Month: July 2017

Send BLOG to improve minor skills

1. is to open multiple publishing windows,.

released slowly, but can be opened at the same time to release, meaning that: multi window browser like MAXTHON, open multiple published their own window, remember to read. Good. Put the article. Then point on the line:.


published a little slow TIPS, when BLOG published very slowly, but in fact many are already released successful. Rules are probably waiting for some time can be turned off, so how long? The address to open your own blog, but the premise is that address speed after you open, you can see the new article you sent it. So you can master this time about. read more

Starting a business is not a matter of small business not a small one not a small one

because they are grassroots entrepreneurs, and often encounter many grassroots entrepreneurs, and many are female grassroots entrepreneurs, often encountered female grassroots entrepreneurs, hearts are very impressed with them.

today, MSN is a friend to give me information, we say money online networks account particularly good, and she said her colleagues are in use, after listening, I am particularly pleased that this friend is on the weekend, we engage in the activities of the foreign community in Pudong, interviews with our "new" messimvrini smell the reporter. Before the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter, Internet Weekly reporter many media reporters to interview me, in my persuasion, we have become a member of the money online. read more

Use examples to show you how to improve site traffic

every day to see the webmaster are asking: "how to improve the flow? How to get it," which boss told me?." I heard a SEO group of these problems have a big head, all the time to answer a, this is an article on A5, a site instance I write about, hoping to let many webmaster see, also hope you can truly learn carefully, do a network

station!This is an example of

is my new SEO station: this station Souyi antivirus do is not very perfect, from art, because I was when a test station to do. Why do the test station? As a novice SEOER or a novice webmaster, first you have to test your ability to use the shortest possible time, to what extent do a station (put all your energy and all the resources of all out). Then I stand this test and what is the situation? I have a large PR5, Baidu 310 thousand entries, IP15000-20000, so this is one of my major resources. Of course, I have some partners, which is also my friend station links, about 4-5 or so, I will tell them that help me a few weeks hanging connection. It’s one of the resources, too. So integrate these resources and start fighting". What do you do? First, first to analyze what you have to do is to stand, the flow of money? Or targeted to sell products to make money? Or what? You want to do a very clear plan! When the purpose is clear, you can start, my Souyi antivirus purpose it is clear that: do antivirus related traffic only one purpose. How do you find a good start? Keywords to do, it is best to find Baidu index:, but Baidu index is not entirely accurate, so you go to search about traffic related words and retrieval, find some is not very popular word, my Souyi antivirus found a super popular words antivirus software. Search volume 21100000 is so high (I was 38400000 before the search was done), is it absolutely difficult to do? Of course, difficult to do, but I think it is difficult to do the word should be tested. read more

Site knowledge definition of spam sites

sometimes, when talking to friends who like to talk about "website optimization", they tend to talk about a more sensitive word – "junk Web" –

although spam sites are often discussed between us, there is no real definition of it. Some friends think that a large amount of advertising sites are spam sites, while others are

believes that no traffic sites are garbage sites; there are websites that don’t want users to be needed; they’re junk sites…… read more

Piwik free open source statistics program has its own website statistics client

whether you are establishing a blog or professional portal website, we will certainly have to install the statistical information website visitors, the popularity of statistical data can be analysed and users of the site, the site is certainly do anything we want users to more personal blog watching mood comfortable, commercial sites can see the commercial value of the subconscious. Early third party statistics are relatively small, wheat remember also used the statistical source of the river, and later most of the use of 51LA, CNZZ and Baidu statistics provide third party tools. English website, we use more should be Google, Analytics, StatCounter and other three parties. read more

Personal webmaster how to better communication experience

network development for decades, our webmaster contribution is indelible, now, is still a force China grassroots webmaster of the Internet, our webmaster always innovation in the network. This success is not behind closed doors, but through the exchange of experience you.

