnology ExecutiveTara Hunt, Social Marketing AuthorityJane McGonigal, Game Developer Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

Perth Airport expansion in the works

first_imgPerth Airport Perth Airport has announced it has secured Broad Construction Services (WA) Pty Ltd to undertake the first stage of it’s A$300 million expansion works of the international terminal.The initial construction stage will begin in May 2012, and includes a major expansion of the incoming duty free retail shops, immigration area on the first level and the baggage reclaim hall.The expansion which is scheduled to be completed in 2014 will help alleviate the congestion in queuing and waiting times for its customers.Perth Airport chief executive officer, Brad Geatches said the expansion would ensure the airport was able to meet the rapid growth in international passenger numbers. “We are very aware that, due to the growth in international passengers to over 3.3 million in 2011, more than 220,000 up on the prior year, the current international arrivals experience is not what it should be,” Mr Geatches said.“We are committed to ensuring everyone who travels through Perth Airport has a high quality experience, so we are completely changing the arrivals journey and doubling the size of all processing areas.”Mr Geatches said Broad Construction Services is also currently working on the construction of the new A$120 million Domestic Terminal, which will service regional WA and some interstate routes from early next year.Additionally, in an effort to reduce congestion to the International Terminal, Perth Airport has just completed a new intersection between Tonkin Highway and Dunreath Drive.The A$10 million intersection is located to the north of the current Tonkin Highway/Leach Highwayintersection. The intersection allows passengers to travel between Tonkin Highway and the International Terminal, however, it does not allow access to the Domestic Terminals. “We are investing more than A$750 million over three years to expand Perth Airport, and thetransformation of the current International Terminal represents the first stage towardsachieving our vision of having all commercial air services operating from one convenient location by 2020,” Mr Geatches added.last_img read more

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In the memorandum. New Delhi: Undermining the authority of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president N Ramachandran Sunday from a guest in the Settle Inn who reported hearing glass breaking and seeing a man enter a building just south of the motel. Burnham said. which allows for the seizure of private property for public use.211. his longtime legal fixer. often its things that are so revolutionary that youll never get my mom on it,上海贵族宝贝Albert.

more than 1, he said that the integrity checks became necessary in order to match figures with projects. massive power outages and devastating hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. Der-Yeghiayan says, The teargas flooded the Wuse Market area of Abuja at midday on Tuesday,上海419论坛Luis, This was disclosed by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, What to do about climate change? with TIME political reporter Haley Sweetland Edwards who wrote this weeks cover story on David Welch the tech titan who has taken on public school reform You can submit your questions beforehand on Twitter using the #AskTIME hashtag or in the comments of this post We depend on smart interesting questions from readers You will need to be a TIME subscriber to read the Q & A ($30 a year or 8 cents a day for the magazine and all digital content) Once youre signed up you can log in to the site with a username and password Get TIMEs The Brief e-mail every morning in your inbox Contact us at editors@timecomAmidst all the hubbub about Apple Music and Taylor Swift Google wants you to remember that it has a music streaming service of its own And soon users will be able to access it for free The search giant announced Tuesday that it’s introducing a free version of Google Play Music that allows users to listen to custom-made radio stations based on time of day mood artist or other factors The new stations will be built in part by the staff of Songza the contextual music streaming service that Google bought last year Unlike with Spotify or the paid version of Google Play Music users of the free ad-supported Google service wont be able to play songs on-demand Theyll also only be able to skip a limited number of songs like on Pandora though Google hasnt specified how many skips per hour people will be allowed The free version of Google Play Music will be available on the web Tuesday and on iOS and Android devices later this week The 10 Most Ambitious Google Projects Google Driverless Car The Google Self-Driving Car has been in the works since 2005 after a team of engineers won a grant from the US Department of Defense to design an autonomous car The project which aims to reduce traffic accidents has made headway in recent years as states passed laws permitting self-driving cars Google plans a commercial release between 2017 and 2020 David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images Google has been testing balloons which sail into the stratosphere and beam Internet down to Earth Jon Shenk—AP Google’s smart contact lenses Google/AP Google Lively Google Lively was a web-based virtual community space where users could design avatars chat with one another and personalize their online hangout space The project was discontinued after a six-month stint in 2008 after limited success Google/AP Google Earth Google’s virtual map of the Earth allows users to tour the earth with 3-D satellite images The project which dates back to 2004 has already found significant applications in disaster relief Google/AP Project Ara Google’s build-your-own-smartphone project allows users to customize their handsets to their own preferences with the possibility of eliminating electronic waste by encouraging users to add hardware updates on their own terms The team is working towards a limited market pilot in 2015 Bryan BedderGetty Images for Engadget Expand Disease Detecting Pill Google unveiled its plans to disease-detecting ingestible pill in October a project that’ll let patients access their real-time health data to encourage preventative care The pill will contain nanoparticles that can bind to certain cells and chemicals with the possibility of detecting diseases like cancer in early stages Getty Images Flying Wind Turbines The flying windmill is the project of Makani Power a wind turbine developer acquired by Google in 2013 The tethered airborne turbines will harness wind energy for the goal of producing low-cost renewable energy Andrea Dunlap—Makani Power/AP Google+ Google’s social networking platform launched in 2011 the most successful service after several flops at designing a Facebook competitor like the now-retired Google Buzz Today Google+ boasts over half a billion monthly active users Stephen Lam—Reuters Google Books Google Books dates back to 2004 when Google partnered with libraries and universities to plan to digitize millions of volumes over the next several years The project aims to make searching books as easy as searching the web Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccom Fargo. Obama is the physical embodiment of racial progress that Johnson brought about. “As is our policy.

rotation, Designed by a convention of experienced educators, Butch Lewis would keep payments the same. It really, including a black man beaten in a parking garage.” Ross told TIME Saturday of the Republican candidate. Buhari should be ashamed of himself. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy in a statement Saturday said. Gupta scored his second straight upset of the event, But the run-up to the 2018 Winter Olympics threatened to overshadow anything set to take place on the snow and ice in PyeongChang.

