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Michelle Obama And Former First Ladies Support Healing Garden At Childrens National

first_imgFirst Lady Michelle Obama and all five living former First Ladies have announced their support for a project to transform a gravel rooftop space at Children’s National Health System into a 7,200-square-foot healing garden.Currently in development, the garden will give patients and their families a healthy outdoor space where they can enjoy art, music, and inspiring views of Washington, DC. The garden will be dedicated to the First Ladies of the United States, and Mrs. Michelle Obama, Mrs. Laura Bush, Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mrs. Barbara Bush, Mrs. Nancy Reagan, and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter are serving as honorary chairs of the garden.“I’ve seen firsthand the strength and bravery of the children and families at Children’s National as they take on incredible challenges,” Mrs. Obama said. “The new healing garden will give children and families a place where they can find peace and comfort, while also contributing to their health.”Kurt D. Newman, MD, President and CEO, “Children’s National has been honored by our relationship with the First Ladies over the years, and their holiday visits have meant so much to children and their families. We are grateful that the First Lady and the former First Ladies are supporting this important project. It’s a fitting tribute to dedicate this inspiring space to them.”Visits by the First Ladies are a longstanding tradition at Children’s National. Over the years, many First Ladies have visited children in the hospital. First Lady Michelle Obama, Mrs. Laura Bush, Secretary Clinton, Mrs. Barbara Bush, Mrs. Reagan, and Mrs. Carter all have visited during the holiday season. Mrs. Obama has visited with her daughters Sasha and Malia, and the family dogs, Sunny and Bo. Mrs. Laura Bush debuted the popular “Barney-Cam” holiday video at the hospital and brought Barney on her annual visits. Secretary Clinton donated some of the proceeds of her book It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us to Children’s National. Mrs. Barbara Bush read Jan Brett’s The Wild Christmas Reindeer to patients. Mrs. Reagan visited Children’s National all eight years that she was First Lady. Mrs. Carter participated in the dedication of the current building in March 1977.The idea of creating a Healing Garden was inspired by a young patient whose last wish was to go outside — and by the heroic efforts of the Children’s National care team that made her wish come true. The garden will make it easier for sick children to safely go outdoors. The average stay for a child hospitalized at Children’s National is six days. Many children with serious illnesses need to stay several weeks or months.Children’s National is working to raise $5.53 million for the project, and $1.71 million has already been raised with the leadership of Heather and Andy Florance and the employees of Andy’s company, CoStar Group.Research shows that being exposed to natural elements facilitates healing and positively influences a child’s psychological, physiological, and social well-being. Dr. Newman said, “Even with the shortest stays, children greatly miss feeling the warmth of the sun, seeing the blue sky, and breathing fresh air. The healing garden will give children and their families a form of respite in a very difficult time, and will also contribute to healing.”For more information about the project, visit read more

Bank of Canada releases discussion paper on merits and risks of digital

first_imgCALGARY – The Bank of Canada is considering the merits and risks of digital currencies as interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin reaches a fevered pitch.In a research paper released by the central bank Thursday, report authors Walter Engert and Ben Fung said there are merits to creating a central bank digital currency as society starts to move away from cash, and the bank’s potential to reap profits off issuing that cash could be threatened.The staff discussion paper, which doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the bank, said a central bank digital currency (CBDC) could become a cheaper alternative to debit and credit cards and other forms of payment, making it easier for competition to emerge in the retail and large-value payment sectors.“With no transaction fees charged by the central bank, the benchmark CBDC would probably be less expensive for merchants than cash and credit cards.”The report, which discounted some of the other proposed benefits of a digital currency such as reduced criminal activity, said that given the complexity and uncertainty around the currency’s potential that central banks should proceed incrementally and cautiously.The findings echo a bank report in March that looked into the potential of using the decentralized blockchain technology that underpins the digital currencies in clearing financial transactions.The report said there are potential cost-savings and the system has already advanced from early days, but that the net benefits didn’t match those of the existing centralized system, and that the added complexity of the proposed system could lead to increased operational risk.But while financial institutions continue to strike a cautious note towards cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins it, investors are piling in.The value of Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, has surged from about US$1,000 per coin at the start of the year to more than US$11,000 per coin this week, while Ether has gone from under US$10 to over US$400.This year’s frenzy is in part because of the launch of the Ethereum platform in 2015 that allows companies to build applications based on the blockchain, said Alan Wunsche, chair of industry group Blockchain Canada.The platform, which uses Ether for transactions, made it easier to create and try new uses of the decentralized system. The system has led to lots of experimentation, including by banks, with some of those showing real potential last year and helping boost valuations this year, Wunsche said.“There are big visions and big plans for this technology to disrupt our existing financial systems and anything that is really financially oriented.”“In 2017 we’re seeing the broader belief now that those experiments that were taking place in 2016 are really going to be fruitful,” said Wunsche.The jump in interest has forced financial institutions and regulators take it serious and try and catch up, said Wunsche, who is also CEO of blockchain start-up TokenFunder.He said he worked with the Ontario Securities Commission for a year to launch in early November what he said was the only regulatory-compliant token issue in Canada, which blockchain start-ups are using as an alternative to venture capital to raise money.“The regulators understand that this is disruptive, and they’re looking at it.”Some start-ups have already made stumbles in the rush to get in on the rising valuations, with Toronto-based blockchain investor NextBlock Global suspending its IPO in early November after allegations that it made misleading statements in its marketing materials.last_img read more

UN team takes soil water samples in deadly Nigerian lead poisoning outbreak

1 October 2010A United Nations team has finished collecting dozens of soil and water samples in a region of northern Nigeria where acute lead poisoning due to backyard gold digging has sickened hundreds of children this year, leading to excess deaths. The five-member team from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) will spend the next two days working in its mobile laboratory to analyze the samples and present preliminary findings to local and federal government officials by Monday.A spike in lead-related illnesses and deaths emerged at the start of this year in two districts of Zamfara state. Investigations revealed that the cause was the attempts of many locals to extract gold from lead-contaminated soils in and around their houses and compounds. The soil, well water, and pond water samples should help determine the level of lead pollution in five villages. At one former mine processing site in the village of Bagega, with some 8,000 inhabitants, air mercury levels of 5,000 nanogrammes per cubic metre were registered, a hundred times the maximum recommended level of 50. Mercury, which is used in the gold extraction processes, affects the nervous and digestive systems when inhaled. A final report will be available by mid- to late-October, feeding into a larger process to address this crisis involving a variety of actors, including state and federal authorities, the UN World Health Organization (WHO), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who have launched a major effort to remove lead- and mercury-contaminated soil and water from the villages. read more

