Paco: “With € 19M in surplus you have to have eggs and ensure the salary of employees”

first_imgPRE-SEASON No one guarantees zero risk. “See if in two or three weeks the situation is fairly controlled. But if something happens during the process, what do we do? Do we look the other way and move on? We send the plagued home. What if the rest have it? What if we infect others? “, He wielded, also ruling on the tests:”You have to have sensitivity because many people have died without being able to access one. He is dead. And now we are going to do the players every two or three days. If there is a test for everyone, great. As this is not the case, they should be kept for those who need it most. If later they are left over, ok. Fali has already said that he will not play and does not expose himself. I respect it and it seems perfect to me. You don’t risk your little finger. If the virus catches you something regular, you go ahead. You have to respect who wants to take that risk and who doesn’t. “ “We are going to test the players every two or three days. If there is something for everyone, great. As this is not the case, they should be kept for those who need them” On the other hand, Paco Jémez already knows what it is to play without an audience. He did it in Mexico, when they closed the Veracruz field. “You can’t imagine the feeling of loneliness. Soccer without people is not soccer, it is a different thing. If it lasts for months it is a serious problem. And we will have to adapt, although this is for the public, “he admitted, aware that this situation could even change the format of the competition:” If exceptionally it has to be done, it will be done. Many players will have passed COVID-19 and they won’t know it. When Health tells us we can shoot, we will shoot. The problem is that I of Health have not heard anyone put a date but from other classes. LaLiga, the Federation, UEFA … are anticipated. But what authority do you have over Health? So I understand that the CSD is ahead. We are not different from others. Neither better nor worse than anyone. The thing is, the situation is under control. “The contracts and June 30 is another open debate: “It worries, but it has to be regulated. I ended my contract on 30-J. I can afford to continue until this ends. If the Federation, LaLiga … regulates it, better. You have to find a solution for everyone. ” And if that worries, even more the salary drops and the ERTE. “Each club is particular and must manage depending on how it is. Barça is not the same as Rayo. Having said that. Whatever the agreement between the club and the players or if there is finally an ERTE, I am concerned that the contracts of the employees are not 100% guaranteed. It is a matter of dignity. First because it must and second because it can. Anything other than achieving that will be a failure and we will be reproaching ourselves for a long time. In general, footballers have a predisposition, another thing is that they want to take off as much as the clubs request. Each one is a world, “concluded Paco, who added:” Legally, they have the right to go to an ERTE, but morally not. A team that presents a budget with 19 million surplus and that this year has transferred players for 21 million euros has to have two eggs and go out to secure the wages of its workers. I’m not talking about Barça or Atlético. I talk about Lightning, that’s why I give those numbers. And I know that there is a good predisposition on the part of managers to reach an agreement, but I am afraid that it will not be reached. “ We will need a minimum of three weeks of training. If you want a single against married we play already, people will stop to vomit in the middle of the game … “center_img When football returns, all teams will start from scratch and inertias until before the break will no longer be a reliable reference. “That will make LaLiga a crazy competition. The teams that make it physically well will have a lot of cattle. We have not considered that we need a psychologist. More than globally, in some particular case it can be worth it,” he argued before addressing the points that most concern the protocol for the return of the clubs: “You have to listen to the integral parts of this business. I have not been asked. Some epigraphs are very utopian. Imagine that we start, we live a normal life and one gives a positive. The rush can take us back everything that we have advanced these days. We can’t continue playing if you test positive because If I die, who is responsible? The author of the protocol? You have to outline it well“ LALIGA PROTOCOL Pacó Jémez, Rayo’s coach, reviewed the current affairs of football in times of the coronavirus during an interview in Stadium Study. There he advocated a three-week preseason before returning to activity. “People believe that we all live in a mansion with a 100 square meter garden. I want you to enter my apartment, because for you to enter I have to leave. There is no place to train here and, like me, there are many players. This break is worse than the summer break because there you go running, walking, playing tennis, a party with friends … We are going to need at least three weeks of group training to compete. If you want this to be single against married we start playing now, people will stop vomiting in the middle of the game… Keep in mind that we will play every 72 hours. We are going to get into the heat in July and August. It is not a matter of wanting more or less time, but the time necessary for this to work out. It is preferable to wait and finish than to want to go in a hurry and fall when climbing the first step, “he said forcefully.The future is uncertain and the coach does not want to venture beyond everyone’s desire. “We are exploring a path that no one has traveled. We want to finish LaLiga safely and not in any way. The rhythm is set by the virus and you have to hear it, it would be a mistake to believe that we are above this“, sentenced, showing more supporter of playing than of giving the championship for ditching:” I would not like it, it is the last scenario that we want. Hopefully we don’t have to cancel the season and, if that happens in the end, we would have to admit it“The voices of some footballers who have feared for their health and refuse to compete if this involves any risk have already begun to be heard. Something that Paco understands:” If the authorities are not able to assure us that there will be no problem, anyone is in your right to do so. “last_img

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