Packets of instant beer are now a thing

first_imgThe same thing that makes beer refreshing makes it more cumbersome to transport: it’s full of water. Fortunately, Pat Tatera’s company has figured out a solution to that annoying little problem. The result: beer in a pocketable packet that you can easily take with you anywhere.Now, it’s not as simple as dumping the goop into a glass and adding water — not unless you’re the type who’s satisfied with flat, lifeless beer. You need a packet of Pat’s special brew, his equally special portable carbonator, and a pouch of eco2ACTIVATOR. It’s the activator’s combination of potassium bicarbonate and citric acid that imbues your brew with fizz.Pat’s contraption produces a full pint in just a couple of minutes, complete with a nice, foamy head. According to those who have sampled Pat’s beers, it’s pretty good. Not as good as your favorite craft brews, probably, but it’s on par with more run-of-the-mill beers.It’s made with the same ingredients as any beer that adheres to German purity laws: barley, water, hops, and yeast. While typical brewing equipment is used, it only handles the first part of the process. A secret array of geeky gear takes care of the final phases required to produce the concentrated (50% alcohol) “syrup.”Assuming your adventures lead you somewhere that has a ready supply of cool, clean water (or at least have a good water purifier packed, too), the Carbonator and a few small envelopes are all you need to whip up a cold one on the spot. It’s a heck of a lot more convenient than lugging a cooler all over the backwoods, and you don’t need to worry about broken bottles or punctured cans.Obviously, you’re going to have to absorb some startup costs if you decide that Pat’s system deserves a place in your backpack. The Carbonator kit sells for $39.95, and it comes with six packets of activator and five soft drink mixes. The hard stuff (your choice of Pale Rail or Black IPA) will set you back $9.95 for a four pack.Sure, you could pick up a case of Genny Cream Ale for a lot less, but consider how much lighter your load will be… and how cool you’ll look brewing up an individual beer in front of the campfire!last_img

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