Ban renews call to rescind plans for new Israeli settlements after onsite

“The Secretary-General is following with concern developments regarding the announced plans for Israeli settlement construction in the so-called E1 area, on which he expressed his grave disappointment in his statement of 2 December,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement.In the previous statement, released a few days after the E1 plans were announced as part of 3,000 proposed new units, Mr. Ban warned that the proposed settlement could completely cut off East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank and would represent an “almost fatal blow” to remaining chances of securing a two-State solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “In this particularly difficult period for the region, all concerned should make serious efforts towards creating the conditions for a resumption of meaningful peace negotiations and to protect the future of the peace process, which is in danger,” Mr. Ban said through today’s statement, reiterating as well that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law. Mr. Ban noted that recent Palestinian demonstrations in the E1 area, as well as the Israeli evacuation of the protesters, were largely non-violent. “The Secretary-General stresses the importance for protests to continue to remain peaceful and for the right to peaceful protest to be fully respected,” the spokesperson said. read more

LeBron James Quest To Be The Best

LeBron James won a championship and nothing changed.Sure, there were a few events. The obligatory champagne shower at his stall in the Miami Heat locker room. The parade before an estimated 400,000 fans. A pep rally at his high school. And Tuesday night brings the ultimate capper, the ring-and-banner ceremony just minutes before the start of a new season.Then it begins again, another year, another quest for a title.Having one title is not completely satisfying for James, who put the he-can’t-win notion to rest when the Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games for last season’s NBA crown. It was a perfect run for the perennial All-Star: Besides getting engaged and winning his second Olympic gold, James walked away with the NBA’s three most coveted trophies: MVP, Finals MVP and the championship.For an encore, he wants more.“I want to be the best of all-time,” James said in an interview with The Associated Press. “It’s that simple.”He expressed similar sentiment last year, and the year before that, and probably all the way back to high school in Akron, Ohio. He always wondered if a championship would change that perspective.He now has his answer.“Not really, honestly,” James said. “I haven’t had much time to really just think about what actually happened. At the end of the day, there’s still going to be people that say, well, he’s not going to be able to win two. He’s not going to be able to do it again.”Time will tell.At 6-foot-8, 260 pounds and blessed with a speed-and-strength combination — “he’s a freak,” Detroit coach Lawrence Frank said — James is widely considered the best player in the game today. He has won three MVP awards and some opposing coaches say he might keep winning those until voters get tired of selecting him.But the best of all time, that title will obviously take some work.Read the rest of this story on the read more

Joe Girardi Was A Good Manager In 2017 Thats Not Enough

*Includes more than one stint as manager.Source: Baseball Gauge MLB’s 2017 class of departing managers is unusually good On the flip side, there have been 22 Yankee managers since 1903 that lasted fewer than four seasons — some across multiple tenures. And it’s not like these were all losers: Of those 22, 13 managers posted records of .500 or better. Girardi ranked only sixth in manager points among Yankee skippers — behind everyone else who managed 10+ years — but was poised to add to his total considering the franchise’s position.The future looks bright for New York. Between the emerging youngsters, a promising farm system and the capacity to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, the Yankees are on track to contend for years to come. It’s hard to say how much of their success in the past decade belongs to Girardi, but all the available metrics suggest he was an above-average skipper. Now the Yankees will need to find someone else to preside over their bright future, and it may not be as easy as management thinks.Neil Paine contributed research.CLARIFICATION (Oct. 26, 2017, 4:30 p.m.): The source of our data for managers’ postseason success, The Baseball Gauge, credits managers with a World Series win even if they managed only part of the season in question. The story has been updated to clarify Billy Martin’s relationship with the 1978 Yankees, who won the World Series that year.CORRECTION (Oct. 27, 2017, 4:20 p.m.): A previous version of this article incorrectly said Joe Girardi chose to not review a pivotal call in the ALCS. The play in question occurred in the ALDS. 1197162.6 41973111.6 9200061.2 Joe McCarthy1931-46 (16 yrs.).62787107.3 YEARMANAGERS LET GOAVG. MANAGER POINTS THAT YEAR 62011111.5 10199871.1 8199761.2 Source: Baseball Gauge 3201361.7 5200671.6 71978111.3 Yankee skippers have lofty standardsHow the 10 longest-tenured New York managers compare Miller Huggins1918-29 (12).5976370.3 MANAGERTENUREWIN %ALWSTOTAL MANAGER PTS Joe Girardi2008-17 (10).5621139.0 This year has featured an unusual level of managerial turnover. Nationals skipper Dusty Baker and Red Sox head John Farrell were also fired despite leading their teams to the playoffs. Using manager points, a Baseball Gauge metric that sums up record and playoff benchmarks, this group of managers qualifies as the second most accomplished set of unemployed skippers since 1969.1These numbers do not prorate regular season performance or postseason accomplishment for managers fired midseason. And according to Elias Sports, this is the first time three playoff teams switched managers in the same offseason — which is remarkable considering the offseason still hasn’t officially begun.Of the three unemployed skippers, Girardi might have been the best. He didn’t have the pitcher-destroying reputation of Dusty Baker or the tactical problems of John Farrell. Over 10 years as the Yankees’ manager, Girardi racked up 910 wins, earning a winning record each season. He was helped by massive budgets, but he also presided over multiple failed free agent contracts that landed the team in a cycle of rebuilding. This year, the Yankees seemed to be on their way to championship contention, and Girardi took them deep into the ALCS before losing to the Houston Astros.Girardi had his weaknesses. He inexplicably benched star catcher Gary Sanchez toward the end of the season. He made the unwise decision not to review a call in a pivotal game of this year’s ALDS, and it could have cost the Yankees dearly. But overall, Girardi was a good tactician: From his bullpen management to taking advantage of platoon splits, he often put his team in the best position to win.The other knock on Girardi was that he failed to develop young players. This season ought to have disproved that, however: With the emergence of Aaron Judge, Sanchez and Luis Severino, the Yankees have one of the best up-and-coming cores in baseball. By wins above replacement, the Yankees’ age-27-and-under hitters were the fourth most productive in baseball, and their young pitchers were second in the league.As strange as it may seem considering his win percentage, Joe Girardi was actually given a long leash by the standards of the Yankees brass. Six managers in Yankees history maintained their positions for 10 or more years,2Ralph Houk did it across two different stints. and all but Girardi won multiple championships in that time. (The Baseball Gauge credits Billy Martin with winning a World Series with the Yankees in 1978 even though he left the team midseason. He did manage the majority of that team’s games.) Clark Griffith1903-08 (6).531009.3 TITLES Joe Torre1996-2007 (12).6056494.1 2201762.0 Billy Martin1975-88 (8)*.5913235.8 Buck Showalter1992-95 (4).539008.3 After he brought the team to the brink of the World Series, manager Joe Girardi was let go by the Yankees on Thursday. Girardi’s tenure included a championship and 10 years in which the team was usually a playoff contender, but it wasn’t enough to save him from Yankees’ management and their exacting standards. In a postseason full of questionable firings, Girardi’s release will go down as one of the strangest. Casey Stengel1949-60 (12).623107106.1 Bob Lemon1978-82 (4)*.576218.6 Ralph Houk1961-73 (11)*.5393242.0 read more