, how do we personally communicate with each other,


first of all, if we do the station is a local site, whether you do talent website or classified information network, I suggest you do the analysis of the local site, find a generation in the website and let the webmaster, want to get the contact their way, and they try to exchange, whether local exchange links the station or to the party in the face of conversation. If you want to do the local station, you have to talk to other webmaster and listen to their experience, which can be a good reference. read more

A grassroots webmaster sentiment since the year

from contact network eight years began playing online games, Internet search things, to present their own site more than 1 years. Understand a lot, experience a lot. Internet users in order to do what? For entertainment, happy! Do webmaster for what? Do things for people to see? No, in order to make money, very straightforward. Do what station, do to Baidu GG Mody? No, Baidu GG behind is a huge search flow! Read too many articles and some experience, write how, how to optimize SEO, all sorts of multifarious. But friends do station is a station as a netizen, get huge traffic to get meager benefits from the accumulated income! Person doing large and small sites should also have ten of it have included hundreds to thousands, there are tens of thousands of tens of thousands of. But often there are tens of thousands of collected, but compared to thousands of included in a web site, read more

For wrote talk about independent blog purpose or value

just saw SEO senior Mou Changqing "to talk about my personal blog to write" value, share the same feeling, I suddenly felt the point of what to write, although somewhat similar, but it should be a little differently.

, what prompted me to set up my own independent blog,


initially decided to build its own independent blog is in to see Mou Changqing and Jiang Likun generalize predecessor’s blog, then see their blog that is worth learning, there are a lot of practical skills, and quickly put up, and feel very envious, browse the volume is very high, a lot of comments, and I found often see their articles in A5 and other famous sites, very authoritative. So I thought, when I can be like them, can be seen everywhere on the Internet, respected. So I would have to establish an independent blog idea, do immediately to check under your name immediately registered domain name: down, after a double trouble, finally officially launched in March 2010. read more

How to make use of the resources in hand to grow rapidly

do like raising a child born to grow up from every step is very difficult and very careful. Watching him laugh, he made, from the experience of the joy of growth, but also to bear some pain, a word more classic, "pain" and happy". A great site is a process from scratch from weak to strong, the attention to just become possible.

want to make a station do not have the resources to make good use of resources not, not even die, perhaps many webmaster also melancholy on the basis of the space and domain name and program art most basic problems, how to borrow resources to do their own website, how to use creative resources become difficult to enhance the small station. Who can think bragging do not pay taxes but harmless, the implementation of disclosure too much, it is not difficult to stand and would not do read more

Liu Yu included how to build enterprise brand through network promotion

do you agree that the marketing competition in the era of marketing is for brand competition?


major enterprises attach importance to the importance of brand development of the company, because the brand gradually into the ordinary life — to buy sportswear, Adidas, Nike; OLAY, to buy cosmetics, beauty pill; to buy cola, Pepsi, coca; even to buy meat, gongs, shuanghui. Brand has been everywhere, however, Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, want to establish their own brand has been very difficult, it is difficult to start enterprise brand. For enterprise brand, not only the brand under the cable, but also the network brand is more and more important. For SMEs with limited financial strength. Huge advertising costs, traditional TV Newspaper channel, brand is basically unrealistic thing, but by the characteristics of the network, spread through the network with low cost and high efficiency, to take the lead from the network to establish brand awareness is our own practical means, and many pioneers have tasted the sweetness. read more

Advertise your site with current hot messages

uses popular news to promote your website,

many webmaster say propaganda difficult, included difficult. What station method, all want to, what acquisition, what content have done, but not included in the

. One reason is obvious, even if your website content is more, if you are new sites, spiders can not find you. So the key to the early collection

is propaganda. You don’t want to do it yourself, stand a few months later, Baidu only included your station.

below, I will talk about how to publicize their station, but not malicious propaganda, to ensure that you increase the chain, to speed up included. read more

How to effectively transmit and guide public opinion under the network hot words

in the rapid growth of the Internet, the network information update speed to ordinary people unimaginable. The continuous emergence of network hot words, on the one hand reflects the wisdom of Internet users, on the other hand, let the feelings of Internet users have been released. In history, people in order to express the feelings of things, the birth of folk songs, rhymes etc. these small, and full of information language. In today’s Internet era, folk songs, doggerel that seemed at the time to short text, now seems to have become somewhat bloated, and then use the network hot words to replace. For example, "soy sauce" and "two rich generation" and "hide and seek" these words only a few words, but the words behind the profound reaction a kind of social phenomenon, Internet users feelings through the network hot words continue to transfer and release. read more

f my heart long Amoy webmaster Road

had never contacted the station! Always have to roam in the network world, which take a look at that has ever heard of Wangzhuan, but I’m a girl, I don’t really know where to start! Remember the first contact Wangzhuan, is a coin style website, is about 2, 3 years ago. That is, advertising, advertising, can make money, can I hang up for several days. No money at all. And then gave up.