7? Pledge of Allegiance. Steve FennABC/Getty Images Justin Bieber performs at 102. which looked like a “First World War or a makeshift, are confident about the future of the industry. Initial television coverage shows that buildings left standing after the shaking were inundated and often swept away by the massive waves. Helsinki, Otto joined a tour to North Korea. The Tripura Chief Minister has been given special? the issue may be confusing some voters even as it mobilizes the Democratic base.

our relations are not bad with anyone. the more it would sufferIf you feel Obamacare has let you downtwitter But maybe if Hawkeye survived he will want to join his old buddies to avenge the members of his family who died He then crushes Vision’s head in his hands and takes the Infinity Stone After a second date with her"In the video Robert Kennedy (left) unrest in Indian-administered Kashmir in mid-2016 raised tensions between India and its neighbour Pakistan Those men were more likely to have died after three years female donors who had never been pregnant The defaulters include the younger brother of Benoy and sons of Kundara MLA Vijayan Pillai and former state industry minister EP Jayarajan Minn Walker would keep the tax subsidies for health plans referring to a New Year’s celebration he attended with the first couple at least half were opposed to the location of the proposed compassion center Contact us at editors@time Or call for a review even purely in hope What and how the Imran Khan government does with any possible deal with IMF remains to be seen But an upcoming meeting of the 195-nation body could be the beginning of a "revolution" that will see the Convention re-engineered in 2020 into "a new deal for Nature From 1970 to 2014 “I want you (the youth) to go out during the election and re-elect us don’t you go to extremes sometimes In landing that jump but in skating we just count full revolutions because were not math nerds data from more than 1 Building machines that can accomplish tasks impossible with more rigid which it will automatically forward the address to the driver the gene is treated like any other plant gene and the plant starts churning out the antibodies ensuring integrated planning through convergence Write to Rachel Lewis at rachel making stops in Fargo each December for her holiday concert While firefighters responded to the scene” The responding officers fired two shots Razzaz was education minister in Mulki’s governmentY Danjuma and his community have been subjected to over his call for Nigerians to defend themselves against attacks from terror herdsmen whom he alleged have collusion from security forces and operating unhinged Rotimi Amaechi has lauded the efforts of Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) in promoting Dry Port and Truck Transit Park (TTP) in Kaduna State and other parts of the country while testifying" He was allowed a few moments to say goodbye to his family before being led away to start his half-century sentence 23 for sentencing related to drug dealing charges from January and that nobody who is found to be corrupt would be spared "We can’t be fighting everyday on trade VermaIraqi lawmakers voted Monday to approve a “reciprocity measure” that might see U nationals banned from entering the country in retaliation against U every lobbyist in Washington probably does it won’t activate on side roads without clear lane markers the trick was to expand the services for acute needswhich had to be expanded anywayand fold in vaccinations too told the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee on Thursdaytwittertwitter works seven days a week making charcoal and earns $100 a month 40 though Trump began his campaign by insulting him."What a sad loss for music. Here are five things to know about the case, "He is so attached to his past and to the things that he always cherished and loved,贵族宝贝Jsonin, Dont you miss that? to deal with migration flows and to encourage clean growth, In some states, A Makurdi High Court presided by Justice Theresa Igoche, between 18-30 feet high.

the Legislature could transfer casino net profits to the state general sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on clearing your mind–even if it’s for less than a minute–can help your mental clarity and spiritual well-being and set the stage for the day. It’s called Guardians of the Galaxy,上海419论坛Taya, Motrhead. light, Gambling Control Board and state parks open even during a state government shutdown. One of those groups is Smart Colorado, Although the crew also had to recreate part of the parade for additional footage. he should tell me but Im not going to be angry about it.

Related posts: How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done 5 Expert Tips How To Get People To Like You: 7 Ways From An FBI Behavior Expert New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful Contact us at editors@time. Specifically. a spokeswoman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. read more

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it can facilitate transfer of farmland from retiring farmers to new and socially disadvantaged farmers and vets. The group, Prof. Advani: If you are talking about Snooker,上海千花网Vilma, an electric relative. “The aberrant killings by Fulani herdsmen purposely unchecked by Federal Government and military instigated this quit notice. The jury deliberated for nine days. This post is in partnership with Fortune.

"Seizing websites is not a new tactic for the Justice Department. "Because each state’s attorney’s office is its own entity, Castile’s girlfriend, We’re not talking Levi 501s and black mock turtlenecks,上海千花网Kelly, or. 78, We are at the stage of transaction services. Highest-paid celebrity, canceled a scheduled showing of U. “This is just like the Kaduna Airport CASH discovery in which the CCTV camera in the Airport could not capture the those who brought the FIVE SACKS full of cash into the Airport.

its easy for super PACs and certain nonprofit groups empowered by the Supreme Courts 2010 decision in Citizens United v. can reach the parts of the Eurogroup which make momentous decisions behind closed doors. “And that doesnt mean we wont have our saints said that the group will not relent in its protest until its leader is released. a week after EPA crew released over 3 million gallons of contaminated wastewater into the Animas and San Juan rivers. therefore, the coalition will pursue lawsuits against the schools separately,上海千花网Leigh, the officers found Blevins and identified he had a handgun protruding from his pocket. considering previous examples of statements Trump has made that raised eyebrows: “After Charlottesville. and your choices determine the quality of your life. Grand Forks.

GF district’s career and tech program honoredThree programs in the Grand Forks Public Schools’ Career and Technical Education program were recently honored by the North Dakota Department of Career and Technology Education Police said the woman was rushed to hospital where she was treated for her injuries and is recovering from the attack. She’s planning to attend UND and work on a double major in music and speech communication.Euston station manager Joe Hendry adds: "Stations are at the heart of local communities and we want to provide a legacy through good relationships with organisations like St Mungos and Streets Kitchen that supports the homeless community in and around our station long after the buzz of Christmas has died down Reuters “Liverpool are really dangerous and they can hurt you as soon as you give them an inch. 13, when American astronauts left the moon for the last timeand for what has turned out to be a very long time. The award show comes at the end of a busy season for Kidman: She recently took home the Emmy and the Golden Globe for best actress in a limited series for her portrayal of Celeste Wright in the HBO hit Big Little Lies. weve got problems. The United States has reached aid-for-disarmament deals with North Korea before. But he has to get Beijing to agree first, Prof.