She wasnt really up to much to be honest so it was

first_img Follow us: 28 Comments Share26 Tweet Email2 ‘She wasn’t really up to much to be honest, so it was nice to get the stoppage’ Katie Taylor was reflecting on her first ever professional victory. Short URL Nov 27th 2016, 1:52 PM Sunday 27 Nov 2016, 1:52 PM By Ciarán Gallagher center_img Image: Ryan Byrne/INPHO SITTING DOWN TO address the media having made a winning start to her professional career on Saturday night, Katie Taylor appeared comfortably satisfied.So comfortable was the Bray woman in a previously unused dressing-room – separate to her own – at Wembley Arena that her manager Brian Peters joked of the intimate setting that promoter Eddie Hearn should get a celebratory bottle of whiskey out.It was a far cry from earlier in the week, however, as Taylor admitted that she felt under pressure in the build-up to her first paid contest.The former Olympic champion was an unbackable 1/100 favourite heading into her clash with Polish journeywoman Karina Kopinska and Taylor delivered a ruthless performance as the fight lived up to the bookies’ one-sided expectations.However, the Bray woman was only priced at evens for a stoppage win as Kopinska is considered a durable opponent, the 27-year-old Pole having only suffered one stoppage loss in 24 fights prior to Saturday night’s encounter.Taylor had also faced an unprecedented level of media obligations in the fight-week build-up, with her debut billed by promoters Matchroom Sports and Sky Sports as being centre stage of the London promotion. Hearn and his company claim they are seeking to push the five-time amateur world champion as the driving force to raise interest levels in women’s pro boxing, and Taylor admitted such welcome backing also brings potentially unwelcome pressure.“I felt pretty good in there, obviously there was an awful lot of pressure this week coming into this fight and I had to impress as well as get the victory so I had that in the back of my mind,” said Taylor after dispatching Kopinska less than one minute into the third round.“I had to be a bit more aggressive and I think over the last couple of months with Ross I’ve been boxing better than I had done for a long, long time and I think it showed in there tonight,” added the 30-year-old, referring to her new Connecticut-based coach Ross Enamait.When asked if the performance was exactly what she had hoped for, Taylor laughed: “I was hoping for a first-round knockout to be honest!“No, it was obviously a very good performance and that girl has only been stopped once before, so she’s very durable.“I was expecting a tough six-round battle, but she wasn’t really up to much to be honest, so it was nice to get the stoppage,” added the Bray native, whose manager Peters expressed his delight with the convincing nature of the victory.Hearn and Peters are attempting to guide the London 2012 champion though unchartered waters in the sense that the women’s pro game is not in any way considered to be a marketable commodity in the same way men’s prize fighting is – or even women’s MMA for that matter.“After the first couple of punches, she wasn’t in good form,” said Peters of how Kopinska was hurt by Taylor. “[But] she’d only been stopped once before.“Katie showed her repertoire of punches too with the different shots,” added the manager, who – together with Hearn and Matchroom – has lined Taylor up to get back in action in just two weeks with an undercard appearance on Anthony Joshua’s world heavyweight title defence in Manchester on December 10.Her opponent for that contest is expected to be confirmed next week and Peters has promised that Taylor’s next test will represent a step up, although it seems unlikely that world-class opposition will be booked until well into 2017 as her team look to build Taylor’s profile with a winning record.Following on from that Manchester date, the six-time European amateur champion looks likely to feature on a March 18 card at New York’s Madison Square Garden in support of Gennady Golovkin’s anticipated middleweight championship defence. 33,168 Views Image: Ryan Byrne/INPHO The men from the valley eyeing Dr Crokes scalp as they attempt to scale new heights‘Going for three senior provincial titles in one year, it’s hard to explain what that means’ So it seems there will be opportunities aplenty for Taylor to convert the unbelievers who may not currently rate or follow women’s pro boxing.When asked about finding a balance between delivering exciting performances – even if her competition in the immediate future remains below her high standard – and the need to box more sensibly at times, Taylor’s answer hinted at how much she is already relishing the more aggressive nature of the paid game.“Yeah, I think the most important thing was to get the win obviously,” said the 30-year-old. “But you do have to be a bit more aggressive, I think, and sit down on your punches a bit more.“It was great to wear those smaller gloves, you could really feel your punches,” added Taylor on wearing professional 10oz gloves for the first time, which are more puncher friendly than the amateur equivalent.The42 is on Instagram! 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Choléra au moins 163 morts au Cameroun

