Calleja: “I expect an Atleti with a lot of energy, the one that sometimes seems to play with twelve”

first_imgGreat streak of results of your team: “We came from a great run, since the game with Valencia we already gave it a spin, but it is true that with Atlético we already made a very serious game, and we already did things well. It was a matched match, a match in which anybody could win, but we already gave a very good level. From there we no longer grow, and as a result of that match we have already made very good matches and we achieved good results. We are going to Wanda to win, since we have not done so never. It is a field in which we have competed, so we want to continue like this, but this time winning. “It is a beautiful challenge: “We face the game with a lot of motivation, it is a challenge and the truth is that we want to continue with our good streak and keep it in a field like that, keep it with a rival of so much level. We aspire to be among the best, we go game by game, but this would be a great victory. “Champions numbers: “We do not make numbers, since it is difficult to know how things will be at the end. The key is to reach the end involved in this fight, with options to reach those places and, from there, we will see. We only focus on the match next, and in the end we’ll see if we have options. “Expect an Athletic with a lot of energy: “I do not expect an Atlético to be locked up, I wait for them with a lot of energy and with everything they have in the field, which sometimes seems to play with twelve. They will go to the opposite field, they will press very hard and they will seek to take advantage of our mistakes. We know that they are lethal and they take advantage of any mistake we have. I do not see them behind, it is a brave team and in their field they will go all out. “What Villarreal expects: “I want us to have personality and not lose our identity. I want a team that has the ball, since that is the best way to defend that we have. We have to face the game from possession, we must have the ball and long possessions, since then we are better. “Win in the Wanda: “The Wanda is a very complicated game, a game that if lost would not mean a stumble, since it would be much ahead. Winning a large team and in that field would be a psychic blow and an important step, but not definitive.”Champions options: “Being in the Champions League is very complicated, you have to be very strong, you have to be very regular, you must be lucky and the rivals are not at their best. It is very difficult to reach those places, but it is a challenge that excites us and a challenge we face and we want to achieve. “ Javier Calleja, Villarreal coach, faces the match with Atlético with “much hope to do something big in a field like Wanda”, and against a “great team like Atlético de Madrid”. A rival who expects “very motivated and euphoric after what they achieved this week”, that energy that ensures “makes it seem that they play with twelve in the field.” He praises those of Cholo Simeone for “his defensive strength, his work as a team and his strength,” but he says they go to the game “convinced that he can win.”Recover injured: “We are almost all, Bruno and Ramiro Guerra would be missing, but we have already recovered those who were touched and who can count on everyone is a great joy.”Alberto Moreno: “Alberto can be one hundred percent, since he has worked very well throughout the week. We were in doubt to see his evolution throughout the week, and it has been good, so if you have to play he will do it at a good level and to which we are accustomed. “They arrive euphoric: “After the victory of the other day against the most fit team in Europe and the one who is best playing, with what it means to win this match and how they did it, it is clear that it is a great mood blow for them and it is a sure plus It was a complicated game and they knew how to play it very well. They demonstrated what they are capable of and therefore I imagine they arrive with the utmost confidence. “Very strong in defense: “The other day they demonstrated all their qualities. It is a team that is very well worked, that in block they do an extraordinary defensive work; a very difficult defensive work. It is a team that is very difficult to score goals, a team that defends with a lot of authority and who has great players for it, which adds that in attack they always have moments and sparks that allow them to be very close to the goal.The individual quality and the ability to generate attack game makes them very dangerous. It is a team that knows how to handle the very tight result and not get nervous, since they know they always have options to win and unbalance the games.last_img

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