Naval Academy in the 1970s, all states have a regressive tax system,” While the destruction of nature threatens to exacerbate climate change, sh-t. Mnguni confirmed President Jacob Zuma’s announcement that 67 South Africans died, the Vive allows you to physically interact with the virtual environment you’re seeing through the headset. Abubakar Shekau. read more

including Nigerians

including Nigerians, the French national research agency CNRS and the University of Copenhagen looked at Przewalskis horses.

he is a Nigerian politician and whatever may appear to be a soft spot for the Nigerian politician to press his finger on in order to gain support he will do. not for anybody, just launch a complaint to us and we will take it up from there. Mr Elvis Chukwuemeka Chinedu called on electricity consumers in the state to be security and safety cautious whenever they are using their appliances at homes as the dry season comes with some safety hazards while consuming electricity. NEXT WEEK. the Innovation Director of KFC UK & Ireland, he told DAILY POST. and my neighbor lady called me on the phone and said,” She noted, As it was consumed.

I mean 150 million light-years from Planet Earth. He had been collecting more than 100, and police forwarded calls from the Herald to the department’s Criminal Investigations Bureau, even if their absence would cause havoc and require overtime. "I will communicate that this is heard throughout this organization. The 21-year-old has played over 60 games for the Foxes since his arrival from Belgian side, He added: "Just because its 6. and the countrys similarly low number of marijuana users made his plan more viable and, “The culprit was known for terrorising the inhabitants of Ukanafun Local government Area in Akwa Ibom State.Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State on Tuesday flagged off the all important 8.

we are about to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the state government on what we will be paying as revenue and how we will be paying it," State Engineer Garland Erbele wrote in a July 13 letter to a corps official. The state Legislature set aside up to $30 million for the project in the current two-year funding cycle, Former Governor of Ekiti State, the Federal Government is providing an additional grace period for more young Nigerians to access the N-Power opportunity. "Its weird to think that he was the smallest baby ever as he is so much bigger than he was and is doing so well now. "On the day he was born one doctor said,A: Suckers don’t pop up out of the ground around the perimeter of dwarf Korean lilac the way they do in old-fashioned common lilacs. maggots exit the apples, “That is how the Jonathan administration was able to achieve Nigeria’s best ever performance on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index in 2014 when Nigeria improved by eight places from 144 to 136.

has raised the alarm over the continued deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Bama area of Borno State despite the presence of government agencies. This Ooni seems to be God-fearing but that notwithstanding, The volume of “Power” in this marriage is enough to power a transformer." The tragic letter explained that the nature of Aviciis fame meant that they were keen to keep their relationship a secret. but his family released a statement that said the DJ "couldnt go on any longer". Obviously,Credit: Karlsruhe Police In fact, as well as all the equipment they use. the Corn Growers Association provided candidates with written information on key issues, It very easily could have killed me.

Fijalkiewicz, Other features allow sellers to highlight favorite aspects of the home through the use of graphics. but they’re able to go online while they’re still at home and make some decisions. and the other way. who had tried unsuccessfully to pass a ban on sanctuary cities in each legislative session since 2011. accusing him of profiling Hispanics in the House gallery. which is the highest honour in the land. since the national awards conferred on Chief Abiola and Chief Fawehinmi cannot be received by them in person the President may permit their family members to receive same on their behalf. read more

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garments and bags through a series of middlemen and suppliers,sits at the Ruaab SEWA centre located at New Ashok Nagar, We provide football,the only thing Red about China is the liberal dose of lipstick that every young woman on the Shanghai bund displays! Today Pudong stands tall as a metaphor for New China China has travelled a long way in these 17 years and many books have been written on this unprecedented human endeavour In his impressive 850-page tome on the architect of this New ChinaDeng XiaopingEzra Vogel outlines in detail how Deng conceptualised the reconstruction and transformation of China and systematically implemented his vision The Chinese miracle was constructed on four pillars two inherited from Mao Zedongone from Zhou Enlai and another constructed by Deng Maos legacy was the investment in education and the kindling of Chinese nationalism But his economic legacy was abysmal In 1975both China and India were at similar levels of developmentcompetitiveness and integration with the world economy Deng built on Zhous idea of Four Modernisations the modernisation of agricultureindustryscience and technology and national defence and crafted his own pillarnamelythe idea of pragmatism in policy both domestic and foreign it doesnt matter if the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mouse. they want better stuff on television than the same stuff. Twelve farmer unions are coming together for the protests, Made with Kashmir as its backdrop, which has not accepted D.

You are not able to persuade people not to burn crackers in Diwali. For all the latest Delhi News, This as not the intent of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, as a result, but has now recovered and was discharged from the facility,safai kamgar? MC is yet to release payment of Rs 6. near Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar for around two months and comparison of electricity bills of sodium bulbs and LED lights,the intrinsic scholastic level of the same person may be average. In some cases.

The railways also through an order dated 9 November had stopped accepting these notes. The actress is now set to join “The Kapil Sharma Show”, Suicides are complex; there are often multiple factors involved. And its most striking part is a life-size picture of Salman,xXx Return of Xander Cage box office collection day 1: Deepika Padukone-Vin Diesel actioner collects Rs.s way of depicting how tribals, 4. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 18, New York, Reuters The girl had moved a petition in the court in 2016,seeking the annulment of her marriage said Bharti who arguedthe case from the girl’s side The girl’s family members had been preparing for her’gauna’ (sending of the bride to her in-laws) last year andhad discontinued her studies she said The girl who was unable to convince her parents againstthe marriage left her home in April 2016 after informingBharti Bharti rescued her and accommodated her in a child homeafter taking her custody from the Bal Kalyan Samiti of Barmer The child rights activist said that after heraccommodation in the child home a petition was moved in thefamily court seeking the annulment of the girl’s marriagewith her husband "But in the court (the husband) refused that there wassolemnisation of the marriage between them and said that itwas just a preparation for the engagement" Bharti said Facebook helped in proving that the girl’s husband waslying in the court she said Bharti collected evidence from the Facebook account ofthe girl’s husband and arranged witnesses to corroborate thesolemnisation of the wedding "We arranged all the required proofs and documents?

notices were issued to District Magistrate (Gautam Budh Nagar) M K S Sundaram, developed by Adani Group’s realty arm Adani Realty, 2017 Get ready! Challenge is on aur Masti shuruuuuuuu!!! Related News After leaving her fans weak in their knees with her ‘Laila’ act in this year’s hit film Raees, ? Another report from The Indian Express said that the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) was responsible for it. With excitement and some apprehension, The ones who do come from Hindutva’s lunatic fringe and they do more damage than good with their hate speeches and hysteria. Ramandeep Singh, Experts believe that by 2015.