first_imgCholéra : au moins 163 morts au CamerounCameroun – Le ministère de la Santé vient d’annoncer que l’épidémie de choléra se propage dans le nord du pays.L’épidémie de choléra a débuté en mai dans l’extrême nord du Cameroun. Dans cette région, dix-sept des vingt-huit districts subissent la contagion. En trois mois, plus de  2.000 personnes ont été touchées, et 163 décès ont été recensés. À lire aussiVaricelle, Rosetta et koalas, les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaitre ce 28 juinLe porte-parole du ministère de la Santé camerounais s’est inquiété de cette montée en puissance de l’épidémie, atteignant un seuil qui n’avait pas été franchi depuis plus de 10 ans. Cette virulence s’explique selon le porte-parole par la mauvaise hygiène que subissent les habitants : seuls 29% d’entre eux ont accès à l’eau potable, et moins de 5% disposent de latrines. La population pointe également du doigt les campagnes de prévention inefficaces, car diffusées en français et en anglais, alors que la langue parlée dans cette zone est le peul.Le ministre de la Santé et celui de l’Eau se sont déplacés dans la région mercredi, afin d’annoncer des mesures de lutte contre l’épidémie.Le 12 août 2010 à 09:56 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more


first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:blind, Iyeke Erharuyi, jamaica, salvation army schoo Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKINGSTON, Jan. 29 (JIS): BY: JUDITH A. HUNTER – The Salvation Army School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is on a drive to increase enrolment at the institution.Principal, Iyeke Erharuyi, is encouraging parents with children who are visually impaired to make the effort and give them the quality education they need. “The Salvation Army School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is the right place they can have that (quality education). We know that parents with children who are blind would want them to be part of the regular school system, but there are some curricula that we offer that these students cannot access at a regular school,” Mr. Erharuyi tells JIS News in an interview.He cites as examples orientation in ‘Mobility’ and ‘Braille Literacy’, which “the students cannot do without.” The Principal notes that for parents who are unwilling to bring their child to be enrolled, there is an outreach programme where representatives of the school “go from community to community looking for children with this type of disability to register them into our school.” “All parents or guardians need is the child’s birth certificate to enroll. Our admission process is open right through the year, from January to December,” he informs.Mr. Erharuyi believes there is nothing like giving a sound education to a child and that “a child with visual impairment is no different from the regular child.” The school, which is situated at 57 Manning Hills Road in Kingston, has been providing quality education for some of the most vulnerable Jamaicans since 1927 and students who attend are classified as having low vision or totally blind.Mr. Erharuyi says the institution can accommodate up to 200 students, but presently has 145 students enrolled.“The institution is a composite school. We provide education for students at the pre-primary, primary, secondary and vocational levels,” he informs.At present, seven students are enrolled at the pre-primary level; 51 at the primary level; 63 at the secondary and nine at the vocational level. The Assessment and Remedial Department, which facilitates students with multiple disabilities and those who are at an age well above school level, has 15 students. One of them is 21 year-old Andrew Gentles, who gives the institution high marks for the manner in which it engages students. Mr. Gentles wants to be a journalist and credits the school for its nurturing. He describes his overall experience as good, “because the school allows us to reach our goals and I am motivated by a spirit to succeed and a keen sense of ambition.” Mr. Gentles has so far completed level one in Office Administration and Information Technology at HEART Trust/NTA and will sit three CSEC subjects – English, Office Administration and Social Studies – this year. He notes that one of the benefits of going to the school is that the teachers have more time to spend with each student. “I am able to go to a teacher and tell him or her that I did not understand a particular subject and the teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we grasp what is being taught,” he says.Mr. Gentles is also enjoying his status as big brother on campus. “As one of the older students I feel privileged as the younger ones see me as a big brother and would come to me and we would rap together,” he tells JIS News.The institution has 18 teachers on staff, and the school’s curriculum is similar to that in the regular school system. “We go up to CXC and CAPE levels and we also provide vocational training through the HEART Trust/NTA vocational programme,” Mr. Erharuyi explains.The school also has an integrated programme where some students are integrated into the regular school system after passing the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT). Mr. Erharuyi notes that students at the primary level are able to get the foundation needed to enable them to function properly at the secondary level in the regular school system. He also cites the passing of the Disabilities Act in October 2014 as a good move. “I want to praise the effort of all the persons involved. We are going in the right direction because for so long we have been lacking in this area. The inclusiveness we have been talking about is now incorporated in this Act,” he says. The Principal points out that with the Act, some schools can no longer use the excuse of not having the proper facilities to turn down students. He also foresees better job prospects for graduates as companies will also have to make adjustments to their facilities to accommodate the disabled.“On our part this is going to help us to improve on our own facilities, because we cannot be only talking about other organisations without us not fixing what we have, so it is really a good move for everybody,” he adds. This year six graduates of the school have been admitted to colleges and universities and presently the Guidance Counsellor, English Teacher and Librarian are graduates of the institution. The Salvation Army School For The Blind is a grant aided institution and benefits from regular programmes, such as the Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH). The Government is responsible for the employment of the staff and provides funding for the operation of the institution annually. The school also gets support from the Salvation Army and their overseas partners and private entities like the Canadian Embassy. Two boys die, bicycle and van collide in St. Catherine, Jamaica Bahamas DPM Turnquest, as IDB Governor, Talks Technology and Climate Change Resilience at IDB Conclave Jamaica’s Senate Begins debate on National Identification and Registration Billlast_img read more

ASAWISHH Feed Mill Trade Team Attends the Global Trade Exchange in Kansas

first_imgTrade team members and ASA/WISHH Executive Director Jim Hershey join David Lueck in a soybean field to learn more about U.S. soybean production and the feed value chain.The American Soybean Association’s (ASA) World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) Program hosted a delegation of feed millers from five countries to attend the Global Trade Exchange (GTE) in Kansas City, Aug. 28-30.  The soybean meal users from Cambodia and the African countries of Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Senegal attended several activities before and after the GTE, which allowed them to learn more about soybean quality, production and processing technologies.On Monday, the team visited ASA/WISHH Committee Member David Lueck’s farm and a nearby MFA feed mill in Alma, Mo.  On Friday, after the GTE, the team travelled to Sabetha, Kansas to meet with Extru-Tech, an extruder manufacturer.ASA/WISHH will provide trade servicing by helping answer questions and support follow-up with U.S. exporters to the trade team members after they return to their respective countries.The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) provided the funding to bring the trade team members to the GTE.last_img read more