later, because of the busy work, I didn’t often surf the internet. And I’m a beautician, the skin is very important to me! Can not let customers every day to face the face of it, ha ha! But I still occasionally look at things on the network! But Wangzhuan, for me, and a step farther away from! read more

Look at Baidu search rules from keyword ranking

hasn’t had the patience to study anything about SEO and Internet marketing. I got up early this morning and saw one of my websites rank out, so I began to check my website. Later found that their website is no problem, and recently did not go to a lot of more sites, from the beginning of the site did not cheat! Check the keyword density, and found that keyword density 7.8, although slightly higher, but not exceeded! Also began to check the external links, and found that there is no discrepancy. And only the home page disappeared, originally included less, and other pages are still in, and then come to the results, that is not my site itself. read more

have some experience with local recruitment websites

currently around IP1000, monthly turnover of about 60 thousand, for reference only

with the development of the domestic economy and the severe employment situation, the network recruitment, development is very rapid, the domestic well-known three recruitment sites nationwide, a second tier city also has jobcn and myjob dominate the local market, in addition to the fair, 58 free recruitment and job search platform. Many people find it meaningless to do local recruitment websites again. But I think that the three words "to Zhou Hongwei’s Micro innovation, and enables the local recruitment site. read more

BBS website operation experience analysis of innovative thinking improve traffic

do webmaster few, will not do BBS, download a source code on the space on the OK. But how to do a IP, flow, weight forum, it is time to work hard. The author with his actual combat experience, tell you how to operate BBS website.

1, to the mentality of undivided attention can not be of two minds. People have character, the site also has, he is determined by the character of the webmaster, so to make their own style. Now almost all the innumerable forums, websites have their own forum, but the forum which do have their own characteristics? If you only do a forum, not only can reflect their own style, but also easy to let the spider climb. I am currently doing web forums on a lot of, and are gathered in the forum and related industries, popularity is not only sufficient, the quality of posts is also high, SEO included can not much? read more

Fai Fai how does a change in the page bring in 40% of sales growth

This is often the case with

, where minor changes on the site result in dramatic changes in conversion rates. Two different websites slogan, the conversion rate is several times, the picture position from left to right, may also make the conversion rate immediately increased by several percent.

buy advertising brought clicks and sales on the website which most? How the best advertising wording? From which search engine traffic the highest conversion rate? How do the best home slogan of different pictures? What is the effect on the conversion rate of read more

10 reasons why users don’t like your site

1, excessive use of " _blank"

too many links will be opened in the new window, will occupy a large number of computer resources, affecting the browser’s browsing speed.

2, page loading speed is too slow,

has been investigated, and if a web page load time is more than 8 seconds, it has not fully displayed, most people will directly close the page without patience.

3, obsolete information

users in a few months or even years ago to read the information you sent out, it is easy to let visitors feel disgusted, and in mind will also to your website brand image greatly reduced. read more

How to do the website operation you need to know some ideas and ideas

what is website operation:


website operation refers to all work related to website operation and popularization in the network marketing system.

website operations is a learning:

said website operations, more strategy, ideas, marketing integration. Website operation is not simply maintenance, management, website and posting information. Focus on "battalion", battalion is management, need to spend the mental analysis, to improve.

website includes a lot of content, such as web editor, website content, website design, product design, marketing strategy, user experience, product experience, user behavior analysis, user psychological analysis, traffic monitoring, site planning, website promotion, website maintenance and management etc.. The each link can be divided into very fine, there is no detailed said, the question can be down Jiacha Hongjiang, free of charge for your answer. read more

Forum operations can not rely on the SEO keywords ranking all earnings

forum as a simple, operational site building program has become the first choice for many webmasters to build websites. However, the operation of a forum can not rely on SEO access to high keywords ranking, because the composition of the forum consists of technology and users. Technology is the foundation of the forum, and the accumulation of users is the embodiment of the administrator’s means. Administrators through a variety of ways to allow users to communicate in the forum, improve user interaction, and stimulate the user’s enthusiasm for the forum, this is an important step in the development of the forum. Now the stage of operation of the forum, a row of stations have been adhering to the interactive development of users to achieve profit model. read more