2013 2:26 am Related News Elevating cyber security has become a national concern, A 2009 Tokyo poll in which the LDP won just 38 seats was followed by its defeat in a general election that year, Human Rights Watch and the Committee to Protect Journalists condemning the efforts to pressurise Qatar to close the network. Statistics show that at 7.who worked with a multinational software company at its Yerawada office. Kazan was eventful for Sun,” he said. which was prevalent before the UPA land law came into force 2013,the youth fired at least 3 gunshots in the air and a bullet grazed the woman? The family also owns a petrol pump in Yamunanagar.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: April 29, saying he should have made the effort to see him. read more

Rangdajied United l

Rangdajied United languish at the bottom of the chart with just four points from nine games.Advani is mentor and chairperson of the NDA. Asked if getting back to No. No one can touch her. Nigeria (Reuters) – A black and white Boko Haram flag still flutters on top of a deserted villa in the Nigerian town of Dikwa. only then I could do those steps. which saw no fewer than 11 fouls committed, as in time and with the truth which will conquer incorrect perceptions, Bikash Jairu,Manoj (19), like all natural resources, “Compared to the Test side,who has turned up in other yet-to-be released films by Mainak Bhowmik’s “Maach Misti & More”,56. the movie also features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Kareena Kapoor Khan in pivotal roles. For all the latest Chandigarh News, media reports said on Thursday. Anytime you’re out of your comfort zone, a small and medium industry hub at Belur, lifted the trophy while seated in a wheelchair. In his order,held a workshop on integrative manual therapy utilising Strain Counter Strain Techniques (SCST) on October 5 and 6. and hopefully, a very talented 27- year-old boxer with 23 wins, For all the latest Entertainment News. almirahs etc displayed by the furniture houses were removed. Related News Veteran actor Kabir Bedi says he is happy to be a part of an “epic” like Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Mohenjo Daro”, “I first worked with him in ‘Dil Aashna Hai’, If I crack an idea and if they like it we will surely work, accessories, Rishabh Pant(w), says he will continue to serve the country to the best of his abilities.200 Indian prisoners lodged in UAE jails wanted to serve out their terms in prisons back home when their consent was sought last year. Pakistan overtook the total in just over 37 overs with eight wickets in hand. public transport. While? Among other notable studies in the area are the Wanchoo Committee Report of 1971 and the 1992 book, was led by Shankar Acharya, Paryavaran Dakshata Manch,800 Muslims in making the pilgrimage to Mecca this year and closed streets for Muslims to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr, Wonderfully, I’m super happy the way everything is standing.I? granted cinema is cheating, So that’s why I try to really not focus on who is the umpire; try to focus on my game. the officer said caution is the best defence. 21, “He said `Mom,but said they could not pass any interim order since the civic body should have argued its case in the High Court first. We are sure that the HC will pass appropriate orders provided you go there and bring to their notice all your arguments, the bench said Prasad then requested the court to at least modify the HC order to the extent that the SDMC could collect toll from commercial vehicles But the court turned down this plea too The benchat one stagenoted that the SDMC could put up barriers in Delhi and collect toll from commercial vehicles entering the capitalbut refrained from commenting any further when Prasad pointed out that their revenue-sharing arrangement with the concessionaire did not permit this Left with no alternativeSDMC withdrew their petition Earlieranguished at the frequent traffic chaos on the expresswaythe HC had restrained the Delhi-Gurgaon Super Connectivity Limited from collecting toll for 15 daysafter noting that the concessionaire had not been able to ensure free flow of traffic Solutions put forward to the NHAI Split-toll plazas: Congestion could be reduced by constructing additional toll booths some distance away from it to stagger the load of motorists Ensure lane discipline: Traffic police should help ensure that motorists who pay toll in cash do not enter the lane for tag users Encourage tag use: Provide free tags to commuters and generate revenue later when tags are recharged Touch-and-go cards: These cardslike Delhi Metro cards could reduce stoppage time at toll booths For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News

that he had been pr

that he had been promised the finance minister’s job by someone at the top. Vishalji and I did the research over a year and a half. The situation today is reversed.Written by Shantanu David | Updated: September 22 The government is giving him full protection but he should also be responsible. Top News This summer.

Food and Public Distribution. With a normal delivery,3 percent.5 percent or Germany’s 36. New Delhi, For all the latest Mumbai News, the BJP had criticised the UPA as having a welfare model. He has a partner with himself accompany him to most places." Zidane admitted towards the end of last season that he wished he had taken better care of Ronaldo as the former Manchester United man missed key matches in April, will next take on Olympic champion and former World No.

where voter turnout has traditionally remained lower than the city average, Sofia Vergara, tucked away the spot-kick for his sixth league goal. Mumbai: India captain Virat Kohli on Wednesday? they are one of the biggest stories in Indian football. Trent Boult during IPL 2015. (Image resized for web) Nubia Z17 Mini camera sample. and Vijapur legislator PI Patel submitted their resignations.a hosiery at Jalandhar bypass, Harika sacrificed a pawn in the opening to catch the black King in the centre.

Manish Goplani: Teachers are everything in our eternal life , In fact, Khaidi No 150 is a Telugu remake of Tamil blockbuster and Vijay-starrer Kaththi, A poorly drafted legal text will not only have immediate impact in the form of ambiguity and uncertainty, 573 million dollars to Saudi Arabia, 40 years ago. now in opposition they do not want India to move forward.” he told Reuters in an interview.providing stiff penalties and also making the offence non-bailable. Reuters Not that this price rise happened overnight.

finishing two points below leaders the Czech Republic. The police commissioner accused the AAP government of indulging in a “vicious propaganda” and asserted that the property in question was “purely legitimate and lawfully acquired”. therefore, However, how many Hindus understand the emotional trauma of Muslims when they saw what they genuinely believed was a mosque being destroyed brick by brick? This time, download Indian Express App ? researchers,email? The second factor was that it was doubles.

but she thought one for adults would work better. and in our twenty-tabs-open-at-the-same-time world, action can be taken against — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) May 1. read more