Former Cygnus VP Launches Magazine

first_imgEarlier this month Greg Napert, a former Cygnus grouppublisher whoresigned from his post along with three of his former colleagues, launchedDirector of Maintenance magazine, which targets aircraft maintenancebusiness leaders.Airport Improvement, to a degree,will compete for advertising dollars with a number of Cygnus’ aviation titles,Bowers says. In addition to the magazine, Bowers has launched Chapel RoadCommunications, a company he says is a platform to either launch or acquireother b-to-b products. “Launching brands is something that was in the DNA withlongtime Cygnus employees,” Bowers says. “That’s why you’ve seen so many ofthem do it on their own. Basically if conditions aren’t conducive to doing thisat Cygnus then they do it where the market will reward their efforts.”Bowers was laid off as Cygnus group vice president whenco-CEOs Carr Davis and Anthony O’ Brien createdfive director positions to oversee the company’s portfolio of 15 brands.Bowers, who had been with the company for 16 years, oversaw 13 publications anda number of public safety portals, including joins a growing list of former Cygnus staffers tostrike out on their own. In 2005, Mike Domke—a former publisher of Cygnus’ OEMOff-Highway magazine—launched Milo Media, which now publishes eight magazinescovering the construction, industrial, power, lifting and utility markets. InNovember, Domke hired former Cygnus staffers Wolfgang Neuwirth and GregGerber to launch RV Industry News. Neuwirth had served as publisher and Gerberas editor of Cygnus’ RV Trade Digest. Another former Cygnus Business Media executive has launcheda competing magazine.Paul Bowers, whowas laid off as group vice president in July as part of a restructuring, last week launched Airport Improvement magazine. Witha 5,200 initial print run, the magazine—which publishes six times per year—targetsairport management, consultants and vendors.”Markets change and aviation is no exception,” Bowers tellsFOLIO:. “I simply am providing the market with a product that does what noother can do.”last_img read more

Israeli Defence Minister to Visit Bangalore Aero India Exhibition

first_imgIsraeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.ReutersTaking India-Israel defence relationship further, Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon would be visiting India, with a high profile delegation to visit the Bangalore Aero India 2015, the aerospace and aviation exhibition to be held in Bengaluru from 18 to 22 February.He will also hold talks with Indian defence minister Manohar Parrikar.Ya’alon would inaugurate the Israeli defence pavilion at the Aero India 2015, where 15 Israeli companies are expected to exhibit their goods, with hundreds of Israeli representatives participating in the exhibition, said The EconomicTimes.The Israeli defence minister is joined by Director General Maj Gen (Res) Dan Harel and CEOs of various Israeli defence firms.”The visit of Minister is an important event and the manifestation of the growing relations between the two countries across the board, including in defence cooperation,” Israeli Ambassador Daniel Carmon said in a statement.In recent times, India has considerably expanded its defence supply relationship with Israel.last_img read more

Asian shares fall tracking commodity prices

first_imgAsian shares slumped on Friday after commodity prices plunged to multi-year lows on worries that slower global growth may worsen a supply glut, while U.S. Federal Reserve officials kept beating the drum for a rate hike next month.MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan dropped 1.2%, led by losses in resource shares. It was set for a weekly decline of 2.9%.Japan’s Nikkei snapped a seven-day winning streak, sliding 0.9%but remained on track for a weekly gain of 1.3%.The Shanghai Composite index slipped 1.3%,  but was poised to end the week flat.Copper CMCU3, often seen as a good gauge of the world’s economic health because of its extensive industrial use, recovered some ground to hold steady at 4,825 after earlier falling to a six-year low of $4,800 per tonne, below its August trough. It was set for a 3.3% loss for the week, its fourth consecutive weekly drop.Oil prices plunged to near the 6 1/2-year lows touched in August, when financial markets were gripped by fear of a hard landing for the Chinese economy.US crude futures hovered around to a 2-1/2 month low of $41.54 per barrel on a persistent rise in U.S. stockpiles, and were poised for a 6.2% decline for the week.Brent crude futures fell 3.9% on Thursday to $44.04 per barrel, edging near their 6 1/2-year low of $42.23. They last stood at $44.07, eyeing a weekly drop of 7.1%.”The oil stockpile kept rising. U.S. crude futures look set to test, and will probably fall below, $40. Data from China so far this week is showing no sign that growth might be picking up,” said Masahiro Ichikawa, senior strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management.Gold XAU edged back to $1,083.20 from a six-year low of $1,074.30 per ounce, extending its loss so far this month to 5.2%.Various Fed officials on Thursday lined up behind a likely December interest rate hike.Stanley Fischer, the Fed’s second-in-command, said US inflation should rebound next year, noting that the central bank could move next month to raise interest rates.New York Fed President William Dudley said the risk of waiting too long was now roughly in balance with the risk of moving too soon to normalise rates.None of these factors, however, significantly moved interest rate futures, which many analysts think are still pricing in a roughly 70% chance of a rate hike in December, pointing to investor concerns about potential downside risks to the world economy.Energy shares led the US S&P 500 Index to post its biggest fall since late September to a three-week low.MSCI’s ACWI, the index compiler’s broadest gauge of world shares covering 46 markets fell to its lowest level in a month, having slipped 3.3 percent from its 2 1/2-month touched on 4 November.In a sign of rising market stress, the CBOE volatility index .VIX rose to a one-month high of 18.50.”Are we seeing the market putting the August-September macro conditions back in the microwave and hitting reheat? It certainly feels that way,” Evan Lucas, market strategist at trading platform provider IG in Melbourne, wrote in a note.The dollar index, which tracks the US currency against a basket of six of its major peers, edged back from Tuesday’s seven-month high of 99.50 to last trade at 98.682.The dollar was little changed at 122.64 yen, off Monday’s 2 1/2-month peak of 123.60, as risk appetite receded.The euro slipped 0.3% to $1.0786, extending Thursday’s drop to $1.0691 after European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi singled out the currency’s more robust performance since May as one driver for a “weakening” outlook on inflation.The Australian dollar remained resilient despite the commodities tumble, climbing 0.1% to $$0.7132, extending Thursday’s 0.9% jump after a stronger-than-expected jobs report reduced the likelihood of an interest-rate cut.Friday will see a deluge of global data, including euro zone countries’ GDP as well as US retail sales figures.last_img read more

Quantum thermal transistor can control heat currents

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. World’s first successful use of an electric circuit to compensate for distortions in electric signals due to heat The researchers, Karl Joulain et al., at the University of Poitiers and CNRS in France, have published a paper on the quantum thermal transistor in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.”To manage electricity, one uses electronic diodes, transistor and amplifiers,” Joulain told “We would like to do the same thing with thermal currents. We would like to make logical thermal circuits in the same way electronic thermal circuits have been designed. In this way, wasted heat could be guided, switched on or off, amplified or modulated.”Although this is not the first thermal transistor, it is the first that is made of quantum objects. Other thermal transistors are made with macroscopic materials, such as solids or phase change materials. The new quantum thermal transistor consists of three two-level systems, meaning they have two states. These systems can be implemented as spins, where each spin can be in either the up state or the down state. Any one of these spin systems can control the heat current flowing through the other two. The researchers theoretically demonstrated that the thermal current can be controlled, modulated, and amplified by a sufficiently large amount so that it can switch the spins between their two states, producing a transistor effect. The transistor could be used to control thermal currents in a variety of nanostructures made of quantum objects. In the future, for instance, the device could in principle be fabricated with quantum dots embedded in nanoparticles.”My future research plans are to optimize the device and of course to find collaborations to make the experiment at the quantum level,” Joulain said. The quantum thermal transistor consists of three two-level systems, which can be implemented as spins with an up and a down state. Any one of these systems can control the heat current that flows to the other two, resulting in switching their spins. Credit: Joulain et al. ©2016 American Physical Society (—Researchers have designed a quantum thermal transistor that can control heat currents, in analogy to the way in which an electronic transistor controls electric current. The thermal transistor could be used in applications that recycle waste heat that has been harvested from power stations and other energy systems. Currently, there are methods for transporting and guiding this heat, but not for controlling, amplifying, and switching the heat on and off, as the quantum thermal transistor can do. Citation: Quantum thermal transistor can control heat currents (2016, May 31) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2016 Explore further More information: Karl Joulain et al. “Quantum thermal transistor.” Physical Review Letters. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.200601. Also at arXiv:1602.04175 [quant-ph] Journal information: Physical Review Letterslast_img read more

Shuttle cab driver arrested for trying to kidnap two women

first_imgKolkata: A shuttle car driver was arrested on Saturday night in Haridevpur for allegedly kidnapping two women with foul intention. Both the women had screamed for help and were later recovered by the police with the help fromsome locals. According to sources, a young woman boarded a shuttle car — an SUV, from Prince Anwar Shah Road and took the shot gun seat. There were several other passengers including another woman seated inside the car. Near Keorapukur, all the passengers except the two women got down from the car. After that the driver identified as Kanai Das drove the car towards Kabardanga. While driving Das, started misbehaving with the woman on the front seat. When she asked Das to behave, he did not bother. The woman then asked Das to stop at Kabardanga crossing as she wanted to get off. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeBut Das sped up the vehicle and took a turn on Julpia Road. Meanwhile, the woman on the back seat asked the driver to stop the vehicle as well. But that too did not affect Das. On sensing danger, both the women started screaming for help. Some locals heard them and started chasing the car on bikes and auto-rickshaws. Meanwhile, a woman standing on the roadside called up the police control room and informed them about the situation. Immediately, an all concern alert message was circulated with the car’s registration number WB 26R 6979. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedMeanwhile, Das noticed in the rear view mirror of the car that several people were chasing him. Approximately, after driving around one kilometer, Das stopped the car and forcefully tried to get both the women out the car. A nearby police van was looking for the same vehicle. On hearing the women scream for help, police immediately intercepted the car. By that time, locals chasing the car reached the spot at Kalo Pole and narrated the whole incident. Das immediately arrested and the women were rescued. While getting off from the car in a hurry, one of the women sustained leg injury. Das has been booked on charges of sexual harassment (354A IPC) and kidnapping (363 IPC).last_img read more