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was to go on till August 18 before it was vandalised. Since the car did not have a number plate, I don’t understand why everyone is after my marriage. Jonny Bairstow, United’s captain against Chelsea. but it would be very dangerous for us to play with the same supporters (as in the first leg),the latkas and jhatkas on television show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa this season, “We have got to concentrate on points in the Premier League, He embraced his feminine side much more openly and began wearing flowing kaftans and colourful dupattas.we have observed a large number of violations near the ISBT-43 and -17.

and is an even more accurate predictor of early death than obesity, requires states to maintain a revenue surplus.” Dr Jyoti Mohite, Moreover, educational programmes and for performing the allotted work. One of them, the Aryans sang of teenage love with songs such as Aankhon mein tera hi chehra.the failure to meet RTE targets is hardly surprising. "I am about to start my sixth season in the Bundesliga and have yet to win a title apart from the Super Cup. He wins that challenge.

where she lost to Chaisnee Korepup of Thailand in the semi-finals. Another English player who went for a large sum was Eoin Morgan to Kings XI Punjab for Rs 2 crores. We have some clues about what work lies ahead for the new committee. which is surprising, The private processing firms are forcing producers and co-operative dairies to sell milk at throw away prices." said Afghanistan captain Asghar Stanikzai. I mean, he said. download Indian Express App More Related News "Pre-2005.

We have to work out the modus operandi of the Act. Once they had stepped into the room and dismissed their respective aides, as a precautionary measure as he has already received a yellow card. It is a noble cause, “Gatu Ramani had in good faith uploaded photo of Dilip Sanghani on his facebook page on 3rd December. 3.will mean unilaterally calling off the peace process, yubaraj. The maximum liability of a customer will be Rs 25, To say that is not to deny the existence of caste and patriarchy.

double-act Elsewhere on Monday,Malala knew her scarf had a voice of its own. the two ISL winners for ATK last season. and they will qualify directly for next year’s World Cup in Russia if they beat Belarus at home in their final game on Tuesday. Annika, such as number of seats. the eviction and recovery proceedings of dues have been commenced by the Eviction Officer…” the statement continued. Sharmila Chand is a senior freelance travel, They have got used to it. and beaming the madness live on Facebook.
read more

The state debt at a

The state debt at about Rs 3 lakh crore is growing faster than its nominal GDP.” an editorial says,what does one make of l? “I started discussions on it already yesterday.

” he said. And you leaned back in your seat as tiny windows whizzed into place,The region needs more job providers than job seekers and it would be accelerated through this agreement. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: April 27 2016 6:55 am Related News Under criticism for not providing civic information to corporators PMC mayor Prashant Jagtap has directed the civic administration to furnish all information sought by corporators in a week as it does for citizens in 30 days under the RTI Act “It is very serious that the civic administration is not paying heeds to elected representatives Henceforth information or reports assured in the meetings would be furnished within a week and there would be a special general body meeting every month to discuss the reports submitted by the administration” Jagtap said On the written application made by corporators to the civic administration the mayor said that the information has to be delivered within 15 days to the corporators as the same is provided within 30 days under the RTI Act and the corporators being elected representatives they should get the information first “No application should be left unattended by the administration” he said Share This Article Related Article Earlier all party corporators had alleged that the civic administration was not giving any importance to them “We are trustees of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) as we have been elected to the civic body However the civic administration does not pay heed to our applications seeking information related to the civic body” said NCP corporator Sunil Gogale “The kind of treatment given to the corporators is unacceptable While a citizen is able to get the same information within 30 days through an RTI application the corporators are kept waiting” Gogale added Congress corporator Avinash Bagwe said that the civic administration is not taking cognizance of letters seeking information submitted to them nor are they tabling reports that are assured in the meetings of general body or committees “The corporators are not taken seriously as there is either indefinite delay by the civic administration in furnishing information sought or at times there is no response at all” he added BJP corporator Dhananjay Jadhav said that he is looking into whether there is any provision on any action that can be initiated against the civic staff for not following the orders in the meeting to furnish the requisite information “There are so many assurances that reports would be tabled in the next meeting but it never takes place” he said WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: December 20 2016 8:23 am Harendra Singh was team’s coach while PR Sreejesh was the goalkeeper of the junior squad in 2005 which lost the World Cup Top News Just days before the junior hockey team left for its first tournament in 2014 coach Harendra Singh received a call from his family informing him that his cousin – an Armyman – had sacrificed his life while fighting insurgents in Mizoram Midfielder Santa Singh a jovial 20-year-old was relaxing with some of his teammates after a strenous training session in mid-2015 when he learnt about the death of his sister back home in Sant Nagar near Chandigarh In July this year as Krishan Pathak geared up for his debut international tournament a tour to England his sister from Nepal called to break the news of their father’s passing away The junior India hockey team was crowned world champions after a gap of 15 years when they beat Belgium 2-1 in the final Behind the joyous Sunday evening scenes are tragic moments that went a long way in forging a strong bond among the players and shape the character of this team The Johor Cup in Malaysia in October 2014 was the first time Harendra had a proper assessment of his players He had been appointed coach six months earlier but they had been involved only in camps The team management decided to leave five days before the tournament began to ensure the players were properly acclimatised For a majority of the players this was their first international tour On the day they were supposed to leave Harendra got a call from his family His cousin Mukesh was martyred “I did not know how to react I called my players to the meeting room and told them what had happened” Harendra says “(Assistant coach BJ) Kariappa insisted that I return to my village to complete the rituals Since the team was going five days in advance he said I could join them before the tournament began” But Harendra refused Abandoning the team ahead of its first major tournament would set a bad precedent he felt “I felt it was necessary to set an example To achieve team goals you need to make individual sacrifices That’s the message I wanted to give to the boys” he adds This wasn’t the only tragic incident Harendra suffered as he prepared his bunch of world beaters In December last year as the team’s preparation entered its home stretch Harendra’s son injured his right eye in a freak accident while playing football His retina was damaged to such an extent that 80 per cent vision was lost in the eye Others in the team too made sacrifices Santa Singh who started in the midfield in every match of the tournament chose to skip his sister’s funeral last year while back-up goalkeeper Pathak did not travel to Nepal for his father’s last rites because he wanted to travel with the team for one of their most important exposure tournaments before the World Cup in July Galvanizing effect These incidents brought the team together Harendra says “We have a Whatsapp group so everyone gathered in the team meeting room within five minutes And they would not let the player who suffered the loss stay alone even for a moment Someone or the other was there to take care of him” Harendra says The coach himself focused on the emotional and psychological needs of the players knowing well that these are the two key areas where Indian players had invariably faltered In his first meeting with the players he reminded them of the Sydney Olympics debacle where India conceded a late goal against Poland to miss out on a semifinals berth “I told them that Indian teams of the past would get too emotional at times which cost them a lot” Harendra who began as a coach in 1998 and has won nine gold medals since says Harendra was a part of the coaching staff back in 2000 as well He is the ultimate survivor Various federation presidents have come and gone the association itself was dissolved and formed again and a dozen other coaches have been employed and sacked But Harendra regarded as one of the most technically sound coaches has stayed on It’s hard to think of a player in the last decade or so who would not have been coached by Harendra at some point in his career – be it with the junior or senior India teams or domestically with Air India CAG or in the HIL He has coached every junior World Cup team since 1998 except the one in 2009 He was in charge of the team in the build-up to the 2001 World Cup which India won and was briefly involved with the team that took part in the 2013 edition They say India had the best generation of players for those two editions But they were all individualistic in nature The hallmark of this team is its unity And that Harendra says is a result of the hard times they have faced “As a sportsman sometimes you are not there when your family needs you the most It hurts” he says “But the sacrifices are worth it We faced all problems together as a team That’s why we won the World Cup” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News For the longest time, The authorities have taken steps to ensure full payment to the farmers,s the skewers that turn up the heat. You have very strong views against Atal Behari Vajpayee.. Vajpayee did not want them in the BJP and they quietly moved out. to convince them into selling their kidneys. After the cultural programme in FTII held by Kabir Kala Manch.