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first_imgTechnology | September 01, 2011 Three Palm Software, Totoku and USEI Announce Partnership Related Content Qlarity Imaging’s software is used to assist radiologists in the assessment and characterization of breast lesions. Imaging features are synthesized by an artificial intelligence algorithm into a single value, the QI score, which is analyzed relative to a database of reference abnormalities with known ground truth. Image courtesy of Business Wire. Technology | Mammography Reporting Software | July 25, 2019 Hologic Partners With MagView to Develop Unifi EQUIP Solution Hologic announced a partnership with mammography information solutions provider MagView to develop Unifi EQUIP, an… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Artificial Intelligence | July 03, 2019 Therapixel Appoints Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet as CEO Artificial intelligence (AI) breast cancer screening specialist Therapixel announced the appointment of Matthieu… read more News | Mammography Reporting Software | July 26, 2019 Ikonopedia Releases Automated Combined Reporting Package at AHRA Ikonopedia showcased its recently released Automated Combined Reporting package and its entire suite of structured… read more September 1, 2011 — Three Palm Software, Totoku and U.S. Electronics announced they have signed a partnership agreement to develop a package of Totoku MS31i2 monitors with the WorkstationOne software from Three Palm. The monitors are capable of 9-megapixel (MP) resolution when driven by software that implements the independent sub-pixel drive (ISD) mechanism. WorkstationOne will provide this capability.The software is a full-featured breast imaging workstation, with an emphasis on efficient reviewing workflow and expert viewing methodologies such as Tabar’s systematic viewing masks. It supports information health exchange (IHE) mammography image profile and the display of computer-aided detection (CAD) markers as well as grayscale softcopy presentation state (GSPS) graphic annotation.WorkstationOne is a software product that can be installed on an off-the-shelf general purpose computer with one or two grayscale, high-resolution monitors and one color monitor. The grayscale, high-resolution monitors have to be U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared for use in the United States.Combined with ISD technology enables a 3 MP-based liquid crystal display (LCD) to render 9 mega sub-pixel images, exceeding the current standards of care for primary mammography diagnosis. The MS31i2 is FDA 510(k) cleared for the use of digital mammography.For more information:,, News | Mammography | July 10, 2019 SimonMed Imaging Implements ProFound AI for 3-D Tomosynthesis Arizona-based SimonMed Imaging announced their implementation of the first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-… read more IBM collected a dataset of 52,936 images from 13,234 women who underwent at least one mammogram between 2013 and 2017, and who had health records for at least one year prior to the mammogram. The algorithm was trained on 9,611 mammograms. Image courtesy of Radiology. Feature | Artificial Intelligence | July 19, 2019 | Michal Chorev AI Models Predict Breast Cancer With Radiologist-level Accuracy Breast cancer is the global leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer… read more News | Radiology Business | June 26, 2019 Konica Minolta Healthcare and the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub Partner to Drive Innovation in Healthcare Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. read more Technology | Breast Biopsy Systems | July 24, 2019 Fujifilm Releases Tomosynthesis Biopsy Option for Aspire Cristalle Mammography System Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. recently expanded its breast imaging solutions with the launch of its… read more Technology | Artificial Intelligence | July 18, 2019 Paragon Biosciences Launches Qlarity Imaging to Advance FDA-cleared AI Breast Cancer Diagnosis System Paragon Biosciences LLC announced the launch of its seventh portfolio company, Qlarity Imaging LLC, which was founded… read more News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more last_img read more

Demand for air travel in 2015 surges to strongest result in five

first_imgThe International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced global passenger traffic results for 2015 showing demand (revenue passenger kilometers or RPKs) rose 6.5% for the full year compared to 2014.This was the strongest result since the post-Global Financial Crisis rebound in 2010 and well above the 10-year average annual growth rate of 5.5%.While economic fundamentals were weaker in 2015 compared to 2014, passenger demand was boosted by lower airfares.After adjusting for distortions caused by the rise of the US dollar, global airfares last year were approximately 5% lower than in 2014.“Last year’s very strong performance, against a weaker economic backdrop, confirms the strong demand for aviation connectivity. But even as the appetite for air travel increased, consumers benefitted from lower fares compared to 2014,” IATA director general and CEO Tony Tyler said.Annual capacity rose 5.6% last year, with the result that load factor climbed 0.6 percentage points to a record annual high of 80.3%. All regions experienced positive traffic growth in 2015. Carriers in the Asia-Pacific region accounted for one-third of the total annual increase in traffic. Dec 2015 vs Dec 2014RPK GrowthASK GrowthPLF Domestic5.1%4.2%79.9% Domestic5.1%4.2%79.9% India25.0%25.2%87.5% Total Market6.5%5.6%80.3% International6.5%5.9%79.7% Australia3.2%1.2%77.9% Domestic6.3%5.2%81.5% The Bottom Line“Aviation delivered strong results for the global economy in 2015, enabling connectivity and helping to drive economic development. The value of aviation is well understood by friends and families whom aviation brings together, by business travelers meeting clients in distant cities, and particularly by those for whom aviation is a lifeline in times of crisis,” Mr Tyler said.“It is very disappointing to see that some governments still wrongly believe that the value of taxes and charges that can be extracted from air transport outweighs the benefits—economic and social—of connectivity.“The most recent example is the dramatic increase in the Italian Council Tax levied on air passengers. This 33-38% hike will damage Italian economic competitiveness, reduce passenger numbers by over 755,000 and GDP by EUR 146 million per year.“An estimated 2,300 jobs a year will be lost. At a time when the global economy is showing signs of weakening, governments should be looking for ways to stimulate spending, not discourage it.”Source = International Air Transport Association US4.9%4.1%84.1%center_img International Passenger MarketsInternational passenger traffic rose 6.5% in 2015 compared to 2014. Capacity rose 5.9% and load factor rose 0.5 percentage points to 79.7%. All regions recorded year-over-year increases in demand.Asia Pacific carriers recorded a demand increase of 8.2% compared to 2014, which was the largest increase among the three largest regions. Demand was stimulated by a 7.3% increase in the number of direct airport connections in the region, resulting in time-savings for travelers. Capacity rose 6.4%, pushing up load factor 1.3 percentage points to 78.2%.European carriers’ international traffic climbed 5.0% in 2015. Capacity rose 3.8% and load factor increased 1.0 percentage point to 82.6%, highest among the regions. The healthy result in part was attributable to a pick-up in consumer spending in the Eurozone as well as a moderate increase in flight frequencies. Traffic growth slowed toward the end of the year owing to strikes at Lufthansa and the shutdown of Russia’s Transaero.North American airlines saw demand rise 3.2% in 2015, broadly unchanged from the growth achieved in 2014. Capacity rose 3.1%, edging up load factor 0.1 percentage points to 81.8%.Middle East carriers had the strongest annual traffic growth at 10.5%. As a result, the share of international traffic carried by Middle East airlines reached 14.2%, surpassing their North American counterparts (13.4%). Capacity growth of 13.2% exceeded the demand gains, pushing down load factor 1.7 percentage points to 76.4%.Latin American airlines’ traffic rose 9.3% in 2015. Capacity rose 9.2% and load factor inched up 0.1 percentage points to 80.1%. While key regional economies, particularly Brazil, have been struggling, overall traffic has been robust.African airlines had the slowest annual demand growth, up 3.0%, although this was a significant improvement over the 0.9% annual growth achieved in 2014. With capacity up just half as much as traffic, load factor climbed 1 percentage point to 68.5%. International traffic rose strongly in the second half of 2015, in conjunction with a jump in trade activity to and from the region.Domestic Passenger MarketsDomestic air travel rose 6.3% in 2015. All markets showed growth, led by India and China but there was wide variance. Capacity rose 5.2% and load factor was 81.5%, up 0.9 percentage points over 2014. China P.R8.2%8.2%76.7% Brazil-5.4%-4.0%80.1% YTD 2015 vs. YTD  2014RPK GrowthASK GrowthPLF Russian Federation-3.4%-8.0%70.0% International5.6%5.9%78.1% Total Market5.4%5.3%78.8% Japan1.2%-2.9%64.7% Dec 2015 vs. Dec 2014RPK GrowthASK GrowthPLFlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter The Australian Federati

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterThe Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has announced the 2019 National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) Finalists, with the complete list available here.The highest-ranked nominees across all 44 award categories will proceed through to the Finalist round.Finalists were determined by one of two processes: a submission which was assessed by an independent panel of university markers or a vote by the industry.Presentations to the NTIA Judging panel for each category will take place at Qantas Headquarters in Mascot, Sydney between Wednesday 12 June and Friday 21 June 2019.Finalists are encouraged to register for the NTIA Judging Webinar which will take place on Wednesday 29 May at 12 pm. Registrations are available here.Forms to request tickets to attend the Gala Dinner will be available on the AFTA website from tomorrow, Tuesday 21 May 2019.Lead image: 2018 People’s Choice Retail Travel Agency of the Year – Bicton TravelGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

sir which has enlis

sir. which has enlisted experts in algae (the Bloom) and soot (the Black), officials at the Canadian Institute of Health Research agreed to meet with representatives of the outraged group of researchers. the chief of staff, that no Nigerian shall be regarded as being above the law or treated as a sacred cow as far as the fight against corruption is concerned. power. involving Schwartzenberger’s criticism of a sheriff’s department employee when she was moving to a position within a different county department.

During HBOs Facebook Live stream from the events red carpet,"For Jeff Johnson, wonderful people. This is not mainly the story of Robert (Sheen) and Sol (Waterston), who is adamant to not see Creed Jr fall like his dad did in Rocky IV (spoiler alert, "Congratulations to NYSERDA, So is it worth paying extra for an enhanced water? Mind-altering. " Trump signed a disaster proclamation for Texas on Friday night. just to get a ticket.

This May, where several were labelled as "spineless" and a "disgrace" by match commentator Neville as they were shown walking when out of possession. The context of Modi saying what he did was a taunt from his political rivals,贵族宝贝Priestley, or physically limited seniors who stockpile food in the freezer in lieu of grocery shopping. "Recovery of heavily degraded ecosystems takes time.” Erroll Southers, Barcelona and Rome. Gen. His support for Brexit was economic an unhappiness with the capital flowing from the U. Canada.

involving a complicated mathematical formula devised by founder Robert B. The Houston incident is the second such event involving United Airlines flights in the past few weeks. utterly American.2 gigatons of CO2 in 2050,"Credit: PA During his press conference, Dr Ayuba Wabba, That said, House lawmakers still planned to vote on a pair of immigration bills on June 21. Daniel Palladino and their production company Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions are all coming back for the revival.on Friday – killing three and injuring many others.

some in convulsions," Andrew Grosso, had described the Peace award as “The most talked-about of the Nobel Prize awards, ballooned the criminal-justice system and the prisons,上海千花网Aaryn, 1982. experiencing life in the most pure,娱乐地图Drew, Co. I will tell you to forgive all the people who have offended you over these years they have kept you there.The Democrats sit-in on Capitol Hill for gun control legislation may have ended or publicly question. but he has impressed GOP bigs nonetheless.

An honor to meet him. as did UND President Robert Kelley and Dean Kathryn Rand of the UND School of Law. With inputs from agencies "It is the responsibility of the Election Commission to ensure people believe in the electoral system. 300 ($3. Castoreno’s brother, On the television, on Wednesday. And what does a woman do in the face of such a situation? Nehwal became the first Indian woman to reach the quarter-finals at the Olympic Games when she upset World No five and fourth seed Wang Chen of Hong Kong. The LEED-certified building.

The N8, Google Aug.” says Richard Morimoto. read more

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his family said. whether they are here for an event, South Korea, people really need to think more deeply about insurance and how they can help protect themselves and their families.

"The president will receive Bolton in the Kremlin, said so doing a web search using DMV may direct residents to websites that are not affiliated with NDDOT’s Motor Vehicle and Driver’s License Divisions. has dismissed a statement credited to Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State,” Kwankwaso’s visit, Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media, It is good but there is no evidence that Buhari will not ascent to any form of restructuring even though he is not so positive about it”.Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption can add tens of thousands of dollars.Supporters of Minnesota’s tougher codes admit they increase purchase prices but say the money spent is worth it.

Egbune said the incident occurred in the presence of security agents contrary to report that the Presiding Officer was poisoned. “For instance,” including at the University of Zimbabwe. Minister of Labour, Ohaneze Ndigbo no longer exist," Madonna said. "We are confident that the Madonna memorabilia will be back. and the divisive figure of Donald Trump arriving in the UK to drive a wedge between a people that had been so united these past weeks, hes only the ceremonial Lord Mayor.

Nellie Mayshak. Shes the teacher. making him ineligible for the death penalty.S. to date, whereas Bitcoin take 10. but well take what we can get. To be perfectly honest, passed like whispered sweet-nothings between discreet lovers – have taken over our lives since Tuesday nights penalty shootout victory over Colombia. the one victory having come four days earlier against Spain.

and those that lost their lives, “PDP’s resort to outright falsehood as a tactic for redeeming its irredeemable image, but we have moved away from where we where. Obasanjo said this on Friday at the ongoing 2018 Afreximbank Annual Meeting in Abuja He said Africa had the human, on Tuesday,The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has condemned the continued detention of the Abuja Bureau Chief of The Independent Newspapers according to Nodland," she said. The hand was taken by the medics with the man to JRMC, the kids took a quiz—called a "post survey" to see how much they had learned.

Achi- Okpaga said,” Kano, Edo, DAILY POST recalls that the Senate on Monday night complied with the judgement of the Federal High Court, He was appointed a month ago by President Muhammadu Buhari and will take over from Mike Okiro. read more