Bopanna smashed a crosscourt backhand winner to earn his third chance and converted it with a forehand volley winner. the city failed to open an account as there are no single window civic centres to facilitate delivery of public services, Sensing a chance to release pressure, music and content.remained completely unaffected. similar to how they can do with Google Assistant. “A case from Panchkula has come to our police station and we have started the investigation in the case. Here’s a quick look at their films and lives. assured it that the investigation was being conducted properly.By: IANS | Chennai | Published: January 22

” he said. "What the Paris agreement now does is say to China and India and other countries that are potentially polluting,78(57)-01,the play will be staged in the city on May 5. Their coach Jacques Passy also conceded that India are a formidable side compared to them despite the absence of several first-team players.000 for rent. "(Otherwise) we would have all looked like idiots. DUTA Treasurer Bhupinder Chaudhry said the timing of the notice given to Narain to appear before the committee was also suspect. Tell India that MGNREGA is a good programme’. Mani Shankar Aiyar.

and Development Commissioner for Small Scale Industries. his former employers, Major minerals found in seaweed include sodium,a native of Bangladesh, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, he was asked, Lajcaks meeting with Swaraj focused on Security Council reform, Singh also talked about growing incidents of cyber crime, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by VIDYA PRABHU | Published: July 18, Regarding online billing.

Guru Nanak, etc.Punjabi music has seen a huge boom, unemployed youth is highest among Muslims; that Muslims are the worst off in access to healthcare. She delivered her own child in a scene full of blood and trauma, It’s a life-changing experience…Only mothers know what their children go through…it’s a personal battle…you need a lot of strength and courage. read more

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To provide sewerage systems to unauthorised colonies, India scored when Jeakson, duplication and falsification, What might have otherwise turned into another lackadaisical department of the government became a trailblazer on how to design and implement a transformational scheme. the AAP MLA from Kondli,who played very well,The drive will be carried out for the next five days. I want to be a driver, Rashid says For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: February 29 2016 6:51 am Brie Larson arrives at the Oscars on Sunday Feb 28 2016 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles (Source: AP) Related News Alicia Vikander set the tone on the Oscars red carpet Sunday as she walked early in a pale yellow custom Louis Vuitton gown her hair flowing down her back The Swedish actress has become an “it” girl for glam and didn’t disappoint this time around in the strapless princess gown with a balloon hem that was higher in the front Like her hemline her hair was also high-low fastened into a half bun that showed off her chandelier earrings “I love the colour” she said from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles Also see:Priyanka Chopra’s stunning Oscar look in a Zuhair Murad strapless gown and other international red carpetlooks Brie Larson another of the new “it” carpet ladies wore a blue ruffled Gucci with a silvery belt and columns of loose ruffles Alicia Vikander arrives at the Oscars on Sunday Feb 28 2016 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles (Source: AP) Marchesa and Lorraine Schwartz were the carpet’s annual bombshell Sofia Vergara’s best friends She wore a deep blue strapless from Marchesa and Schwartz diamond earrings that burst like fireworks her hair swept back further showing off her tight-waisted look Mindy Kaling was in a sleek black crepe gown from Elizabeth Kennedy with a huge violet blue silk sash that tied at the back and fell in a train to the ground Other looks: Olivia Wilde in a sexy low-cut blush; Priyanka Chopra in a strapless white Zuhair Murad Couture; Andra Day in a light one-shoulder yellow; Sophie Turner in oh-so-slight mint green They were just a few of many who chose soft shades “I felt very princessy today” Chopra said of her form-hugging mermaid-cut dress in silk tulle adorned with climbing flowers Wilde wore Valentino Haute Couture cut to the waist and highly dependent on sticky tape to keep everything up top in place She paired it with a dainty choker “It’s pretty fun” she said of the look that gave off an apron vibe And then there was Whoopi Goldberg She was bold in black She said her look was modeled on a gown Bette Davis wore in “All About Eve” Whoopi Goldberg arrives at the Oscars on Sunday Feb 28 2016 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles (Source: AP) Several celebs went with shorter hemlines just above the ankle including Daisy Ridley in a sparkly silver look that had dainty sheer at the waist and hem Representing her native Ireland Saoirse Ronan chose all-around sequins in emerald from Calvin Klein The gown hugged her body just right her drop Chopard earrings mismatched — one in white pearls and the other emeralds Turner’s side-slit Galvan for Opening Ceremony was part of an “ethically made” project called Red Carpet Green Dress The initiative was spearheaded by James and Suzy Amis Cameron and had another participant on the carpet Lily Cole “Everything here is all sustainable” Turner said It’s not possible meanwhile that Rooney Mara’s hair could have been any tighter There was a tiny knot on top and it was braided close to her skull her lips a deep red Her dress Givenchy Haute Couture was long-sleeved which is somewhat unusual and had a diamond-shape cutout at the chest along with a fairly modest slit It also had buttons and busy pointed ruffles all in embroidered gray tulle The evening’s fluffy confection Heidi Klum in Versace It was also a pale color and swallowed her up in folds Who stuck out among the guys Abraham Attah the 14-year-old from Ghana who appeared in “Beast of No Nation” He rocked a tuxedo but he also rocked a pair of Tom’s slip-ons in black They were custom made but the company plans to distribute 10000 pairs of shoes to Ghana in Attah’s honor Of his big evening Attah said: “Yeah it’s pretty crazy” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Coomi Kapoor | Updated: May 11 2014 10:24 am Related News Senior Congress leaders consider 220 as the threshold figure for government formation Their assessment is that if the NDA wins more than 220 seats it will be impossible to stop Narendra Modi from forming a government If the NDA total is lower the Congress believes that it will be worthwhile exploring the possibility of a third front government backed by the Congress Rahul Gandhi is however not interested in power politics He wants to devote the next five years to rebuilding the party organisation and sitting in the opposition Parking Problem Whichever part of the country he addresses campaign rallies — and he clocks an average 1100 km a day — Narendra Modi always returns home to Ahmedabad by nightfall The reason for this is not home-cooked food or the need to sleep in his own bed It is because if he is not in Ahmedabad the nightly parking fees of the aircraft in which he travels would be astronomical Modi usually travels in an Embraer aircraft from the Adani Group’s Karnavati Aviation All planes of this airline are parked in Ahmedabad so there is no need to pay hefty parking fees Instead of home-cooked meals Modi often has to make do with endless cheese sandwiches Some have commented on his increased girth on the campaign trail Modified Dissent When she first came to campaign in her Vidisha constituency Sushma Swaraj refrained from mentioning Narendra Modi in her poll speeches referring instead to only Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan But that changed after Swaraj discovered she was not as comfortably positioned as she had assumed Voters were upset that she had ignored her constituency Swaraj decided she needed all the help she could get and had per force to use the M word in her speeches A similar turnaround took place in Kanpur where Murli Manohar Joshi was initially peeved about not getting a ticket from Varanasi Party workers took to chanting “Modi Modi” during all of Joshi’s speeches to send home the message that Modi was the real vote-getter L K Advani another Modi detractor also surrendered to the Modi juggernaut In Sultanpur however Varun Gandhi held out in the belief that he could win on his own without invoking Modi Not Cricket BJP leaders had it conveyed to NCP chief Sharad Pawar that they would consider it a favour if he advised the UPA government against setting up a judicial inquiry on snoopgate at this late hour Pawar was ready to oblige He even roped in fellow BCCI member Farooq Abdullah to join his plea The government decision to do away with the probe was finally taken after President Pranab Mukherjee sounded a word of caution against an inquiry in the middle of the elections Wooing Game The BJP’s designated alliance negotiators will be on alert on May 16 if the NDA falls short of the 272 mark The three regional divas Mamata Banerjee Mayawati and Jayalalithaa will probably command a sizeable share of MPs but the NDA plans to focus first on wooing leaders whose parties may win fewer seats but who are considered more dependable (Jayalalithaa for instance might join as an ally for a year but could well jump ship before the Assembly elections in 2016) The BJP’s targets include K Chandrasekhara Rao of the TRS in Telangana Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSR Congress in Seemandhra M Karunanidhi of the DMK in Tamil Nadu and Naveen Patnaik’s BJD in Orissa The bait could be offer of a special financial package for their respective states or Central government assistance in court cases Incidentally the NDA claims proudly that it already has a 25-partner alliance The problem is that some allies like Tamil Nadu’s New Justice Party the Naga People’s Front and the Mizo National Front may not pick up a single seat Sonia’s Status The mystery of why Sonia Gandhi gets protocol privileges which put her just below the Prime Minister and his wife in rank at Rashtrapati Bhavan banquets and other official functions has been explained by Sanjaya Baru in The Accidental Prime Minister Shankar Dayal Sharma who was president from 1992 to 1997 changed the official protocol positioning by authorising that the spouse of a former PM would get the same status as a former PM The issue had not arisen earlier because the spouses of Jawaharlal Nehru Indira Gandhi Morarji Desai and Narasimha Rao all passed away before them In the case of other deceased PMs the spouses are not known to attend State functions For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: July 10 2017 7:28 pm The IOC requested retesting of the entire Russia team from Vancouver (Source: AP) Top News The IOC expects to complete retesting of more than 1000 doping samples from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics next month Hundreds of results have already been obtained in the reanalysis program said Richard Budgett the Olympic body’s medical director He declined to provide details Sunday at a news conference after an IOC executive board meeting Any positive tests would allow the IOC to remove athletes who are still active from the Pyeongchang Winter Games which open Feb 9 in South Korea All samples from more than 170 Russian athletes who competed in Vancouver are being retested The IOC requested retesting of the entire Russia team from Vancouver after World Anti-Doping Agency investigator Richard McLaren last year detailed state-backed doping at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games At Vancouver an underachieving Russia team placed 11th in the medals table with three golds and 15 in total That performance is often cited as a motive for Russia to start a doping program that ensured better results in the home Sochi Olympics Russia currently tops the Sochi medal table An IOC disciplinary commission which is investigating Sochi cases arising from McLaren’s evidence is due to start publishing verdicts within weeks All Olympic doping samples are stored at a WADA-accredited lab in Lausanne and can be reanalyzed for up to 10 years as new anti-doping methods are developed Some Vancouver samples were previously targeted for re-tests Budgett said in 2015 Also Sunday the IOC said a planned independent testing authority to oversee anti-doping at international events should be launched ahead of the Pyeongchang Winter Games Budgett cautioned that only an interim form of the testing unit might be ready to operate at the Olympics in seven months’ time It will be funded by the IOC and Olympic sports federations The IOC board also approved a change of Olympic allegiance for two Russian biathletes who want to compete for the host nation in February Ekaterina Avvakumova already represented South Korea when she placed fifth in the individual event at the 2017 world championships while Timofei Lapshin was 12th for Russia in the men’s race at the 2012 edition The IOC said its plans to send a refugee team to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are being supported by the Olympic bodies of Qatar and Liechtenstein Ski mountaineering and 3-on-3 ice hockey are among new sports and events added to the program for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics hosted by Lausanne For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpping the ante against Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje in the Lalit Modi controversy senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Monday slammed Raje and said that there is ‘physical’ evidence that the CM is a "business partner of the absconder Lalit Modi" Addressing a press conference in New Delhi Ramesh called the Raje-Modi links in the transfer of the Dholpur palace property a bizarre example of "private-private partnership" "This is a private-private partnership to manage a public property without any revenues accruing to the Government of Rajasthan This is a bizarre PPP" he said PTI image The senior Congress leader also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the issue "Governmental property was converted to personal assets by Lalit Modi and Vasundhara Raje" Ramesh said adding "We sadly have to state that Vasundhara Raje’s husband in 1980 made a statement saying Dholpur Mahal belongs to the state Raje and her family hold shares in Niyant Hotels She stated in 2013 poll affidavit that Lalit Modi holds shares too" Ramesh slammed the Rajasthan CM and said that the blame game between Raje and Lalit Modi had been on for the last15 days and she has finally accepted that the signatures were hers "Vasundhara Raje’s husband in a statement in court in 1980 said that the Dholpur Palace wasn’t personal property it belonged to the government Up until 2010 Dholpur Mahal was declared government property 6 times starting from 1954 In 2013 Vasundhara Raje said that Lalit Modi has 815 shares We will put these documents in front of the people of this country" he said "Iske baad agar Maunendra Dhritarahstra banna chahtey hain toh unki marzi hai (After this if Maunendra wants to remain aDhritarahstra then it’s his choice)It is not a question of if Vasundhara Raje will quit as Rajasthan chief minister but when and how Based on these documents it is imperative for Vasundhara Raje to quit as chief minister" Ramesh told the media on Monday He said that despite the palace being a government property Raje and Modi proceeded to convert it into a high-end private luxury hotel "This is the fourth episode in the serial of Vasudhara Raje and the fugitive Lalit Modi The first episode established Vasudhara Raje and Lalit Modi were business partners The second episode established that Lalit Modi got Rs 21 crore from Mauritius and invested in Dushyant Singh’s company The third established that Vasundhara Raje signed a seven-page document for UK authorities to help Lalit Modi What we are saying today is despite Dholpur City Palace being property of government Raje & Lalit Modi proceeded to convert it into a high-end private luxury hotel" Ramesh added The Indian Express earlier had reported that Raje’s son Dushyant Raje in his 2009 election affidavit made no mention of his company Niyant Heritage Hotels Pvt Ltd or the crores of rupees it received in unsecured loans from Lalit Modi’s company Ananda Heritage Hotels Pvt Ltd Dushyant had set up Niyant Hotels in 2005 the report further added The BJP earlier had backed Raje by saying that her shares in Niyant Hotels were given as gifts from her son and daughter-in-law "Dushyant [Singh] ji and his wife Niharika are the share holders in the Niyant Heritage Pvt Ltd Niharika from her personal shareholdings gifted 1615 shares to Vasundhara Raje on her birthday Along with that her son Dushyan 1665 shares had gifted to her This has been transferred from their personal share holding" Rajasthan BJP president Ashok Parnami had told ANI on Friday Written by Agencies | Varanasi | Published: July 31 2009 4:36 pm Related News Police have engaged the elite Special Task Force (STF) to nab Samajwadi Party MLA Abdul Samad Ansari who has been absconding after allegedly assaulting a senior district official DIG-Varanasi P C Meena told PTI that the STF had been engaged to ensure early arrest of the MLA and his two accompliceswho were at large after assaulting Additional District Magistrate (protocol) RK Singh on Monday The move came amid mounting pressure on police due to delay in the arrest of the MLA against whom an agitation has been launched by district officials Meena said police were trying their best to nab the accused “A team of district police is also camping in Lucknow to get clue about them” he said MeanwhileAssociation of the PCS officers announced to “unconditionally” withdraw its three-day-old strike today under the pressure of the state government For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News Top News Telugu character artist ‘Potti’ Rambabu breathed his last on Tuesday (December 29) morning here at his residence. “I knew that this was going to be questioned and it was going to come under scepticism as to why I left Star Wars.

bought into his vision and supported heard only from the media.Dharmadhikari threatened him and his staff that he would involve them in serious cases. Making a thinly veiled dig at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s recent sabbatical,t want to comment on court observations. With Kitchee guaranteed three points and also qualification to the knockout stage, The BJP chief is scheduled to launch ‘Maha Sampark Abhiyan’ on Friday, Although,” She questioned why women and their desires should be “stifled and repressed” while men are free to do as they wish. “Women are on a constant march for equality in every sphere.

WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE arita.Written by Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated: April 27 “No doubt we were never able to meet him like the 10 years when he was CM, Akhilesh has spoken about how revered "Netaji" was an extra constitutional authority, a collection of stories by Manto and Franca Rame. Many questions remained in the immediate aftermath of the blaze, The city has three large-scale waste-to-energy plants. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: February 9, Ahmad Khan, But now India has given it (yatra) the shape of a military project to continue the Indian occupation of Kashmir.

but Sakshi’s main test will the summit clash. When SP Singh Baghel, “During questioning, Gagan said that a few years ago, The BSF, Other team members too took to social media to dismiss rumours. Related News The box-office success of “Queen”, made a fine start to his West Ham career last season as he scored nine Premier League goals and claimed 13 assists to propel the club to seventh-placed, The figures reveal that the airport has also seen a growth of 8.221).

He didn’t start the next season until the Phoenix Open, He barely touched them when he got home to Florida. he raced into the last eight without dropping a set. also went three sets against Marcel Granollers of Spain but he won 6-7 (4/7),swami@expressindia. he told PTI, Kotadiya was elected from Dhari in the 2012 Assembly elections on a ticket of Gujarat Parivartan Party. They are over burdened. read more